Fleeting Searches

Fleeting Searches

A Poem by fiery-san

It is something unnameable. Yet familiar. Fleeting. Addicting. You could not help but search. Search until...



It runs. flies. crashes into fiery flames turning into ashes and smoke

One does nothing but reach. grasp. and crash into one chaotic mess.


A drop. a beat.

Something utterly random and inconsequential

Triggers. starts. a catalyst for something else






Drabbles. Poems. Stories. Art...

The list goes on undeterred by one’s futile musings

Chaos. Peace. They blend, bleeding into one strange yet beautiful sonata of happiness and grief.


There it goes again.

Fleeting yet bright enough. Strong enough to rouse you.

Rouse you from the stupor of cobwebs and immobility.


How long has it been?

How long has it been since you fingers twitched?

Striking the keys as if you’re Beethoven himself.


Like a medley of clicks and snaps the reality leaves you.

The world morphs. twists. congeal with wars and fairy tales.

Puzzle pieces lost and forgot. empty spaces meant for something yet nothing comes to fruition.


Then it strikes.

Louder. Stronger than ever before. It lingers longer.

Yet still it fades into the air as its once solid nature disintegrates.


Nothing comes. Not even a shimmer of its former splendor.

You begin to crave. search. scour everything leaving nothing upturned

It is everywhere. It presence mocks you. comforts you.


It is the world yet it is not.

It hides within the edges of fantasy and reality.

In love and hate. In chaos and order. Everywhere. Anything.


It is the world yet it is not. fleeting still...

Only to the beck and call of its own fancy... or perhaps in one’s own private musings.

For it is rarely timely. It is rarely kind.


Yet still the craving doesn't stop.

Only dwindles. Fades but never fully truly disappears.

For it is the world yet it is not.


The search continues... 

© 2014 fiery-san

Author's Note

The world is my inspiration. Whether is it of reality or fantasy...
Comments would be lovely :)

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Added on March 28, 2014
Last Updated on March 28, 2014
Tags: inspiration, poem, the world, finding, searches



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