A Chapter by Gabby Gellerman

What's going on where'd he go

Lucy woke up the next morning lying on the cold cement basement floor. She shakily got up. Last night she ended up crying herself to sleep. She felt weak. As she dragged herself over to the bathroom. Lucy looked in the mirror and saw the shell of a girl with blood shot eyes from crying and lack of sleep. She had red tear stained cheeks. Her lip was quivering fighting back the tear threatening to spill out of her eyes. She looked at the girl again and realized it was her Lucy Hunter. And She was in love with Mark Conners. Every time she thinks of him tears begin to brim in her eyes. The one thing going through her mind was find Mark. She had to shower and get dressed first. She still had on what she was wearing the night before. Lucy showered and changed. She goes back to the mirror and noticed her face was a pale ghost white her eyes were still bloodshot with tear stained cheeks her face was red and puffy. She was usually a pretty girl tan, but now she was just a former shell of herself pale and tear stained cheeks. Her fresh tears roll down her cheeks. As she is getting ready her mom calls her down. She runs down to see her mom watching the news. On the news was 14 year old Mark Elliott Conners missing: under the picture was his description (a/n: I will add the picture later) Eyes:blue; Hair:brown; Skin:tanned. Last seen wearing shorts t shirt and supras. Lucy's mom starts saying "It's a shame that someone you knew your entire life is missing. And someone in this town had the nerve to kidnap em. Lucy nervously chuckled rubbing her arm and biting her bottom lip saying oh would you look at the time. I'm late for school. Bye mom love you. With that she rushed out of the house once outside she sighed in relief. She was all out of tears but she was still worried. And school didn't help. Mark was still missing. Jason was gone today and now she is being stalked. Every time she went to her locker a note would fall out. Every note she got said the same thing. I know what you did. I'm Watching you. Lucy looked up and around nobody was around, Lucy just kept thinking I just have to make it through the day then I can try to find Mark. Jason never liked me so I can't go to him. I would go look at all of Marks favorite places but he got kidnapped from my house. Lucy, Miss Hunter, Lucy Hunter huh uh what Lucy looked up to see her class laughing and chuckling. And her teacher Mr. Cooper wasn't amused . And Mark was still missing.
*Marks P.O.V*
As Mark was just about to tell Lucy whats on his mind he was dragged away into the dark. Before he could say anything he was hit with something and knocked unconscious just sprawled out on the cold cement floor. shen he wakes up he is once again tied up but this time he has his phone. He had a pounding headache. He looks around shouting Hello which echoed and bounced off the walls. All of a sudden a voice out of no where saying Oh look whose awake. Mark still kind of dizzy and out of it says who are you what do you want with me? The figure started walking out from the shadows when Mark could make out who it was he sighed in relief saying Phew Jason Chambers its just you. Jason answered your life. What mark answered confused. Your life Jason retorted. I want your life. But why. You get everything you get all the girls, you play every sport and your capitan of every sport. Mark your king of the school. I'm just your sidekick your batman and im robin. Jason where are we. Jason responded with that is for me to know and you to never find out. Dude your so lucky you were best friends with Lucy Hale. Yeah so. She is one of the hottest girls in school. You have a crush on her Jason. Yeah but she has a crush on you. Mark sarcastically said. "No really I had no idea, Jason the whole damn school knows. Jason I never did anything to you. Just I don't want any trouble. Well Mark you should have thought about that before you made me your sidekick. So Jason whats your plan? Well Mark you are going to kill yourself and I Jason Chambers will make it so I tried to stop you but failed. Then I Jason Chambers shall be the most popular. Any Last words Mark Conners. Yes. Jason I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you my sidekick. If I can live then i would switch so I'm your sidekick. Mark Pleaded Jason I'm so sorry. Jason just laughed its too late as he helt the gun towards Mark just about to pull the trigger when the door slams open Mark and Jason yell It's you.

© 2015 Gabby Gellerman

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Gabby Gellerman
My fav chapter so far it's not done but yeah

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Added on July 1, 2014
Last Updated on January 23, 2015