Tis The Night if Christmas, But Not So Cheery

Tis The Night if Christmas, But Not So Cheery

A Poem by Jane Doe

Everyone slept soundly,
Except one little one,
She sat with alligator tears,
While they all had fun.

Her heart was torn,
Battered and bruised,
Her heart amiss,
While the rest cruised.

She cursed her life,
Her soul and her self,
She took that life,
Ending her health.

She slit those wrists,
One for each 12 days of Christmas,
When all she wanted was her baby,
It was even on her wish list.

Each slash deeper than before,
But shallower then the next to come,
She drifted into death and madness,
Quietly as she hummed.

"My baby girl,
Don't you worry,
Momma will be home soon,
I promise to hurry"


"Dear sweets,
I love you so,
I wish but try as I may,
I can't be with you though."

2 slashes.

"Darling oh darling,
I need to hold you near,
Baby girl,
I wish I could be there. "

4 slashes,
That's five,
But more to come,
As the knife begins to dive.

She cries loudly,
But no one pays no mind,
For the smiles on their faces are misplaced,
They are not happy nor kind.

They are ignorant,
And ignorance is bliss,
But one day reality will beat them,
Bludgeoned not with a kiss.

© 2013 Jane Doe

Author's Note

Jane Doe
If you judge me, we can't be friends.

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Added on December 25, 2013
Last Updated on December 25, 2013


Jane Doe
Jane Doe


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