A Cup of Temporary Joy

A Cup of Temporary Joy

A Story by Lox

Drinking does not make one brave; Alcohol fixes ones confidence not ones cowardice.

Why do people drink? A question I ponder on countless times. I've taken a sip and all I tasted was utter bitterness; and yet when I come home from school I see a group of drunkards who seem to have the times of their lives. As much as I was afraid to come near them, was I fascinated on how a couple of glass of alcohol could make one forget reality and embrace temporary happiness.
I can legally drink alcohol since I'm not underage, and since I live in a dormitory with all not so underage friends, I've decided to partake in drinking especially since we're having a Christmas party.

We formed a circle, sat down with this gallon of gin on the middle of the table, some pineapple juice, a variety of nut snacks and some homemade side dishes for drinking and our pride as guys; For some reason, there was this unspoken competition on who could last the longest.

Rounds came about and just as we passed the drinking cup, letting it rotate within our gathered circle, so did my surroundings. Although I kept silent, I had a great time listening to everyone to whatever their dwells and chit-chats may be. Just when I began notice, I was becoming inexplicably happy-go-lucky; I don't mean irresponsible, I felt like I've got nothing towards the world. And before I knew it I was laughing, with the guy I didn't know not too long ago magically becomes my new best friend, the gin's not affecting me, the music's stuck to my head and all the mischief's in the world plotted in my mind. It was like a big happy loss of consciousness while being partially awake.

Getting drunk:

"The lights grew more saturated, the music's getting louder and louder as if it blurs out all other forms of sound as all I could hear was its infinite beat while all the voices around me tried to crawl their way in my ears as my drunken haze shoves them all away mercilessly and my mind in no distress but is furthermore liking it rather well. All vision slowly darkening through a heartbeat's pace, but light, oh the pretty lights, dominate their way unequally through the lens of my eyes as my mind perceives it as some sort of cheap light show, as with my body, which somehow began to feel light as a feather and is somehow moving in a careful pace as I realize, the morning I woke up was I being carried to my room that night; with this that they call a "hangover" would seem to be the toll for the miracles for the joy that night."


I who have witnessed alcohol do not reprimand it, for it causes no downfall. (That which depends.) A couple of cups that grants momentary joy followed by unequal tolls of forgetting that very same momentary joy and a really pain in the *** headache is an A-okay to me. Getting drunk does not necessarily mean a bad person; Remember: You hold the bottle, not the other way around. (That again, which depends.)

© 2020 Lox

Author's Note

People occasionally drink because of personal problems, but getting drunk must be the same way? I don't know.

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Added on December 21, 2015
Last Updated on July 2, 2020
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