A Chapter by Sheela

“Elyzah, wake up sweetie!” 
I wake up by my mom hitting my arm repeatedly. I looked out my window and my mouth opened wide. This place looked horrible. It had little kids running around, you heard loud music everywhere, the buildings were beat up and spray painted, and they use a different dialect. 
My mom pulled up to a big apartment building. It was brick and spray painted on the outside. I looked over at her and frowned.
“What’s wrong sweetie?” said my mother.
“Is this where we are going to live?” I asked.
I got out of the car and locked my door. I looked up and down the street and seen people all over. I feel terrified. My mom walks over and says, “I know it’s not up to your expectations but this is the only thing I could find, and the description says its nice on the inside.”
“Well, we can only hope right?” I asked.
“ You’ve got that right.”
She grabbed my hand and we walked up to the house and looked for our number.  My mom entered the apartment and walked up to number 4A. She looked back at me and unlocked the door.
We walked in together, like we were visiting a haunted house. It turned out to be a nice place. The living room is the first room. It has a nice blue couch, and a blue recliner, A TV, and a couple shelves. To the right was the bathroom, which had a really big bath tub. If you went straight from the living room there was the master bed room which is mine. I brought my bed from my other house, but everything else like dressers is huge. Then the kitchen and my moms room was to the left. It was a nice sized place. Perfect for mom and I. 
There is a door in the kitchen. I looked at mom and she just shrugged. I opened it and it led to outside. We were four stories up so there was a porch. I looked out and seen kids and teenagers, about my age, hanging out on a couch. I just sat there and observed. Then finally one guy looked up and locked eyes with me. I quickly looked away and shut the door. 
I officially think I am scared. The teenagers are scary. On the couch outside was three girls and two guys. They all looked preppy with a mix of Goth. I shouldn’t judge them already. I think I should just stay inside. 
“Elyzah, we need to get our boxes,” said mom.
“Can’t the boxes just stay there?”
“I don’t want to get them.”
‘Are you scared already?”
“Psh. No!” Dead silence occurred. I hate it when my mom does that.
“Okay. I am mother.”
“Don’t be. Lets go get boxes.”
My mom just walked straight outside. I look both ways first. My mom told me to stop being stupid. I told her if she wants to be killed then she can walk outside without looking. I will be cautious. 
We grabbed our boxes and headed back upstairs. My mom got stopped by someone. I can’t see them cause I have boxes piled up. I heard his voice.
“Hey, I am your neighbor. Mind if I help?” The guy said. 
“Please do!” My mother said, gratefully. 
I got in the house and put the boxes down in the living room. I looked up at the guy that helped mom. I just stood there. It was the guy I seen outside! We locked eyes! He smiled at me as mom walked up. 
“Hi there, I am Carol Davidson. I just moved in as you can tell.”
“Hey. I am Phil Lewis, but everyone calls me Blade. I live in 3B.”
“Why do they call you Blade?”
“I like to rollerblade everywhere.”
“That’s cool! I think I would just fall.”
While my mom talked to the beautiful guy in my house, I just stared. He is tall, short red hair, green eyes, lip pierced, and has a really white smile. Finally, he looked over at me. 
“And you are you?” He asked smiling at the fact I was staring.
“Elyzah Davidson.” I said, starting to walk away.
“Where ya going? Do you want to go hang with me and some friends?”
“Sure. If its okay with mom.”
“Mom?” He asked her.
“Sure. Just text me later.”
Blade grabbed my arm and bolted out the back door. We went down four flights of wooden stairs and went to the couch. The other teens were there. I put my head down when we got there.
“Everyone! This is Elyzah Davidson. She just moved into 4A across the street. She is now in our clan. Be nice.” Everyone just stared at me, then finally a girl stood up and said, “Hey! I am Marah! I live in 6B over there.” She pointed to a huge apartment building down the street. The she pointed at the other two girls. “They are Liza and Star. They live in 2A in the same building as me. They are sisters. And this is my boyfriend Luis. He lives in apartment 1B in the same building as me. They are all nice. Except for Liza at times.”
Liza stood up in protest. “I am not!” She yelled. “Just bitchy about life.” She looked at me, and observed. “How old are you exactly?” I looked down and wiggled my feet. “Seventeen.”
They all laughed except for Blade and Star. Blade walked over to me and smiled. “Aw, you are the youngest.” I felt stupid. 
“I am nineteen, Liza is twenty, Star and Marah is eighteen. Luis is twenty-two.” said Blade. “I guess I am young. I’m still in school.” I said. 
“I bet you still have a curfew also?” laughed Luis. 
“Not really. I just have to text my mom.” I said. He laughed again. 
“We all live alone, except for the sisters. You are like a pre-schooler on a high school ground.”
“Leave her alone, Luis. It’s not her fault she is young. Just cause you’re the oldest does not mean anything.” Blade said.
“I supply the beer mister smart-a*s.” 
“I will just go back home.” I said walking backwards.
I turned around and started to sprint back home. I was almost there before I heard Blade yell, “Come back!” I just kept walking. I don’t feel like I fit in. They all look like they are bad-asses. I’m just a dumb blonde. I reach my back door, when Blade grabs my arm. 
“Why you leave?” He asked.
“I don’t fit in.” I whispered.
“You are only one year younger than Marah and Star. It’s not a big deal. Luis is an a*****e most of the time. You will learn to laugh or ignore him. C’mon back.”
“I want you too. Now C’mon!” He grabbed my arm and we ran back to the couch. He looked at me and whispered “Watch this.” He walked over to Luis and got in his face. “Be an a*s again and you will have my foot in your mouth. Understand Luis?” Luis stood up and looked at Blade. He put his fist out and said “Cool, cool.” 
