Broken People in a Broken World

Broken People in a Broken World

A Chapter by Ethan Paz

Over seven billion people live on earth, and I am here to tell you that each person is broken and desperately in need to be made whole.


Broken People in a Broken World

            Have you ever noticed that lots of the time- or should I say “most” of the time- our life lies in shambles? We think that other people have it a lot better than us, well, because they aren’t us. Is this necessarily true or are we the only broken people living in this world?


Wealth, Prestige, and Dissatisfaction

          I believe we all think that if our annual income was raised exponentially we’d be a lot happier. If wealth can’t buy happiness, prestige can make up for it, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case.

            We have deceived ourselves by thinking that wealth, prestige, or whatever it is can satisfy us. If happiness can really be attained, why do those who pursue wealth and prestige never cease to pursue more of it?


The Rich, the Common, and Life

            If you only look around you, you will see that everyone"yes, everyone"tries to get this happiness. Some people buy stuff; others watch stuff, play stuff, smoke stuff . . . I think you get the point that we all are really seeking for happiness in just stuff.

            Others who see the futility of this attempt to find meaning in good things such as family, order in the house, passing a legacy, and so forth. However, these notable attempts to find meaning on earth is in vain if there is no ultimate end, for there will be no remembrance of the former.

            What I am saying is this: everything you do on earth has no meaning unless you find someone eternal that can put meaning behind it.


What is Truly Important

            Only God can put meaning in what we do on earth. Poor or rich; ignored or popular"our chaotic life can be restored into order. All the mistakes and screw-ups that we’ve made can be mended by our God, for He can do all things.

            In America, we are taught to be independent, strong, financially wealthy, etc., and somehow happiness can be coupled with this list. I am here to tell you that that is an impossibility.

            The fact is we all are a broken people looking for healing. We all are lost and don’t know what to do. The fact is we all are a hopeless people. We are all this and so much more without God.

            So, yes, I may be a broken person living in a broken world, but with God that brokenness is then made whole.

© 2015 Ethan Paz

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This poem so rings true to so many people. You have wonderfully word crafted this piece of great work. We do live in a broken world which will never be fixed. This piece flowed really well but the real happiness in live is to find a person who you truly love....if you can find this then you are truly blessed.

It was a great pleasure to read this brilliant piece.


Posted 3 Years Ago

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