No Stereotype [[2.]]

No Stereotype [[2.]]

A Chapter by *~Firecracker~*

Aidan continues to be herself, but the twins have a surprise for her.


“Nadia, get up. We’ve decided you’re going to school,” Russell called from the door.

One word echoed through my head. School.

“WHAT?!” I screeched, sitting up in my bed immediately.

Without another word, I scrambled out of bed and stormed over to the door, attempting to rip it off and punch Russell in the jaw. Nobody can send me to school; that is the equivalent of sending me to Hell.

“Calm down, Nadia. It’s like what that redheaded kid said; you don’t look old enough to pass for an adult and we think police will dig deeper to discover what they want to know. Do you want to go home to your parents?” Russ asked, clearly threatening me with the P-word.

“No! I’d rather die!” I bellowed, storming towards my bed.

“Well, then. Get ready for school, Aidan,” Ken chuckled, before dodging the pillow I chucked in his direction.

I groaned, before reaching for my blankets.

“Oh no you don’t, Nadia. Let’s go,” I heard, just as Russ ripped the sheets from my hands.

“You want to fight, Russell. Let’s go. I win and I stay home. You win and I’ll go to school.” I stood, and positioned myself just right.


Five minutes later, I was on the ground. Russell had me pinned.

“I win,” he boasted. “Now, get ready.”

Once he left, I ripped a pair of red skinny jeans and an Escape the Fate t-shirt off their hangers, before hopping into the shower.

“This is going to be a long day,” I told myself, as I shut off the water and dried off.


After I had gotten dressed, Russ and Ken dragged me off to a prison. With pale gray bricks surrounding the exterior, I thought of vampires and their dark, gloomy castles. How many people had died in there?

“Alright, just go to the main office and tell them you’re name is Codi. They have you on record as Codi Kingsley. Okay?” Ken asked, holding me at arms length.

I nodded. “How long does this have to go on?”

“Until you graduate, Nadia,” Russ answered coolly.

I groaned.

“I hate you guys.”

“Love you too. Now, get inside and show off how badass you are,” Ken grinned, wrapping me in one final hug before letting go.

Hands at my sides, I glanced at Russ and Ken who just stared. I half-smiled, unsure of this high school; I found everyone at my old school frivolous. With the obsession of attending the dances or discussing who the cutest person of the opposite sex was at the moment, my classmates were true gossipmongers.

I frowned, as I thought more deeply. Pictures of these kids gossiping flashed through my thoughts. Anger coursed through my body, the people at this school mirroring the horrific image of my classmates in my mind. Why was it so important to fit in? What was so difficult about being original?

“I hate teenagers. They’re so immature!” I fumed.

“Just go,” Russ demanded, pointing towards the front doors.

I huffed, storming off towards the school. People stared openly as I budged through the crowd, my head held high. I took a moment to glower at a student before they glanced away, until I reached a certain student.  Pretty Boy gawked at me; even as I glared, he refused to look away.

“Nadia,” he greeted.

“It’s not Nadia. That’s my brother’s nickname for me. Only he can use it,” I hissed. “The name’s Codi, you jerk.” I shoved him out of my way, thinking hateful thoughts towards Russ and Ken.

'If only they could hear them, those stupid asswipes,' I thought bitterly as I listened to the footsteps of someon getting closer to me.

“Codi, wait. Let me show you around. It’s easy to get lost in this school,” Pretty Boy offered.

“Why should I let you show me around? You’ve been nothing but rude to me,” I explained.

“Because I wasn’t trying to be mean last night; I was trying to get to know you, and I wanna be nice. I’m a nice guy, honestly.”

“I think I can find it on my own, thanks,” I told him, hoping to get away. The feeling of being suffocated was settling in, and I felt like a stray dog being cornered by the dog catcher. Pretty Boy had a weird effect on me, and whether it was good or bad, I didn’t want to stick around to find out.

“Okay,” he said dejectedly. I could almost see his tail tucked between his legs, surrendering.

Guilt began to wash through me, watching his display of weakness. Before I softened on the jerk, I rolled my eyes and scurried off into the school. Why he was causing this stir of emotions, I had no clue. Puzzled, I tried to think of other things. I thought of torturing the boys for forcing me to come to this school full of insecure girls and ego-maniacal boys.

After much struggle, I found my way to the main office.

“Can I help you?” a guy in his thirties asked politely. He must be the secretary.

'Wait, secretary? Weren't women usually the secretaries?' I chuckled.

He glared, “What can I do to get you out of this room?”

“You can give me my schedule. Codi Kingsley,” I introduced myself, smirking. “Nice job you have, Mr. Secretary.”

“Oh ha-ha, she knows how to joke,” he commented sarcastically, rolling his eyes. “Here, take your schedule.” He set some papers on the ledge in front of me before grabbing the phone after the first bell rang.

Just as I started to walk out, he put his hand up, as if telling me, “Stay.”

“Could Dominik Skinner please come to the office?” he called over the intercom.

“I don’t need a guide. That won’t be necessary,” I urged.

“Too bad for you then, because it’s required,” he smirked, enjoying the torture he was inflicting on me. He knew that this would be my worst nightmare. What a sick b*****d. Who in their right mind would torture sweet innocent little girls? Oh, me obviously. Thoughts took me back to about ten months ago.


