Senseology pt. I

Senseology pt. I

A Poem by Richard McLin

Trying to figure out the meaning of everything.



  My body plummets into a pool of swirling possibililities. Feeling of Numbness crosses over me as we pass the looking glass. Truth spills through the pores of a liar in a strip club alley. Realize only to late what I've become in the world of unconditional uncertainty.


Final plunge towards the end of the beginning of the end. Spirits visit me in my dreams to ask me what is real. Blankets of despair cover me from what I should be feeling, or not. Compromise is no longer an appropriate word in polite society. News headlines, criminal escapes into a maximum security prison, called Earth. Population grows, and all around them die in a toxic pool of drugs, infidelity, and other political hobbies. God is dead, but Elvis and Batboy are pumping gas in Mexico.


Don't believe in what others tell you is not real enough not to believe in. Have an in body experience before you send it out. Don't judge a book by it's cover, but by the inside flaps. I killed my best friend cause he threatened to leave me. People should never take advice from people to excited to not give advice they would follow from the other person. Despair is not sadness, don't be sad. Not all people deserve to live, but no one should be immortal.


Don't let go of the unattainable. Hearts were meant to be joined together. Nothing should be secret to a man who tells nothing. Don't look to the stars, the one your looking at may have burned out. Don't trust the ones that trust you most, and keep the ones who don't. Swim into a world that is nothing to do with you. Spirits talk to us all, but we don't listen. The world spins as a clock winding down on the axis of destruction. A man who rapes women will spend eternity licking the toliet seat pissed on by all those he hurt. Those who don't love have only forgotten how.


Drive to a place with no roads and begin one anew. If you let people walk all over you, have them remove their shoes first.You deserve only what you allow yourself to have. Don't be self-conscience, let others tell you how you are. Let knowledge kill stupidity and indifference. Racism is another word for ignorance, and none are acceptable in polite society. Don't disagree with anyone, rather let them be happy with their ideas. A man dances on the grave of the man who killed his murderer. Bathe under a waterfall to cleanse off your feelings of doubt.


Look upon a rose and then a dump, soon only one will cover the planet. Don't look at your self in the mirror, but let yourself be seen. Dinosaurs evolved into spiteful large women who hate men. A woman made love to a man who reminded her of her if she were a man. Focus on others, chances are they are focusing on you.


Stop gossiping, people will know somehow anyway. Never talk yourself out of talking yourself out of anything. Your mind is a way station, which holds everything. If you are carefree, jump off the ledge, you'll fly. A mother hugs her son, and is secretly hating him cause she loves him so much. The president has bad officials so he won't be the only idiot. Don't cry for me America, truth is I will never be with you. Communism is a wonderful plan which will always fail to succeed.


Don't end on good bye, but with  until then. Midnight O' one in the morning ends a twenty-four hour story. Don't dwell on the past or you can't create a new past to dwell on. A man looks at hsi year book to see his past, but he doesn't know his name. Until then...

© 2018 Richard McLin

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Stop gossiping, oh ohow i liked that part.
If you findout a way to make people stop please let me know.
I like this, how it's set up to how it flows.
This is a wonderful thought out piece here.
Very well written.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love it when you set up poems like this :) they are very good :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 9, 2009
Last Updated on February 27, 2018
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Richard McLin
Richard McLin

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I have been writing ever since I can remember. I can't live and not write, it's as essential as breath. more..


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