Cath, the Fishing Town

Cath, the Fishing Town

A Chapter by Kirby Inc.

Surprises abound as our heroes complete their journey to the town of Cath to face a corrupt ruler...


   Gilbert and Gabriel Nelson, Aria’s adoptive parents, were peaceful folks at heart. He was a craftsman by trade, while she had worked as a nurse most of her life. Although married for about 20 years, they never had any children. After retiring from their respective trades, they settled down with a small piece of farmland and a house by the Cath River southwest of Belysning. In order to fill the one void remaining in their lives, the Nelsons opened their home and started an orphanage. It was there, 15 years ago, that the man came, leading a poor, frightened child with black hair and beautiful green eyes. All the man asked was for the Nelsons to raise her and love her as one of their own.

   Please…be the family she never had…she deserves to live a happy life…

   Aria didn’t remember much of her early days. Every time she had broached the subject with the Nelsons, they had merely said, “My dear, a very brave man rescued you and brought you to us.” She often wondered if that man was her father, but over time she came to accept the Nelsons as her true parents. In fact, she felt indebted to them for raising her, and insisted on helping care for the others staying there. She even promised them that she would take care of the orphanage when they no longer could. When Mr. Nelson went missing, she felt she had to look for him. She had to do something…

   “…So that’s how you became such a good nurse!” Keogh said lightly once Aria had finished her story. The sun had risen on their trip once again, and its morning glow saw the trio well on their way, following the river Cath westward through a forest just outside the town of the same name. The river ran wide, swift, and deep as it approaches Cath en route to the ocean. The path along the river was quite level with few obstructions, making the trip a relaxing one. Keogh, Aria, and Duke found they were enjoying themselves. Blushing a little from Keogh’s last comment, Aria turned to Duke, trying to change the subject.

   “What about you? What’s your story?” she asked.

   “Did you know this river was actually man-made?” Duke spoke up, changing the subject.

   “What!” Aria yelped in surprise, “You're kidding!”

   “Well, not all of it. Just this branch; from here to the sea. There's no clear record of its construction, but it provides both running water and transportation to Cath.”

   “Well, I guess that explains why the river was named after the town,” said Aria, still taken aback.

   “Wrong!” Duke lectured, “Historical accounts show it was the other way around!”

   “That means...”

   “Yes,” the lecture continued, “The town was named after the wife of the first Duke, Catherine. Early on, they dug wells to provide water, but they needed a more reliable water source.”

   “Hence, the river...”

   “Precisely!” Duke continued, “Once the river was completed, the people of Cath had a route to the sea to fish. From there, bridges were built, and the town slowly expanded across the river...”

   Keogh’s attention was currently elsewhere. He heard a faint rustling coming from somewhere deep in the woods. Ignoring the others, he focused his attention on the forest, looking for any signs of danger. Just then he heard the same rustling again, getting closer, and fast.

   “What’s wrong?” Duke asked as Keogh stopped in his tracks. He pointed into the woods, where the rustling was getting louder as something approached them through the woods. “What on earth is that?”

   “Stay back,” Keogh said to Aria, “Here it comes…”

On cue, something ran out into the open. Before it could react, Keogh grabbed it and tossed it quickly into the river. It felt…light and…human?

   “HEEEEEEEEELP!” a scream rang out from the river. A familiar blonde-haired girl was clinging desperately to a rock in the middle of the river.

   “Wait, isn’t that…?” Aria remembered.

   “Yeah, that’s the girl who tried to kill us,” Keogh finished her thought.

   “Please…help me…” she sobbed, “I’m sorry I snuck up on you!”

   “Erica, right? Why were you following us?” Duke asked her.

   “Please! Get me out of here!” Erica cried, “I can’t swim!”

   “Wow, a trained assassin can’t even swim…” groaned Keogh in disbelief.

   “So, why exactly were you following us?” Duke asked again. After fishing Erica out of the river, Duke, Keogh, and Aria had decided to stop to rest for a spell. Their mysterious pursuer was curled up, soaked and shivering after her unexpected dip, visibly shaken.

   “I had too…orders…” she shivered.

   “The Hawk’s orders? Doesn’t he trust us?” Keogh spoke up.

   “No, no…I lost to you…so I have to help you now…”

   “Huh? How’d you lose?” asked Keogh, confused, “We nearly died back there!”

   “That was a training exercise…” Erica said, slowly composing herself, “The Hawk, he trains us to kill without being seen. I failed to do that, so he sent me to help you.”

   “That Hawk is one strange person…” Duke said. Keogh scratched his head, still confused. “Well, you came this far, so you might as well come with us.” He stood up and looked over the river. “But, try anything suspicious and I’ll have Keogh throw you back in the river!”

   “No, no, no, I won’t do anything, I swear!” Erica stammered nervously.

   “Good!” Duke smiled, “Let’s get going!” Duke started down the path with renewed vigor. Aria and Keogh scrambled to their feet to follow him, but Keogh stopped and looked back. Erica had not moved, she still sat there, trembling.

   “Are you alright?” he asked, helping her up. Once on her feet, she hugged Keogh tightly, still trembling. “Wow, are you that afraid of the water?” he asked, “Or is it Duke? Trust me; he’s not that scary once you get to know him!”

   “No, it’s…the river…” she whispered.

   “Tell you what, I’ll make you a deal,” Keogh said. She let go of him, and stepped back, composing herself. “You don’t try to kill me, and I won’t throw you in the river. How’s that?”

   Erica smiled, quite embarrassed. “Deal,” she said.

   Cath was a well-developed town, complete with paved roads and brick houses. The river that bisects the town was dotted with fishing boats taking advantage of the wildlife which had taken root there over time. Besides the boats, three great bridges connected the two sides of the town. As Duke led the other three across the biggest of the bridges in the center of town, he continued his running narrative. A straggler was following Duke's guided tour from a distance, muttering to himself incoherently. He was an older man, with a bushy, unkempt beard that was once elegant. Clad in the tattered brown robe of a poor commoner, he followed the group from a distance, eyes fixed intently on Duke, as if studying him.

   “Um, if you don't mind me asking,” Erica spoke up, interrupting Duke's lecture, “How do you know so much about this place?”

   “Huh?” Duke replied, surprised at the question, “I suppose I should know a thing or two about this place, considering I was born here!”

   Keogh, Aria, and Erica stood in stunned silence, taken aback by what they had just heard. Little did they know they were in for another surprise...

   “Excuse me, sir...” the bearded man said, approaching Duke.

   “Hmm?” Duke faced him, looking him over. Something seemed to jog his memory.

   “Your name wouldn't happen to be...Ashen, would it?” the bearded man asked.

   “Ah! You're...Dupre!”

   The bearded man grinned. “I knew it was you! You really are alive! I never thought I'd live to see the true Duke of Cath return!”

© 2010 Kirby Inc.

Author's Note

Kirby Inc.
One of the longer chapters of late, but hopefully a good one. Did I mention that the plot is picking up? Anyways, any advice/criticism/opinions of any kind are always welcomed and appreciated! Hope you enjoy!

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“Whaaaaat!” Aria yelped in surprise-im not sure i would use a 'Whaaaat' if they yelp. the multipul letters suggest a drawn out word but yelps are usally very short sharp and quick. apart from that great hurry up and write more please

Posted 10 Years Ago

“HEEEEEEEEELP!!!”(avoid multiple punctuation.)

Not bad. So the tale progresses and more surprises await. Not bad.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Kirby Inc.
Kirby Inc.


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