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Happiness is a foreign object. Yes an object, not a feeling. It's one of those things that is hard to obtain, like in those 'Indiana Jones' movies where when you pick up the priceless artifact everything suddenly goes wrong even though it's in your hands. I mean, it doesn't seem so hard especially when you grab it. You pick up the glowing orb of happiness and you smile for about 30 seconds...Then suddenly something...not awful but more like unexpected happens and it's usually not a good thing. Well now because of that unexpected occurrence, you drop the happiness and it rolls away. For awhile you just kind of ignore it but after some time you remember it. You realize that you dropped it so you look around and it's gone....Just gone...
You don't know what to do because that happiness was the only light that was in that dark place that you were now scared of being in. That happiness gave you hope but it all blew out the window. You wander around, looking for it. What motivates you is the fact that it was warm and comforting. 
Then, you sit down. You sit down and just stare into that blackness with a blank stare. Thoughts run through your head, those ones that you tried so hard to ignore. In life, whether it's a work, school, or home you just kinda go through the motions and make believe that you're happy. People believe you. And you're slowly dying inside. Then after what seems like forever, that warm, glowing orb is back. It's far but you can see it. You glower at it for a second before standing and charging toward it. But, as you're running, you notice it getting farther away from you. You run faster. 
It doesn't work. 
You stop. 
You sit and stare again. 
The. Cycle. Continues. 

© 2013 Lazor

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Awesome poem. Very creativity. Keep it up!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

i quite like this. the cycle absolutely continues. and then what? i know, right?

Posted 6 Years Ago

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this is awesome and really made me think. you really know how to connect to the reader and get into their emotions. i like how you said it's foreign because it is in today society and every is always so busy and going all over the place and the think that money and being busy is happiness but it's not! also the Indiana Jones reference was a great example and the whole 30 secs thing is a really good estimate. i like everything about this story. another thing is how the words fade. it felt like my happiness was fading away. i'm telling my friends about this at school because i like this so much..... it's awesome, but it's weird that the story was about losing happiness yet at the end i feel happy and cherish it more.

Posted 7 Years Ago

A powerful message using powerful words. I really like the text shade too, its very creative. You dont see that much around the cafe, which helps differenciate you from everyone else (also good). Try to remember that happiness is a choice, and anyone can recieve it. You just gotta want it over wanting to be "abnormal" or whatever people say.

Minus a few grammaical errors, this was a picture perfect work. Awesome job Lahvie!

Posted 7 Years Ago

You don't know what you got til it's gone~
and then comes back
and is gone again...

The point came across quite strongly. Very nice use of shade in the words. It added a sense of drama to the drabble.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thank you for the comment :) I really appreciate it.

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