Holy Sarcasm

Holy Sarcasm

A Poem by Frieda P


I overheard someone complacently spew, 
move on your way, walk in the light
 'death is for dead people'         holy sarcasm, 
    that might be profound if it were not so absurd
death lives amongst the living regularly
      people null and void of empathy
like the feeling deficient who think they're all that,
    loss, betrayal, obsessions, recessions, addictions
madness perpetuating the death prattle
    people breathing self righteous smog within stiff life
madness choking the life out of survival,
  lost the plot in your condescending lecture,
     redemption comes to those full of kindness & grace

        wake up and smell the coffee
you might walk in those dastardly shoes one day...
some people are just lucky, listen to the music
  other's are tone deaf to humanity's revealing cries
     may as well show some compassion whilst you still can, 

                                                  no one gets out alive anyway

© 2014 Frieda P

Author's Note

Frieda P

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The title grabbed my interest, Frieda, and I am so so glad I read this. I agree that death is the other half of life, just like good and evil, day and night, even peas and carrots aka forrest gump :) I think your final line says it all and we're all gonna face it one day, but it's like you say "other's are tone deaf to humanity's revealing cries" - damn this is good :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Frieda P

6 Years Ago

Yep, peas and carrots, love that! Thanks so much Penny, SO good to see you back at the cafe. :)
just Penny

6 Years Ago

Thanks xo - heart not in it yet, just drop by sometimes. Cant let the bad guys (gals) win !


dear Frieda... wow... I would not be so understanding
of others if I had always handled life perfectly.
By my mistakes, I understand, how others can also
not be perfect. I believe it was Shakespeare
who said, "although you have none, obtain a virtue"
(or two or three and so forth). To err is human,
to forgive Devine. Great writing and presence.
truly... Pat

Posted 6 Years Ago

my mom always started her day with coffee....and she was good at a bit of sarcasm...that was all she ever put in her coffee...

but her heart was as tender as a soft doughnut.

she listened to her own music....and i still hear her in notes of what i listen to.

thanks for this poem, Frieda.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Great one, Frieda! I'm saving this in my favorites. The line that got me is....
"redemption comes to those full of kindness & grace"

Great song, great idea, great title. Great write. I'm jealous. You are awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us....:)

Posted 6 Years Ago

some people just keep barking the dogmatic obedience, and so they sit, and stay, and beg. They need a muzzle

Posted 6 Years Ago

Nope, we can not get out of this world alive, that's for damned sure. When you go through tough times in life, you find out who your real friends are. No one knows how they will react in any given situation till they have lived it. I know when I took care of my mom for five years, people I thought were friends told me I was crazy. They said they could not understand me giving up my life for her. They did not need to understand....I needed to understand. Funny thing is, some of them now have parents who are ailing.....and a couple have apologized to me. What goes around comes around. Ask not for whom the bell tolls and all that rot! :) I liked this one, Frieda....someone was told off elegantly. Lydi**

Posted 6 Years Ago

Oh wow, I can't believe someone really believes that death is for the dead. Yes, it is not something to dwell in constantly, as that can only bring about the nonlife of the living. But there is something they forgot when they said that. There is still life for people after they have passed, within each beating heart that they touched. It is sad how jaded we get over time, losing our care for others. You put it brilliantly in these lines:

some people are just lucky, listen to the music
other's are tone deaf to humanity's revealing cries

Just be glad you are musically inclined dear. Those who are tone deaf are just unable to fathom what real harmony is.

Posted 6 Years Ago

As you know I have a PhD in sarcasm so yes, I do consider it holy. It is true though, if we thought about how close to the abyss we are at any given time we wouldn't be able to shave without a prescription for Xanax.

Posted 6 Years Ago

To find one's self to be a magician to never know
Pain as I do a recoverying addict, I've lived two lives
All at once, I've seen the other side of midnight in
Your vision!

Thanks for making me smile!

Posted 6 Years Ago

You have articulated exactly what I have been thinking lately - looking into the eyes of so many, there is no Life in their souls. I vow to check my shoes carefully from now on... :) Great poem, Frieda.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Frieda P
Frieda P


If you want to know me, read my poetry, it's all in there. I am a mother of three sons (my finest moments) a sister, a survivor and a little bit crazy. I lost my beloved sister to suicide, so you'll.. more..


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