Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

A Chapter by Chantel


Thunder crackled and lightning flashed across the sky. Jasper saw it strike the water only a short distance away from the ship.

Away aloft!” Captain Porter yelled. “Take in all the sail we have!”

Jasper quickly began climbing up one of the two tall masts to help take in the sails. The storm made it harder than usual, with the wind and rain making it difficult for Jasper to see and the waves pounding against the Marrielle's hull and splashing over her deck. The thunder and lightning came again, and Jasper saw lightning strike the water only a few meters away from the ship. Captain Porter screamed more orders, but the wind scattered his words like a child knocking over a tower of building blocks. More waves crashed against the ship, and Jasper almost fell from the mast he was now climbing down. It was a long way down...and the storm wasn't exactly making things easier.

Jasper saw the captain looking to starboard. He followed the captain's gaze and saw a huge wave coming at the Marrielle.

All hands down from the masts!” Captain Porter screamed, his voice just barely making it above the wind this time. “NOW!!!”

Jasper didn't need to be told twice. He scurried down the mast even faster as the wave rushed at the Marrielle.

He wasn't fast enough. The wave crashed against the ship, tipping her so hard that she was almost parallel with the waterline"wherever that was at the moment. The impact made Jasper lose his hold on the mast, and he fell into the raging ocean. All Jasper could see was water. Without thinking, he gasped, and water filled his lungs. He tried to cough it out, but only inhaled more, getting into a panicked fit of coughing. He struggled to swim, but the waves seemed to hit him from everywhere. He wasn't even sure which way was up. His lungs began to burn, and the saltwater stung his eyes. His heart was filled with panic. He didn't know what to do. Then...

The world went black as Jasper lost consciousness.

© 2010 Chantel

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Added on April 12, 2010
Last Updated on November 28, 2010
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I like to write stories, especially about pirates, and I also like to write poetry and write and play songs. I am a college student living in the Pacific Northwest. more..

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