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Children Of The Damned

Children Of The Damned

A Poem by zwartenkot

Night after night
Bruise after bruise
Scar after scar
We are used
To quench your anger
We are held hostage
By your never ending hunger
We are broken and exhausted
But we do not get to rest
We have not and never will be blessed

We are your punching bag
For when you've had a bad day
We are bound and gagged
Stuck like this day after day
And bruise after bruise
Beaten down until you've taken everything
Leaving us broken on the ground with nothing
We pray some nights there isn't an encore
But we cannot cry anymore
We've stopped waiting for someone to come
Because we know no one will
We've grown numb
To the pain
We've become small and shrill
So tiny we are almost invisible to you
Unless you come home with the red in your eyes
It's then we realize
You've had a bad day

I guess we're just the children of the damned
Beaten and broken down
Waiting for someone to save us
But of course no one comes around
We'll have to save ourselves
Before we drown
But when we resurface
We are pushed back down
Before we can take a breath
This is our purpose
To hold those afloat
Who would rather
Let you drown
Than be a Father
Who would rather
Watch you suffer
Than be a Mother

© 2016 zwartenkot

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It's short, brutal, straight to the point, and well written. Some poems are vague and ambiguous, but it's pretty clear what this one is about. Child abuse is absolutely terrible. I'd say it's a pretty good poem.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Fairly dark and well-written. Loved it, usually the darker and more violent the better, at least when it's done correctly. ;)

A very important concept have you most certainly addressed quite well in its implications.

Good job, Z! :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on August 26, 2016
Last Updated on August 26, 2016