And Sit

And Sit

A Poem by Patrick L. Fannin

I wrote this during a sad part of my life

Sitting in the backroom of the University's "learning center"
Where I sit my required time a week
doing only about 30 minutes of diligent work
and the other 3 and half hours, I just sit

sit and read
sit and write
sit and waste time

mostly I just absorb the storylines around me

from time to time
someone else will come back here
and for a small time frame
written on the sign-in sheet
we share the same window and loud A/C

today, two young freshman girls walked in
immidetaly they began ploting
a plan to get out of sitting here, 4 hours a week
then for some reason, they began taking pictures
of themselves
in s****y poses
and giggling

I never even turned to see what the poses were
or even if they were attractive girls
I just knew excatly what they were doing
and who they were
for in my first year of college
I had seen enough of s****y freshman girls
taking picutes
and giggling

they left, might have been here 20 minutes
they left, and for that I am grateful
s****y girls are to be enjoyed
in my best friends bed
but not whilst I am here


I finished my homework soon after
yet, I had an hour remaining here
in hell
in tranquile, creative inspiring hell

next a young lady came in

this one did catch my attention enough
I turned and looked
she looked like every studious
pysch major I had meet thus far

she wore her soroity shirt
rolled up sweat pants
and brought with her a macromanaged lifestyle
with plans for the next 10 years

she sat her stuff down, turned to the lone window
i guess the sun was bothering her
she reached and pulled the string
and the blind would lower inch by inch

I would of helped
I just thought it was adorable
I fell in love for that 2 minutes
then out of love
as she just moved to the next seat

she can't see out the window from there
and now I can't for the blinds

I return to my routine

I sit, and read, and write, and sit
when I leave, I feel reilf
Sitting here won't plauge me again
for another week

in one week, I will return
and sit
and absorb
and sit

© 2009 Patrick L. Fannin

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Sounds and reminds me of Bukowski's poems.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 28, 2009
Last Updated on December 28, 2009