Learning and Growing Spiritually

Learning and Growing Spiritually

A Chapter by Ethan Paz

I have been meditating much on my past and have drawn a conclusion: it is better to serve God than to say you will.



                I will not forget the week I spent at Northland Baptist Bible Camp. That one week showed me what a Christian life really looks like and what it truly does. I came entering the campus with a apathetic, unawakened mind in serving Christ. I will never forget the first day I spent there and the kindness of the people. The people greeted me with a Christian warmth and love that made me wonder, “Why are they so happy? Where can I get that?” I was bewildered; for, I was a Christian yet I never expierienced that kind of uplifting joy. It was contagious! As time passed on that night, I went to my first prayer meeting. I was tired and wanted to go to bed but the Holy Spirit said to me, “Go! To the prayer meeting, Go! Ethan.” So I went. My life has never been the same since.
                The prayer meeting started off with three songs which I had never heard before; all which I will never forget. They are called, Speak Oh Lord, Complete in Thee, and The Power of the Cross. During the first song (Complete in Thee), I was singing the best I could but my heart was prickled. During the second song (The Power of the Cross), I was attempting to sing but my voice was unwavering with sorrow but I knew not why. During the third song (Speak Oh Lord) I was crying out the song and I could not sing for I was crying. What immediately followed was a sermon. The sermon caused all the hearers to evaluate their lifes in the light of the Gospel. I was in the wrong. I tried my very best to not cry but as the sermon had ended, prayer immediately followed. There a man (what a wonderful, godly man he was) and I prayed and before we started praying, I was crying. Tears were seen on the pews after the prayer and we departed for rest that night.
                The first day of camp I sprained my ankle (still feel the results of the injury) yet on that very day I was singing with joy and my prayers were more vehemently than ever before.  I was also sick that very same week but I had never been so joyful in my life. Prayer and singing were rising up to the skies and no one could stop it! Tears were being shed of my past wickedness and of the wanting of future grace. Yet when camp ended . . . I fell.
                It has been two monthes since camp and I can not get that one most wonderful week outside of my head. I have stumbled; I have falled and I still am asking the same question, “How can I get that joy I had at camp?” I was asking that question constantly day by day but never had I once thought about God for who He was in complete joy! Yea, I was praying and reading but not in joy and complete desire as I previously had. What had gone wrong? My focus had gone wrong.
                I tell you. I have learned of my past mistake. Devotion, desire, love, and sacrifiice are essential for serving God. Yea, I acknowledge that after camp but I fell still. There is no secret in serving God and being successful. You just do it. Don’t say you will, prove your actions and justify that you are a true Christian. I said I would do God’s will and I fell. I have now done God’s will and I stand victorious. Join with me, Oh Christian! It is precious to be with God.

© 2010 Ethan Paz

Author's Note

Ethan Paz
I am only giving a testimony of how God has been working in my life lately. I do not base my faith on feelings but on the Word of God. If you have any questions just message me.

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Nice expression of your testimony to your faith. I could feel the emotion and passion in your voice. I can get a true sense of the experience you had. Nice write.
If I have any question I will look to God and pray. Thanks for the offer though.

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Ethan Paz
Ethan Paz

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