A Chapter by Sheela

When your parents divorce, your life goes downhill after that. Its been one day since my parents divorce, and we already have to move out of the state. My mother, a child psychologist, is always asking me if I’m okay. She sees these cases all the time. She is probably thinking I’m going to turn into a psycho. 
We are moving to the s**t hole called Holyoke, MA. I’ve never been there, but I have looked it up on my laptop. My mom is only going there for a job. Apparently there are lots of kids who need psychiatric help. Good maybe she wont worry about me so much.
My father, James Davidson, is a boring factory worker. He is like 43 and bald. He is definitely not a ladies man. He always thought my mom was cheating on him with the kids’ parents. She tried to tell him that the home visits were strictly business. He denied everything she said. He actually turned out to be the one cheating.
My mother, Carol Morris-Davidson, is 39 and beautiful. She actually has something going for her. She has long brown hair, long eyelashes, and a body like a model. I have no idea how she got with my dad. But who really cares? My mom found my dad sleeping with his boss. His GUY boss. I was stunned when she came out to the car and told me. All I could do was laugh. My dad is a homosexual, or as teenagers would say, he is a flamer. 
And me? Well I am Elyzah Dawn Davidson, I am 17 and take after my mom a little bit. I have long blonde hair, medium eyelashes, and I look like a mix between a model and a dancer. I think that’s great. Some people call me way too skinny. At my school, well old school now, I was popular, had a jock boyfriend, and just got on the yearbook committee. Now, I am at the bottom again, I don’t have a boyfriend, and we have to take a pay cut.

My mother is a great person. I would rather be with her than my father any day. Even if it does mean we have to live in a completely different state. I love my mother. I turn my head and look at her. I see her crying while driving. I feel bad, I wish she never had to witness my dad cheating. I turn back to stare out the window, and I start to fall asleep. 

© 2010 Sheela

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Added on November 1, 2010
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Sylva, NC

I am Sheela Fisher. I am 16 years old. Singing and writing are my two main hobbies. I gott a lovely and wonderful hearted friend Lacey! I have a few other friends. Not very social.. I have a sister na.. more..

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