Journal of Shana

Journal of Shana

A Story by Lesley

Saturday April 13, 243

I sit alone here, and wish he would only come home and sink his teeth in, just kill me, ripping me apart with his tender hands. He’s done it before, I know, he made me watch once; and the young stable boy told me of more. I am ashamed to sit in his house dressed like an empress, enjoying his company at night. No man has been able to share such intimate feelings with anyone that which he shares with me. Of this I am sure.
He has killed my entire clan, and yet I still harbour these treacherous feelings. My sisters all goddesses next to me died at his hand. My father would be ashamed to call my name for loving such a demon. Shana he would say with shame on his face, this love would surely kill him again. When will my dearest Haku return?

© 2009 Lesley

Author's Note

um it popped into my brain and wouldn't leave ( in the middle of the night too) anyway it's not about vampires..

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Vivid and intriguing! I love this! I want to know more about her...and I totally understand the idea in the middle of the night thing. That's why I sleep with a notebook under my pillow. :) My best ideas come hours after I should be asleep. But I would rather lose sleep than lose my new characters and story ideas. Beautiful one, friend. Unique.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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hmmm ok so i'm 17 and ya i like to write short stories about random stuff. Right now it's more random than anything. A few years ago my writing was all based on war, now i write what ever comes to min.. more..

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