9 Beverage Packaging Wins and Fails

9 Beverage Packaging Wins and Fails

A Story by James Franklin

The summer season is for the business of beverages. This business flourishes remarkably. No one can estimate the sales generated from this business in summer.

The brands try to get the benefit from the hot season. They highlight the beverages in this season. They adopt various tactics to make their beverage products prominent among all other brands. The packaging is also one of the major factors in highlighting your beverage products. There are many factors in packaging that can make your beverages win or fall. These factors are given as follows. 

1.    Interactive Packaging
You should make your packing memorable. The great packaging can be made with the help of interactive packaging. The beverages boxes can be interactive. It will make a direct connection with the customers. They should be different from normal packing designs. The interaction of the packing is necessary with the buyers because they share the images and feedback about the beverages on social media. The bottles with decent and unique logo can attract the shoppers easily. It will easily win the place in the market. It is an effective way to promote your beverages. 
2.    Uncommon Typography
Packaging has the power to impress the buyers, and they compel to buy your personalized food boxes. The unique writing style, font, and quotes are more impressive. The missing letters, special words, backward labels, different spelling, and many other typography styles are unique and enacting. The customers will stop when they see great product packaging. The large size text makes the beverages prominent. The images printed with text will increase the appetite of the visitors. They will take an instant decision to buy your beverages. 
3.    Holographic Logo
The logo and labels are printed on the packing. But the holographic logo is a different and new style. The images printed on the food and beverages packing are shown as three dimensional due to the interference of light. It will turn your simple logo and labels in an exciting one. It is a great and impressive technique that engage the shoppers, and they scan the beverages for a few seconds and buy the beverages. It is another way to win the hearts of the customers.

4.    Relevant Images
The images on the printed food boxes have a great impact on the product visual. The appearance of the packing matters a lot. The related images on the food and drinks will give an appealing impression to the buyers. Sometimes, the images are not relevant to the products. It hurts shoppers. The images are the most powerful element that attracts buyers. Because the people understand about the product without reading the description by seeing the pictures printed on them. You can use perfect and relevant images. It will make your sales more in a short period. The unrelated images will cause of failure to your beverages. 
5.    Unsustainable Designs
Sustainability has become the need of this time. The brands who do not take care about sustainability in printing and designing face failure in the market. The customers are much concerned about the environment. The techniques and tools used in printing and designing must be of a high standard. The material should be eco-friendly. The us-sustainable designs will not stay for a long time on the bottles and box. The people are rejecting such products that do not care about the atmosphere. The brands can face the worst failure in this case. 
6.    Reusable Packing
The food and beverage boxes should be recyclable and reusable. There are cardboard, plastic, tins, metal, paperboard, and other kinds of stuff that are used by brands. The materials that are recyclable always demanded by the customers. The durable material can be recyclable and reusable. The plastic is not considered fine material. It is not good for the environment. Therefore people avoid buying the products packed in them. Shoppers also avoid plastic bottles. You can use glass and other materials to store the products. 

7.    Vivid Colours
The customers get bored for the primary colors as used for many years. The traditional combinations are also rejected by the people now. They demand vivid colors. The customers want vibrant shades. The beverages in the bottles have a great influence on the buyers due to their colors. The colors are visible from the transparent bottles. Try to use the new and classic color combinations. Avoid using primary colors. Otherwise, you will face failure. 
8.    Customized Food Boxes
Custom food packaging is a great reason to win the market. The customers look towards customization. The packing stuff, along with designing everything can be ordered by the customers. They have the choice to order the packing according to their need. You should offer differentiated designs to them. If you do not offer this service, then your brand can experience failure. 
9.    Don’t Create Mess
You need to take care of one thing is that they do not create a Mess on the packing. Choose decent designs, labels, and logos. There should not be traffic on the bottles. Every element should be in a sequence. The purpose of every single element should be easily understandable. Nothing should be meaningless on the box. Sometimes the brand creates traffic on the packing. The customers are unable to get their theme and idea. It seems a mixture of the elements. It is the basic reason of failure the beverages.

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