Colors of My Love

Colors of My Love

A Story by amyjane

written for an exercise in Lotus Eaters group.


As she bent down to pick the twigs out from between her toes I saw a shock of red fall from underneath her hair, down it fell into the brook where it floated in her reflection. A petal, from the rose that was tucked carelessly behind her ear just moments ago in the garden behind the house, just before I chased her here. She turned her head towards me and grinned and then she shook her hair. Petals flew into the sun and down into the brook dancing on the water just a little while before they released themselves to the current. She told me the water was so incredibly cold and then she bit her lip and I notcied then, but certainly I'd noticed before, that her lips were the same red as the rose.


She left the brook and fell into a bed of moss under some low trees near the clearing. I fell next to her and we laughed and started telling our usual story of two girls lost in the woods. She always added the same parts about their parents being dead and a hunter on their trail,  then she goes all breathless and has me describe the hunter and what he is doing right now. Her eyes are the same green as the moss, the very same. I am as comfortable inside them as I am in this bed of moss. We hold each other for dear life as I tell her that the hunter is watching us right this very minute and that he is nervous because we are so close to the clearing and he can't leave the woods.


So, she pulled me over and we rolled together into the clearing, a pile of tangled hair, white linen and laughter. I lost her and landed lying on my back in the sun with the skirt of my dress up and over my face. The warmth was too much, my eyes were open and I experienced the most lovely warm yellow...Mother, was all I could think of. I could hear her laughing over me and soon she blocked out the sun. As my world cooled I reluctantly pulled the skirt off of my face and looked up at her figure standing above me. She was a silhouette with the sun directly behind her, she was a wild tangle of a girl, on fire about the edges. I shall never forget it.


She fell beside me and gazed up into the sky, then she told me that the hunter was watching us right now and that he was envious of our freedom. She said that the next time we were in the woods he would try even harder to get us. I wasn't worried about it, I had rolled over on my tummy and discovered a shiny blue ribbon laced into the waist of her dress. I hadn't noticed it before, it was mostly hidden under the linen. I pulled at it and she didn't seem to notice. She kept talking of our secret importance due to the fact that our parents were runaway royalty before they died. I kept pulling at the ribbon. She grew sleepy, her eyes were closed, her breath had become deeper and her words less and less. The ribbon was much longer than I ever would have guessed, it caught on something and so I gave it a final tug. She was quiet and so I rolled over and wrapped the beautiful blue ribbon around my finger while I listened to her soft sleeping breath.

© 2015 amyjane

Author's Note

What a fun exercise, hehe. I'm not going to do anything with this but reviews are still, as always, welcome.
I don't think I was supposed to make the text different colors...but I enjoyed doing it that way, so I left it as it was crafted.

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Subtle and an enjoyable read.I wish there is more of it.Text color is fine but there are para with light color which makes it difficult to folow the line.Hope it was darker.I love the lady in your story.What a maiden!
Thanks a lot for sharing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very nice! I have always found the image of a woman with a flower in her hair one of the most interesting and beautiful. The subtext of the hunter and royalty sparks more interest too. Thanks for joining in the exercise and joining The Lotus Eaters. I would like to feature this in our group.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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