A Poem by AquaWriter

My mommom who I watched die from a heart attack little by little for 12 days she was 92



You were my best friend

You were my life

For the past few years we begged you to live with us

you declined attached to your home in woodbury

Everyone knew you presidents even sent you christmas cards

You never turned down a person who needed help

You never wanted to be waited on hand and foot

But Then

That fateful evening on July 5th

Mother got that dreaded phone call

You have had a heart attack

She left leaving me to only hope for the best...

I thought you would be fine

you've survived a few heart attacks before

The next day however

My dad took me to see you

They had a tube down your through

keeping you alive 

you body struggled to grow stronger

You hated be the one in need of help

'We hated the pain showing through your eyes

Two days later hospice entered her room

You was to weak to live

You needed to be home not in a cold hospital

So we prepared your house for your return

You house seemed cold without you.

Angry that you were not in sight

Until it saw you brought home by the paramedics

I stood on your porch and watch them wheel you in

Up to then I haven't cried

but I knew that was the last time you would breath the outside air

The days flew by so fast after that day

Everyone came up to see you

Day by day we watched the life drain from your eyes.

Then on July 17th 2011 at 6:00am you took your last breath

It was a horrible loss for everyone

However a relief

That you are not feeling the pain

© 2012 AquaWriter

Author's Note

I just wrote this as a slam poem please comment

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Added on December 8, 2011
Last Updated on September 29, 2012
Tags: Family, grandparents, death, hospice
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