A Story by Kadie Tee

This would never happen in a million years, but this is just a rant that I wanted to jot down because I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I have a lot of questions to ask.



Cut through the noise and scowling faces and bullshit and stand next to me and watch the world burn, won’t you?


The crowd is too much for me to handle, wandering through the streets, wondering why they can’t keep their houses, fill their gas tanks, stock their fridges, afford to live.


Well, what the mother f**k?


Take everything you know, everything you’re comfortable with, and everything you’ve grown fat and lazy from and throw it out the f*****g window. You won’t need it in the end because it will melt in the growing flames that engulf your furniture, your home, your bank account, your life.


There is a dick and a b***h somewhere in a huge government building that watches you and your patterns; waiting for you to f**k up; setting all the invisible traps for you to stumble blindly upon and setting up chairs to sit upon and watch your jaw drop in surprise at the fines and the interest rates and the noise and bullshit.


God, it’s so hysterical, isn’t it?


It shouldn’t matter now, because it’s all downhill from here, and the crowd knows it.


You can see it in their faces; the wrinkles, creases, hypnotized stares of tired eyes looking forward to the grave… and a nice life insurance pay out.


You can’t tell the difference between them now, can you? They’re all just a blur pushing past you and me, bending to every rule and whim of their fellow man whom has been placed on an unreachable pedestal.


Let’s save this crowd from the heat of the fire, you and I. Let’s turn them around and face their feet in the direction of the Presidents, Vice Presidents and CEO’s.


Let’s march together over boundaries and walls and laws and credit reports. Let’s kill the world as it is and let it replenish itself to the way it should be.


Watch the world burn and smile when you know



it’s all uphill from here.

© 2008 Kadie Tee

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What a great way to express your emotions. Good job!

Oh, and I also laughed at a couple of your statements; I think the curse words did it. Lol

Posted 11 Years Ago

Showing your politically-sensitive side here, aren't you?

Posted 11 Years Ago

Absolutely fantastic. It flowed so beautifully and the tone in which it was written really drove it home. This is a very empowering piece. Big up's

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 31, 2008


Kadie Tee
Kadie Tee

The Slums of Monte Delentino, MI

Hey hey there... how are we today? Fantastic; me too. Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you something about myself and my writing. I seem to have a sarcastic, pessimistic view of the w.. more..

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A Story by Kadie Tee