Tattered ragdoll...

Tattered ragdoll...

A Poem by Frieda P

~an old creepy one, revamped & revisited


There once was a little girl, 

    who came into this life 

        filled with hope and zeal 

twinkling within wide eyed innocence,

she's left tattered and torn 

   her outward appearance 

       still appears shiny 

deep within the padding 

      there's a darkness so vile 


She looked up to him,

     expecting unconditional love

         and  unyielding protection

led into the lion's den,

     unaware of his intentions 

      her balance thrown 

               her purity shorn 

still continues along on her way,

      ...naivety shocked, 

she prayed within her crushed soul, 

Jesus never heard her pleas


Ultimately, developed into a woman 

   yet,  the child remained, 

wounded and fragmented,

         smashed beyond recognition 

          with words silenced 

     and wings broken, 

the journey was arduous 

              the end result troublesome, 

 ponders expectations of decisive justice 


Still feels like an old ragdoll 

            even though she's fully grown, 

her outward facade dissimilar 

                from the  shattered stuffing inside 

tries to turn it around, 

        reverse the reviled past 

          she lands in the median 

    stuck in fractured segments 

...still hopeful for survival

© 2014 Frieda P

Author's Note

Frieda P

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Well this is heartwrenching but beuatifully poetic. Frieda gets me tangled up inside with this kind of thing plus she throws in that monster track that nearly made me headbang the wall great track (brownie points for that alone) but I fear that if I get stuck in the meaning I will diminish the poetry so in this ocassion I will go that way (points south). The language and the fact that the narrative has a story like quality was engaging as she uses the naivety of a child to relay convictions and how all that innocence was treated badly to say the least. Fast forward to adulthood and the image of the ragdoll which is really powerfull and the recognition that although she wants to change the past is not something that can just be thrown out of the windows as if.

Pretty Poetry


Posted 6 Years Ago

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Frieda P

6 Years Ago

I'm not so sure it's pretty, but thanks so much for your thoughts Rene.


Freda P. You've written an excellent poem (whose subject is dark) that clearly speaks to the reality experienced by many women, but who are too ashamed to bring the abuse out into the light. These women, unfortunately, will continue to remain silent on the subject. In 1997, I wrote a similar poem (The Ragdoll) about a friend of mine. The opening lines were "She wore her tattered dress with gingham bows. Each patch denoting her abuse..." I, unlike you, was reluctant to publish it.
Without specific counseling these memories are difficult to overcome, because of flashbacks.

I wish you a happy life with fields of flowers in all the colors of the rainbow and the ability to finally forget the past. Keep writing...that helps. :-)

Posted 2 Years Ago

you are no longer here, and I thought that I would not be able to read your poetry again Frieda, thankfully I was wrong and found a few scattered here and there... this is one of them and one I had not read before...

you told me once you didn't write "narrative poems" very often, but this biopic is just too much to take for me, knowing how this reflects your life, and countless lives shattered and smashed.. justice and an end to this stealing of innocence, the healing of scars, and a world safe for our children is desparately needed... NOW!!

I know it took courage to write this poem Frieda, a courage that has allowed a "ragdoll" to survive.. but I wonder, is survival enough?? what I would hope for and want is for there to be not only survival, but the joy of life!! If it were possible to give this I would sacrifice everything to see this (((((FRIEDA)))))

Your poem is compelling and wonderful as it is sad and heart breaking... I am just lucky that I had the opportunity to experience it..


Posted 5 Years Ago

i love how this is set up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

So sad and, yet so true for so many women and men. I keep them in my prayers. Beautiful poem.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is pretty dark. I've known a few of these girls and they can really test your sympathies. It's like you know there's a real horror story in her background because she's drunk enough to get the two of you thrown out of a bar and on the way home suddenly everything that's ever gone wrong in her life is now your fault. Some monsters can't be slain

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wonderfully touching...the depth of insight is impressive...
Kudos girl..!!!!!!


Posted 6 Years Ago

Heart wrenching one Frieda.
You have said the truth only yes we girls step wrongly sometimes that become unremovable mark for the rest of our life.
I agree with your everyword in this poem thanks for sharing.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Ragdolls, controversially adorable in nature yet so tattered and beaten that they do not at all resemble what they used to be. 'Tis also a clever symbol for childhood within the person of subject within this poem. Truly it is a shame that the past haunts as much as it does, even to the point of leaving full-grown adults a battered husk of what they used to be as a child prior to whatever happened to break them. Truly a poignant piece, Frieda, as always. Keep it up.

Posted 6 Years Ago

a heart wrenching write.....you have taken it out to its level best.....:))

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is so heart wrenching Freida.To see these girls who have so much taken from them by this harsh world and the people who live in it.Sometimes the ones who aresupposed to love us don't see what is right in front of them .

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Frieda P


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