He Holds Her Heart Forever In A Jar

He Holds Her Heart Forever In A Jar

A Story by candy cotton

read and find out its of love deception and killins


This Story Starts off like this theres this guy his name is roy mance roy always had a tough time with girls he was the one that ya know always waited for girls to talk to him cause he was afraid of rejection so he never really bothered ever since than he thought he was ugly always a downer on himself but had wonderful friends but never knew the taste of a women till one day roy was in class one day and there was this girl brianna and she was a sexy latian girl she had looks that made men stop he was kool with brianna had a seacret attraction to her thought she was pretty but never was neeedy enough for her soo he was like meh around her but traeted her like any other friend he had soo she was talkin to her one day and had a conversation roy says and how are you today  and brianna says its pretty hott in here  haha with a smile that could warm any heart and he says well im sorry you know what he said give me your jacket she said umm i cant really give this up haha and roy said well yah dont wanna be hott all day doo yah? with a smile back soo she took of a jacket cant help but stare down her shrit but looks away at the right momment and she hands him the jacket but says take care of it for me ok and he says mayyybe haha with a smile she says its my cousins she would get pissed at me if i lost it and roy assured her that he woulndt lose it soo he puts on a  white coca cola jacket with the smell of sweets and pepperment soo he didnt know who this mystery cousin was he had no clue it could be anybody a guy a girl a little cousin he didnt know haha soo he goes though that period and gets out and give brianna a hug and says by and soo he meets up with his best friend brian gans he knew brian for a while now and they were the best of friends roy would walk to his friends house just too see his friends witch was several miles away a 30 min walk but he didnt care brian sees roy and greets him with a smile and the nod of the head basiclly meanin why? haha he says with a smile why do you have a coca cola jacket on roy says well i wanted to wear it for this chick brianna haha and he says Brianna!!!???!?!!!? you know her dude shes soo hott and roy sayss yeah with a wink of an eye go for her dude see brian was a swinger meanin he was a relationship w***e always had the hottest girls in skool and roy was madly jelous and wanted to knw how he did it but didnt really care haha but anyway they go to class together luckly they had every class together witch is really conveant soo they were in every class together and just always had a good time haha roy was kinda of an jackass guy meanin he did jackass s**t like f**k with the teachers throw s**t at them just tipp over trash cans and TP bathrooms he was an a*****e but in return it had him friends with he surronded himslef with he was an only child had nobody but himself was a really wise person cause all he had in that free time was too think he was anti-social till he got too high school soo he knew about life about death goverments corrupt side and knew everything but didnt know himself he was his own plastic shadow but anyway back to the story its lunch time and he is with all his friends brian and noland see noland was the type to get picked on by everyone he took everybodys s**t but roy was the one who did it most that and jarred jarred was a guy that brian and roy knew he was a really good guy but a duche haha so there  all hanging out and he sees this girl from afar and cant help but see this girl look at him like with an intense stare and sees brianna go up too the girl and starts to tlak to her and sees they both point at him so with in his mind hes drawin ??????? he dosent know what to think soo he sees this girl come up too him and says hey gimme back my jacket!!!!! and he stops and puts the pieces together and it clicks ahhhh your briannas cousin and she says yes my name is caroline haha shes says with a smile and she has her hand out exspecting a jacket apon in her hand and he takes off his back pack and hands her the jacket and she smells it and she says it smells like ciggarettes and weed (beside the fact he was a heavy smoker haha) she didnt know that but he didnt want her to know he blamed it on his friends not knowing that she woulndt care she wasy the prettyest girl he ever seen he thought to himself he had no chance with this girl shes way too pretty and she says by with a hug and walks away and dissapears into the crowd and hes stunned and he goes back into a like a talkin frienzy and the day ends as it ussally does he snecks outta school makin sure the guard didnt know with his new friends (now roy was the one that followed his mom words and told her he was never gunna smoke pott but he always had a new taste to try it) he had this friend he snuk out with named fransico fransisco was a pott smoker the conveant toker and he always knew how to make friends with spanish people some how he didnt even know how he did it but any who they made it out and go to the ussal spot where they sit down and smoke pott cause it was awe-sum roy didnt really knew how too smoke it he just kinda acted lik he did it just to be around said friends but yeah this time he knew that he inhaled cause fransico said to and he did soo he inhailed and choked a bit cuase its the 3rd or 4th time hes smoke it and on the way back he knew he could feel it cause he just had a smile on his face with happy grace haha coulndt help but laugh at what wasent funny