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Football is life

Football is life

A Story by Mr.Commentator

Its in the title son


YAWWWWWNNN. When I wake up , first thing that comes to mind, how am I going to beat them, How am i going to make it through the next day without going crazy, Football is a mind game, only the strong play, strong mentally more than physically, To play football, you haved to be messed up mentally to play and destroy offense players, you have to be able to go as far as cheapshots to get around linemen and lifting and piledriving the qb so he doesnt want to get up.

It all starts in the summer, You lift weights, you do conditioning, you lose weight through fat and gain it in muscle because of the conditioning, only the strong get through this because conditioning is hell, its a will of the mind with going, I cant move m legs without being in dier pain, i can breath without it feeling as if somone punched you in the chest, but when summer is coming to an end, you and your fellow brothers that made it through without quitting, you form a bond that cant be broken, the quitters you laugh at and ask why did you quit, they respond, it was to hard, and thats when you feel, I am stronger metally, than those who left, those who wasted our time by lifting and running with us, but near end of summer,you get your locker and pads, thats when you know, Youve made it,

The first day your in pads is time to release all the anger, all the anguish, all the pent up stress, to demolish, to destroy, the man who is in front of you, and yet, that is with your teammate, its different , its a different story when on the field with an opposing team,

On defense, you have to be a power hungry monster who has no relent on opponents, you want to break bones, some paralyze,you want to see them bleed, you take it as a delight to see them in pain, and as a badge to have their blood on your uniform, I dont take it as you have pads so you dont get hurt, I say you have a bigger range to hit with,and  as i say, Id rather die playing defense than play one snap on Offense,


Gameday comes, I am pumped up, I see the opponent and I think , hmm how many are gonna be limping at the end of the game, how many are going to man up and not show the pain, how many are men, and how many are just boys in a mans body who wanted to just wear the uniform.There are some who are on my team who are like that, they are what football is not suposed to be, football is suposed to be a bond of brothers, going out there taking whats theres, leaving no remorse, no self doubt, self doubt and remorse are what kill a man on the inside and eventually drive him mad, which in most cases makes him a better player because he gets more into the game

© 2011 Mr.Commentator

Author's Note

This is from my season, some of my coaches, I summarized and cleaned up some of it

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This is a nice story. It reminds me of the two-a-day practices in the summer during high school. I like the way you showed how football feels.
There is a mental side of football and you showed that. Often defenders want to hurt the players on offense, but not to cause an injury.
A few spelling errors caused me to look twice. Overall I thought it was a good story. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on November 23, 2011
Last Updated on November 23, 2011
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Venice, FL

Hi I am Taylor, I have been writing now for 3 years, and enjoyed everysecond, i hope you like my writing as much as i like making it more..