A Poem by forrestcook

In memory of Clyde Charles Overson, Jr., who died in WWII


This is for my uncle,
Clyde Charles Overson, Jr.
His plane went down in the
South Pacific during WWII...
neither his body or plane
were ever recovered.
I am re-posting it because I
have added a letter at the

You must have felt so all alone,
your radio would not get through;
your plane was going down,
there was nothing that you could do.

Did you feel God's angels 'round you?
Was there peace deep in your heart?
Did you see that heavenly light
before your plane broke apart?

It seems I think of you often,
I feel you're so very near.
Perhaps we met before my birth;
right now, I'm drawn to tears.

I wish I could remember,
but the veil has closed o'er my mind;
all I have now are some letters,
that tell bits about your time.

I know I will see you again
when I cross back thru the veil,
but 'till then I'll keep you close,
as I sit and read your mail.

This is a V-Mail written by my grandmother
dated May 4th, 1945:

Big Boy of Mine,
This is the 3rd day since they told us you were
missing. The gave no details at all and as we've not had
a letter since you left New Guiena we are rather up
in the air as to where you put on your disappearing
act but we are sure you'll come out O.K. and can paste
the telegram in your scrap book.

Daddy and I planted garden all day yesterday with the
usual hopes a garden always has. We are using
grandpa's lot this year in order to save water. They
say we have fifteen feet in the reservoir, three feet more
than last year so our crops may be some better.

Isabella has her vacation the middle of this month and Arla
is going to try to get a few days off and come up then.

The war situation in Europe sounds as if it's almost at
an end which is certainly good news to every one. Wish
the Pacific side was that close to ending.

Daddy and I have hooked our chins over a limb and it's going
to take a lot to get it down so hurry and get back to your outfit
before we get a kink in our necks.

We love you,
Mom and Daddy

© Forrest Phelps-Cook

© 2010 forrestcook

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Forrest the is awesome. So sad at the price of our freedom. So very proud of the ones that see to it that we dont lose it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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