I sat on the rock near Blade as we just sat there. Everyone lit up cigarettes after cigarettes. Then they started to whisper to each other. Even Blade. Never to me. 
“Hey Elyzah, we wanna get to know you. So we will all ask you some questions. Don’t worry, we all have done it.” said Liza. I nodded, so then Blade spoke, “Were you popular at your old school?” 
I nodded and said, “Yes. I talked to everyone and my boyfriend was a lacrosse player. I also had money. I was a varsity cheerleader.” Everyone looked at each other, Blade smiled. 
“Are you a virgin?” asked Luis. I expected that from him. 
“Yes.” I whispered. 
“Do you drink or smoke or anything?” asked Liza. 
“Never tried anything. I had champagne at my dads promotion party.” Everyone smiled on that one. I heard Luis laugh. 
“Have you ever done anything bad?” Star asked.
“Not really. I’ve made out in a church bathroom. That’s about it.”
“Why did you move here?” asked Marah. I didn’t want answer that. I just wanted to cry. I had to tell the truth though. 
“My parents divorced. And my mom has a job waiting for her here.”
“Why did your parents divorce?” Marah asked. Everyone agreed to that question. 
“My dad was a jerk. My mom found him cheating with his boss.”
“Was the boss at least cute?” Luis asked. 
“Sure, if you like guys.” Everyone paused. I started to laugh. 
“What a flamer!” I said laughing. Everyone joined in on the laughter. Luis got up and waved, “I have to work later. Better rest it up. See you guys later.” He started to walk away as Marah followed him. Then the two sisters left. Liza said she had to work, and Star was tired. I don’t blame them. It was almost twelve in the morning. I texted my mom and told her that I would be home in a hour. Blade wanted to talk. He sat on the couch, and motioned me to come over there. 
“I’m sorry to hear about your dad.” He said.
“Don’t worry about it. He is stupid. My mom is perfect.” I said.
“She looks good for being a mom. What does she do for a living?”
“She is a child psychologist.” 
“That is really cool,” He said with a smile. 
“So, you live alone?” I asked shyly.
“Yeah. My mom died last year of Leukemia. I took over the rent where I live. I barely make it.” 
“That’s brave of you. I turn eighteen next year. I just turned seventeen not too long ago. I can’t wait to move out.”
“You say that now. Wait until it happens.” I looked at him. He got up off the couch and went under the cushion for something. He pulled out a blanket. He unfolded it and put it on the pavement. He laid down and asked me to join. I did of course. I felt safe with him. 
“I like to lay out here and watch the sky. Night or day time. Mostly night though. No kids.” he laughed. I laughed along with him. He is wonderful. I just met him and he is already opening up. He looked over to me and asked, “Do you start school tomorrow?”
“No,” I said, “I will start on Monday. Mom said Thursday is too soon. Even though she starts working tomorrow.” 
“Hey, money is money. It’s okay. I am off tomorrow. I will keep you company.” He smiled and started to nod off into sleep.
“Why don’t you go to sleep?” I asked.
“I don’t want too.”
“You will see me tomorrow. I have to go home soon anyway.”
“Good point.” He laughed again. I smiled at him and got off the ground. He stood up as well and folded the blanket back up. He looked over at me and met my eyes. I just stared. He leaned in to hug me. I hugged him back. I shivered as he let go.
“Are you cold?” He asked.
“A little bit. I will feel better after I get inside.” He took off his jacket that said ‘Future Military Police.’ He draped it over my shoulders and smiled. “Take this until I see you tomorrow.”
I nodded and smiled. It was warm and it smelled like Axe spray. I stuck my arms through it and zipped it up. It was huge on me, but I didn’t care. He put his arm around me and we walked over to the apartment. He only lives on the third floor but he walked me to the fourth. We stopped just before we got to my back door. He looked at me and smiled. “See you tomorrow?” He asked.
“Sure,” I said, smiling. He hugged me and started to walk back down to his floor. I stood there until I couldn’t see him anymore. I went into the house and locked the door. My mom was in the kitchen making hot tea for me. She smiled and set down the tea on the table. 
“Did you have fun?” she asked. 
“Yes. They are all pretty nice.” I replied. 
“You seem to hit it off with Phil right away.” She smiled. 
“Blade. And yeah, he is cool.” Then I realized I was still wearing his jacket. I smiled and drank my tea.
“So, I am guessing your not afraid anymore.”
“Not so much. Not that I know people now.” She smiled and got up from the table. “I am off to bed. Shut the light off when you’re done sweetie.” I nodded and finished my tea. I got up from the table and turned off the kitchen light. I went to my room and seen that my mom fixed up my room already. I fell on my bed, and screamed in my pillow. 
I just got here eleven hours ago, and I have friends. And I am already wearing some guys jacket. I love it! I have no idea why I was scared. I judged too quick. They are actually really cool. I think I am going to like it here. My dad can have his boss. All I need is my mom. I got up and changed into my pajamas. I put his jacket back on and looked in my mirror. His jacket said ‘Future Military Police.’ I think it’s cool that he wants to join the Military. That means he is strong willed. I put my hair up in a pony tail and took off my makeup. I turned off my light and laid down on my bed. I finally fell asleep to the sound of the wind blowing against my window. 

© 2010 Sheela

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I am Sheela Fisher. I am 16 years old. Singing and writing are my two main hobbies. I gott a lovely and wonderful hearted friend Lacey! I have a few other friends. Not very social.. I have a sister na.. more..

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