Stand Against

Stand Against

A Story by Angel

This is a monologue i wrote for a writing assignment in my english class in high school. I've always pegged this as one of my top favorite monologue's i've ever written. Its about rising against those who would otherwise put you down. The speaker, unknowi



     The movement will not be stopped! We rise above all those who would otherwise suppress us. We remember the past, we live in the present, and we fight for the future. We seek only retribution and freedom. Such things are simple desires for we who have struggled through our lives and they would deny us such requests. So we continue on fighting and struggling as the casualties on both sides reach ever higher. When will they learn to let us voice ourselves? To allow us the opportunity to shape the world in the way we visualize it? A world without chaos, conspiracies, and lies. It’s not that they fear change; they fear the change we seek to bring to the world.
    The art of war is a bloody and terrifying art form. A battle is optional; a war is imminent. They’ve rotted the world from the outside in causing it to decay like a once beautiful rose whose thorns were torn off to leave it defenseless. They’ve raped it of its beauty and purity, leaving it weak and crying for a savior. In trying to take the steps to a more peaceful world, they destroyed it in their selfishness and greed. Taking action starts with a single thought and then evolves into a vision. That vision becomes an epidemic and spreads like wildfire; awakening the warrior in all of us to take stand against all that would otherwise seek to destroy us. We flush what we once knew down the proverbial toilet. The new knowledge we gain causes us to rise above what we once were.
    We gain the strength to take a stand and keep our thorns! A war can’t be won with physical strength alone. It pushes us to the far reaches of our mind. It forces us to take a stand against those who won’t take the time to hear our cries. In this time we all have our determination, hopes, and dreams. This is our time to take a stand! This is our time to reshape the world in a way everyone can benefit from! This is our era, our age, and our fight! So walk not with your head low, but held high! There is nothing they can further take from us but our flesh and bone! For everyone is born with greatness but they must learn to hone it!  


© 2009 Angel

Author's Note

I know this piece may have a few grammar/punctuation issues, but please read it and let me know what you think!

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Wow! A wonderful and inspiring piece about change, in the time when change is hardest to come by!
A voice of a leader flows through these lines. The voice uplifts us and challenges us to raise up and not be afraid of what needs to be done to make life better for all.

Great Writing!
Aaron Maycroft

Posted 13 Years Ago

This a great story and I like the message that it brings.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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