A Story by Fiona

Jessie had the best older sister, even if it was just for a short period of time.



          Her eyes were blue. I remember it clearly, they were a beautiful icy blue that looked like it could be miles and miles deep. I would pretend I didn’t think they were that great, but I wished I had those eyes. Instead, I have murky brown eyes, the generic kind most people have, that resemble nothing but the color of dirt. Emma always said she liked my eyes, and wished hers were as big as mine. But Emma was always able to find something good in anything so bland, or disappointing that it seems it couldn’t be used for anything. Emma was just like that.

          Everybody loved Emma. She radiated happiness, and was able to brighten anybody’s day. I know people say that about the dead a lot, but Emma really could brighten my day no matter how deep the scowl on my face.

When me and Jamie Goldrick, who I thought was a “great” friend got into a huge fight, she helped me forget by taking me to the diner a couple blocks from our house. We drank milkshakes on the red stools at the counter, and spun around until we were so dizzy, and laughing so hard, Mrs. Patty, the dance teacher glared at us from her booth with her husband.

She was the best older sister ever, even better than Megan Gehrke’s older sister, who has really long hair and teaches Megan how to do make up and what to do when you get in a fight with a friend.

Today’s my eleventh birthday. Mom and Dad got me the make p set they knew I wanted, even though dad thought I was “too young to be thinking about things like make up.” We had cake, I blew out candles, everybody smiled and laughed and talked. But in reflection of my eleven years of life so far, this has been my worst birthday. Because as cool as it is that I have a makeup set, Emma would have been really fun to use it with. And however yummy the cake was, it still doesn’t change the fact that Emma loved vanilla icing. She would have loved that cake.

Maybe I’ll get to see Emma in my dreams tonight. And maybe I can give her a slice of that cake.

I really hope they have cake in heaven for her birthday.

© 2012 Fiona

Author's Note

This is just something random I came up with, might continue, idk :/

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i love this!!!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

This was really sad, and I almost cried at the end. I felt so bad for the poor eleven year old girl. I liked how the story starts, too. It's short and to the point. And then how it ends was really good, too. You spelled make up wrong though. You just missed the u. :) This was very believable, but I wonder how she died.... Hm...

Posted 10 Years Ago

Beautifully written. Very believable.

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thank you so much! It was just something I came up with, and am glad that it's convincible.
Nice job! Descriptive, and well-written! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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