Odd Fate

Odd Fate

A Story by ~L.A.

In this story the main character some how manages to meet a strange -yet handsome- man at the local pub, she only wanted to buy a drink but possibly meets the man of her wildest dreams.


  I was sitting alone on the couch, embracing the loneliness and solitude that seemed to swallow up my small, dark apartment. Sighing I decided that it may do me well to get out of the house and go to the one place that I know will be packed at this hour, Clancie's Pub. I stood up from my comfortable position on the small, maroon couch, and walked towards the cast-iron door. I grabbed my phone off of the table by the door, and took one last look to see if I needed to grab anything else. I bent over and slipped on my knee-high Converse. Opening the door I walk across the street and into the small local pub.

    As soon as I walked into the pub my senses are filled with the smell of beer, and the loud chatter of men and women alike. I  slowly walk over to the red leather bar stools. I sit down and patiently wait for the  bartender to come over and take my order. I sit there, legs crossed when finally one of the many bartenders walks over and stands, now waiting on me. 

    "Um, I'll take a Miller and that'll be all at the moment. Also, give the guy that's a few seats down from me a Miller too." I say and look at the man sitting a few seats down from me. I stare at him, he looks no more than 22, the same age as me, his hair is cut short and a chestnut brown color styled in the classic tousled look, and he has blue eyes that look quite similar to that of the water in a lake on a nice, warm, summer day. 

    My glass of Miller is placed in front of me, I smile and nod at the bartender in thanks. I gaze back to the man, and see a look of be-wilderness that is spread across his face. I laugh and smile at the man, then stand up and grab my glass and scoot over to the seat on the right side of the man. 

    "Hai. You're wondering who gave you that drink, right?" I grin, and flip my vibrant red bangs back above the rim of my glasses. He nods slightly and reaches for the drink and takes a cautious sip of the warm amber liquid. "That'd be me that gave you that there Miller. Oh, by the way, my name is Maria." I say and hold my hand out to the man. 

    He cautiously grabs my hand and shakes it firmly. He releases my hand and takes a rather large gulp from the beer bottle. "Hey Maria, I suppose. As for me, my name is Jason, you can call me Jay if you want. Also, thanks for the beer." He nods at me and slightly moves the drink towards me, which causes some of the foam that is on the rim of the glass to over-flow onto my lap. 

    I stare down at my now beer soaked skinny jeans, and then back at Jason. He seems to suddenly lurch forward to the napkin dispenser which sits atop of the maple wood bar, lurking just out of his reach. Time seems to slow as his arm brushes his beer glass, and it suddenly spills all over his lap. I slam my head down onto the bar. 

    I groan slightly. "Good job Jason. I just wanted to enjoy a few drinks at my local pub and this happens." I hand the nearest bartender a $20 bill and tell him to use it on my tab. 

    Jason, however, grabs the bill from the bartender's hand and shoves it back into mine. I stare at him blankly as he pulls out his wallet and places his own money onto the counter. "Look, I know I barely know you, but I'd like to get to know you Maria. And it's the least I can do for you, seeing as how I created this." He says, motioning to the mess of alcohol that is on the floor and the stools around us. 

    I sigh and place the money back into my back pocket. "If you're going to pay, at least let me take you back to my apartment. Don't want you to end up possibly getting pulled over and arrested for smelling like beer. I live just across the street in the apartment complex." I reply and stand up, and stop at the door, waiting to see if Jason was following me out of the bar.

© 2014 ~L.A.

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Added on February 11, 2014
Last Updated on February 11, 2014
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