What if People can Create Food Out of Nothing

What if People can Create Food Out of Nothing

A Story by Lox

Just a pondered question.

Alright first I want to tell you why I wanted to write about this. Its because I have random thoughts at random times and I get stuck in a daze having an internal argument over myself to understand the most correct answer to a question.

So why this particular question? Why not "What if people never go hungry" or "What if we have unlimited supplies of food". I felt like the other two questions requires a more technical knowledge to be answered properly than this one which is something from magic powers and fiction.

This piece is mainly written with knowledge I possess, it was simply a time where I pondered the question and here are my thoughts.

What if people can create food out of nothing.




Let's set some descriptions for this ability. It can be used any number of times a day, nothing's wrong with the taste factor of the food and it has no toll on the person using it.

Let's talk business. It would be apparent that food establishments such as restaurants and food companies won't retain their initial demand compared to a time where people couldn't spawn their own food. We had to work for food, ultimately it circles back to money. The main purpose for any business establishment is to earn revenue and provide for the demand of a specific market. Specially food products and services which is a basic necessity for humans.

So if we can make our own food we don't need others to provide for us hence the decrease in demand. It won't be a problem for people who lost their jobs from the food industry's decline because they can make their own food as well!

Does working even matter anymore? Perhaps money will be placed on other necessities such as clothing and personal utilities. It could mean a rise on prices on these needs, (not going to discuss matters on economic effects) it could also mean that other needs will have higher priority.

Since everyone can eat, people may be inclined to value products and services that were previously non-essential. Some people may not have the need to work since their families won't ever go hungry. Maybe they still would, considering there are other things that require money.

The reason pricing is present is because they need to make up the costs incurred in a creating and providing a product/service and earn a little more for oneself. This earning will be essentially used for survival.

Survival factors in food, water, shelter and clothing (plus other stuff in Maslow's hierarchy of needs). But it mainly centers on food and water obviously because without these two, we'd inevitably die.

Perhaps the world, given its blessing of an unending food supply would refocus its efforts on finding a way to gain access to an unending drinkable water supply as well so that we may never have to worry about neither hunger nor thirst.

Or maybe people would become lax and care-free given such an ability that can provide for a once-before limited resource.

Maybe having the ability to create food out of nothing will be good for mankind but it worries me that it, becoming a reality would devastate the current balance of things regarding food. I know it would end world hunger but you can't help feeling uneasy about something good happening that has little to no consequences.

© 2020 Lox

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Author's Note

Feel free to add in conditions for the ability or your thoughts on this question.

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Added on July 2, 2020
Last Updated on July 2, 2020
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