Life of a Coward

Life of a Coward

A Poem by Lox

Funny how people who prefer staying out of trouble is labeled as cowards, weak or unmanly. I am aware to ignore such notions, but there lies my pride as a man.

''Man up! don't cry
don't be such a wuss''
''You're a guy ffs
just tough it out and choose.''

''You did something I don't like,
apologize right now!
Don't you know who I am?
Get on your knees and bow.''

I imagine all those people,
Who think just like this
To be SO idiotic
Barely worth my time to risk.

Yet here I am prostrating,
Thinking I am the bigger man
And yet why is it that,
People pile up demands?

They want me to apologize
Some want me to fight back
Can't I choose my own decision
Oh how I pity this brat

I just do not want
ANYTHING to do with them
I'll choose the easy way out
And just get it over with, damn.

Now people think I'm a wuss
A loser who can't fight
Well screw them!
How they see me, it ain't right.

I'm a pushover? Why?
Is it because I didn't confront?
Would you have it we fought?
I'm a wuss am I? How nonchalant.

Imagine we fought
Imagine you win
Did it solve the problem?
Maybe it did.

You call me chicken
Because you don't want to seem like one
So its you or me
Ofc you'd pick me, come on.

So I choose to say I'm sorry
You exploit, and gloat you're ''the man''
Good for you, can I go?
I wanna leave and that's my plan

I come off as the weakling
The beta from us both
You get everyone's praise
The very things I don't sought

I don't want to fight back,
I don't want any trouble
What I did, I already apologized
Why come and squabble?

What I did was already settled
Peacefully, that is.
I just don't want anything to do with you
That'd put my mind at ease

Maybe I am a pushover
As I publish what I got
Label me as a coward,
There's nothing wrong with that.

© 2020 Lox

Author's Note

I am a coward. Funny enough the capatcha says ''gayish''. Come on bro

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I don't think anyone should be labeled a coward, just because they don't like confrontation. What's the point of fighting back? It's best to walk away and not continue on with I'm a wuss no you're a's silly.
So I believe that things can be settled in a humane way, avoiding the word coward would be best.
Well done banter!!!
Best, Betty

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you for perceiving the idea of the poem Betty. Unfortunately, its a stigma among males that if.. read more
Betty Hermelee

1 Year Ago

I totally understand!
And you’re very welcome!
I don't think anyone is a pushover or coward if they don't fight back; I think confrontation doesn't make you a macho man; some people shy away from it, because they think it doesn't solve anything. On the other hand, some like to get matters off their chest . I like the structure of the poem and the content.
Very well written.
Best, B.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on September 10, 2020
Last Updated on September 10, 2020
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