Settling down into the stool, I grinned. 'I give her three minutes to notice and five minutes to figure it out,' I thought.

“Aidan! What did you do with Mr. Snuggles?!” Brittney screeched.

“What are you talking about, Loser?” I asked calmly.

“You stole him. I know you did it. But. Where. Is. He?”

I looked over above the sink, where Mr. Snuggles, her favorite �" and only - friend was hanging, a fake suicide note attached. It read:


Dear Brittney,

I couldn’t bear to stick around and listen to your complaints about Aidan. It’s just so annoying to listen to your high-pitched voice complain about a pretty amazing person. Goodbye.


          Mr. Buttles


            I chuckled, just as Brittney stormed into the room, blood rushing to her face. Instead of seeing her, I saw a red bull. (Not the drink, but a bull that’s red in color.)

            “Oh my god! What did you do to him? Mr. Snuggles, it’s going to be okay. She’ll never hurt you ever again!” She screamed, carefully removing him from my makeshift noose.

            She turned to me, fuming.

            “Don’t you EVER touch him again, you meany!” she cried, tears streaming down her face as she dashed up the stairs.

Of course, that day Mom and Dad grounded me, lecturing me on being more sensitive towards my sister.

“Mr. Snuggles is very special to her,” Father explained.

“Why can’t you be nicer to her, Aidan?” Mom asked.


“You called me, Mr. Whitaker?” I heard from behind me, breaking me out of a daze. I froze. That voice sounded so familiar.

“Yes Dominik. This is Codi Kingsley.” Mr. Whitaker stepped out from behind his desk to turn me around.

Pretty Boy. Smiling brightly, he nodded. I internally groaned. What did this boy want from me? My virginity? Good luck getting that, jerk.

“Codi, let’s get going. What’s your first class?” Pretty Boy (I mean, Dominik) asked politely.

“What did you do? Go offer a bribe just so you could take me to my classes? Is that what you want to know? My classes so you can start stalking me?” I fumed.

“As if, Codi,” he balked. “I just wanted to be nice and it seems that the only way to do that is by working around you.”

“So you bribed the secretary. Impressive,” I rolled my eyes.

“What’s your first class?” he repeated exasperatedly.

I stared behind him, ignoring him entirely. That is, until all of my papers were abruptly torn from my grasp.

“Hey! Give me my papers, Nikki Boy,” I growled, not bothering with his name. Nobody takes something from Aidan Ames.

“Let’s see…Ah! You have gym right now. Interesting,” he muttered to himself. “We have first, third and last hour together."

Crunch. The sound of his nose under my fist brought a smile to my face. Several slow seconds later, Pretty Boy's hands flew to his blood-gushing nose, dropping my papers. They scattered across the empty hallway.

“You punched me!” he yelled.

“You punched me!” I mocked. “Serves you right for treating me like crap, dirt bag. Piss me off and I will hit you.”

“What’s going on down here?” a teacher shrieked. One word: crap.

Pretty Boy looked up towards the teacher. That wasn’t a good idea, because she screamed in horror.

“Oh my god! Let’s go �" to the nurse’s office! Both of you follow me,” she hissed, grabbing our hands like little children.

“We can walk by ourselves, you know,” I pointed out, attempting to pull my hand away. “We’re not kindergartners, here.”

“I can’t have you running off, now can I Miss?” she sneered.

As I shot laser beams through her skull, I thought up a nickname for her. After some thought and careful consideration, she was dubbed Mrs. B***h.

“Hello Ms. Dullman,” Mr. Secretary greeted, flashing a somewhat seductive grin to Mrs. B***h before glaring at me for a long second. I stuck my finger in my mouth, pretending to gag.

“Hello Mark,” she replied cheerily, a sparkle in her eyes. “I’m here to take these two to the nurse’s office. It appears that Missy here punched Dominik.”

“Go on in. Sheri’s organizing again.”

Mrs. B***h smiled before pulling us into a bare room with the exception of two beds. A rotund woman with blonde hair straightened so plainly was attempting to straighten items on the second shelf. I wanted to gag; to put it simply, her pants weren’t exactly covering everything.

“Oh, hello Ms. Dullman,” Sheri welcomed, relaxing for the sake of company.

‘Thank God!’ I screamed in my head.

“Dominik needs some medical attention. It looks like Miss Troublemaker punched him in the face,” she said, turning to glare at me. “I hope you have an explanation for this.”

“She didn’t punch me. I was running to catch up and ran into a pillar without thinking,” Pretty Boy lied smoothly. “I was supposed to be showing her around the school, since it’s her first day.”

I turned towards him with wide eyes. Why would he lie to the teachers for me? He never seems to make sense. First, he pushes me to the edge, doubting that I would actually hit him, and now he covers for me?

“Well, you’re excused, Miss�"” she paused.

“Codi Kingsley,” I replied.

“Miss Kingsley. Let’s get you to your first class while Mr. Skinner gets patched up. What is your first class, might I ask?” she wondered.

“It’s gym.”

She grabbed my hand again before strolling out the door, calling out to Dominik. “Please go directly to your first hour after Ms. Hussles cleans you up.”

Being dragged to first hour was not what I had planned, but neither was Pretty Boy confusing me with his layers. Who is he really? Jerk? Or is he a nice guy underneath?

© 2011 *~Firecracker~*

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