Marco the fallen vampire, by mike farmer

Marco the fallen vampire, by mike farmer

A Story by foreverSMfarmer

Marco the Fallen Vampire
by Michael Farmer
 1765 England.
I never ask for this curse that my make brought  on me. To take my life away from me, and to damn my soul. My heart run cold and veins pump hot liquids but yet cold to the living. I cannot bear to go to sleep at night knowing that I can't see the sun any more, No more sunrises, but the dead sunset that gives me a dark reminder how God turn his back on me. At night I craved for the living like a savage animal, and plagued by there horrified faces as I sleep through the day. I feel like an vacancy shell lying on the beach just forgotten beneath the sand. I cannot feel nor cry like a use to. I also feel like I sobbing on the inside and trap in myself all alone with nobody to talk to. Not that many people that I can tell and can feel my pain. The people that I know, who is vampires don;t feel my pain. They given in into they savage gift, and dedicate there lives to strike horror into the living. They say why not, my soul is already damned. I can't see myself doing that with no regret.
    That the only thing that I feel within myself is sorrow, pity, regret, sadness, and fear.
I have not gave up my faith in God, but it fell like I being punished for all my sins and to be torment with these emotions. Then my sentence to live a life of immortality, and never find peace in death because my soul will leave purgatory and be banish to Hell for all eternity! Why! Oh God why!


1757 England before I was created.
My beautiful wife woke up beside me and as the morning light kiss her cheeks through the window. I sweep back her golden locks softly behind her ear, as I kiss her on her neck to wake up so I can great her to this fine glorious day in the country side that my livestock rome the fields, and my land fertile with food that will last us to the end of the year. She open her eyes and I fell in love again as look deeply into her deep blue eyes. I never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I got up in front of the window and stretch her glorious body, as I lay and watch. She turn and look back at me, and smiled. " are you ready for the field work today?" she said looking the curtains to see the beautiful flowers in the field begin to blossom for spring to come.
    Susan and I was planing to bring a child into this world next spring. That way we have lots and food and money to support our child. This whole year is dedicated to get settle for what yet to come, a family. She turned around and got on top of and kiss me on my lips to greet me better to this heavenly morning. then she got off of me to the other side of the bed to get to the restroom that I just built. It beats going outside to use it, where you are expose to the elements.
    I got up and got dress for the day. I had a hard day in front of me for many chores I have to do. I need a lot of money to keep me from going in and out of town. I try to get at least 500 pounds before the year is over with. We usually go into town to get food that is already prepared, but we need to stop spending money, and to save more. We decided to live off the land for this entire year, which mean eating my own profit.
    I walked outside into the sun which warmed my skin quickly as it arched it way through the clouds. I went into the barn and start working. Susan called me in for dinner, which was a fine soup and bread. It was'nt that bad, but mostly good. She came towards me and got in my lap to talk to me about how it going to be when we have this child.I know already that I not going to leave her side, that's why I worked so hard to get things done around here. " I already loaded up the cart for town tomorrow morning. I must say we are doing way better this year, then any other. I believe that God have planned this child for us." I said looking into eyes as the fire embers reflect off of them.
    " So that mean you salted the meat already? How many that you got today?" she ask me. Well we totally have 10 cows, 20 sheep's, 6 horses, 13 pigs, and 25 chickens. I took half of everything.  I everything besides the ones that is already pregnant and there mate. But the horses I going to have sell all of them and get some younger faster ones while we in town." She nodded her head with agreement as I told her. She smiled at me as she could'nt believe that this is happening.
    The next morning we got up for our 40 mile trip into town. we loaded up everything that we need. We have planed to spend the night at a friend house while we down there so we would'nt travel at night. We began on  trail, as it was covered with morning fog. The moister in the air made my lung fell good as go down the road on the carriage. The trip will be long as would'nt get there until noon that day.
    We got there around the time as we planed to be there. The market was jumping with excitement, which means there is a lot of trading going on, and lot of money being made.
We unpacked at a stand that I built last year. It was clean like how we left it. When we got finished unpacking our stuff that we brought we being sold at the same time. When we got completely finished unpacking, everything was gone. Me and Susan looked at each other and smiled as we count our gold in the back room. All together we made 250 pounds. we already half way there to our goal, at this rate we might go past that.
    I told Susan to lock up, because I was going to go trade in my horses. As I talk to the horse sells men I gotten word that some people that traveled from the Mediterranean passed through. They stock on supplies and began they way east. There would be another wave tomorrow, which is great for this town. I believe after that everybody in town going to be rich. I got back to the stand to meet Susan she already got everything packed up to go to john and Samantha house down the road. I was kind of mad that we was'nt able to be here for the second wave of people, because the first wave sold us out. But I was still grateful for what I have. Besides I have wait until my live stock multiplies to come back to market.
    We got to Johns house at night fall. He opens the door with joy and excitement as he greet us in into his home. It was so warm and filled with activity of 5 children playing in front of the fire place. I seen Samantha at the table preparing food for us with a great smile on her face. " Wow, I so glad that you made it. Please sit down and rest and tell us what happen at the market today." John said all excited. I told him what happened at the market as we got sold out of supplies before we got set up. He sat there with joy, all this excitement got me blushing from to much attention.
    Susan walk to the kitchen to talk to Samantha and watch the little kids fight with each other for a doll. "Aww they are so cute, I can't wait until we have our own." Susan said with warmth in her heart. Samantha sat some food on a little table so the kids can sit and eat there supper. " I heard from the men in the sitting room, that you and Marco did well at the market today. Did you have trouble packing what left?" Samantha said with a smile. " What left to pack?" They sat there laughed until the men heard them.
" Ok what is all laughing noise? Lets eat already!" John said with excitement.
    After supper John gave us a room in there guest shack right next to the house. Me and John built it a couple summers ago. Its pretty stable and just got enough room for a bed and a fire pit for warmth at night. Me and Susan got comfortable real fast in our bed. " Have you seen those little love ones running around in there? I believe having children is the ultimate blessing to have." Susan said holding my arms tight as it was wrapped around her body. " It is watching them make me want to try right now for one." I said with a chuckle.
    We both pray as fall deep asleep in our hand made bed. It wasn't long until I heard something strange out the blue in the middle of the night I woke up and i heard violent noises coming next door. Then I heard a scream that woke up Susan out of a deep sleep. Then we both heard glass breaking and children starting to cry. Then I heard John voice " Leave my family alone!" Then there was silence from next door. I grabbed a poking rod out of the fire pit was out. I peeped out of the window to see who was out there. I saw a man with all black with blood dripping from his mouth like a savage animal.
    Then I got a clearing look at him then a saw a head in his hand. The sight of it man my stomach turn as he tool it and held in front of him. I looked harder to see which head it was, it was John frozen in the moment which he was beheaded. He took the head and held high with both hands into the moon light. He open his and squeezed the blood out of Johns head like it was a lemon. Then crushed it and let the pieces fall on his face.
I so scared that it fro-zed me solid. "Marco what is it?" Susan said in a whisper but I quick took my eyes out of the window and told her shhhh. But as soon as I look back in the window he disappear. I looked around in that area but nowhere to be found.
    So I made sure that the door was triple locked and pulled a crate of wood in front of the door. Then I put I a heavy shelf in front of the window. I got my rod and I hope on top of the crate. then I look out the hole in the door. That when I seen him in front of the hole looking inside with his big red eye looking into mines.
Chapter one
Begining Of The End and The End Of The Begining

© 2010 foreverSMfarmer

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