he walked into school and couldnt help but act like a fool sayin that he just got there and an officer stoped both of them and said and why are you arriving this late roy had no words he panicd but fransisco said we just gott offa work and come to school jeez were here now arent we will slick words we walked past the cop with ease and was like laughin cause we gott away woth it haha and roy told fransisco that he was high he felt it for the first time this was amazing to him he was surppirzed no wonder why people love it he thought haha and as the day was boring and waited till the end where it was the best time he was walkin to the bus with brian and seen brianna chase him and stop him and asked did you see my cousin today while walkin and talkin roy said yeah i gave her back her jacket and she said kool yeah i was just wondering plus she told me she thinks your really hott witch was a surprise cause he thought he was ugly he didnt know he was kinda like thinkin is she blind in one eye?he thought haha but he coulndt help but say really?? and she said yeah start to talk to her she really like you :D with a smile that put a grin on all the faces and coulndt help but be happy he was truly happy soo roy went home and was happy he wanted to talk to her now its how bad he wanted her but he paced himself didnt wanna rush when roy got home he seen that his mother was home he thought great now i get to deal with her roys mom never was proud of what he chose in his life she hated the fact on who he was she was a stubborn old b***h and had nothin better to doo but pick and poke at who he was at school the thought of her left his mind but when he got home he was reminded as he steps in the door he says hey mum and she says hey how the f**k are you with the reack of rotting ciggarette smoke comin from her breath he says fine how about you she says been waitin for your a*s to get home for a while now to cook and clean cause thats all your good for feeling like a failure mondern day cinderella he did what he was told soo he did it and that was that tirred and exasted he walked into his room to ignore the growls of said stomach and falls aseelp in darkness and silence he wakes up the next day to see his mums boyfriend patrick on the couch and roy was kinda kool with patrick but he was two faced and was too much of the wanting to be a dad type when roy already knew that he didnt want a dad nore the next best thing he says mornin patrick he says as he awakes and with a grown he says mornin he asks him if he can get a ride to school and he says yeah no prob and he watched tv a bit while he heard his mom startin to b***h about sumthin cause sumthin wasent too her likin soo roy says wanna go? and patrick says yeah LETS!!! haha so they leave be-4 they have to hear the b***h fest soo roy gets droped off of school and cant help but wish patrick a good day and patrick wishes him the same and he goes into school and meets up with all there friends see i see high schools always have there typical groups you got the preps tha jocks the goths the rockers skaters pre goths and wanna be fakes see the skaters and goths hung out together and roy was in that group and the best friends he waited for was brian jarred and noland and bruno see bruno rode brians bus and started to be kool with bruno soo they wait for each other and they walk off in a group of there own and talk untill the bell rings for class to start and roy talks to brain alone and tells him he plains to ask out caroline roy is stoked and brain is like yeah go for her dude and brain has his own girl his girl is named kayla kayla was a hot short blonde girl that knew had to  work her s**t ha but anyway brain and roy hear the bell soo they go to class toghter and roy goes to class but for sum reason dosent wanna stay there soo he asks for a bathroom pass and takes his backpack with him and the teacher doesent notice soo he walks out goes to get a sip of water looks to his left witch is the girls room and sees sum one it Was caroline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was happy and shocked and he asked her what are you doin here he asked ?!!!???!?!?!?! and she says with out care peeing haha and he laughs and says hey you should talk to me haha :D soo they start talkin and he convinces her to say for about 45 mins they talk and he gets to the point he says wow your really pretty he says and she says thank you your pretty hott yourself he laughs and looks  in the mirror and says really he says i think im an ugo ewww uh-oh oreo much he says and laughs and she say nope imma have to dissagreee haha and she says wow i didnt know how much i liked you untill now he says wow i like you too (in the process of two days he had ger)so he says i really like you too and be fore the last ten mins he is inside hismind sayin ask her out f****r afraid of rejection but he dosent care he asks hey and she says yeah with unsteady words he asks umm well since i like you and you like me .....ummmm he studders a bit ...and she says yeah with a growing smile on her face he says would you ....might wanna be my girlfriend???? he asks think and feeling his heart droping as he stabed himself in the heart and made the biggest mistake she screams yes and kisses him and he felt like he was revived in that momment him heart beated soo fast he was soo happy with a pretty girl wrapped aroundhis arm he was happy :D and he thought to himself wow and missing class was soo worth this haha but yeah sooo days go on and they are happy toghter he didnt wanna be with anybody else she wrote roy love notes expressing her love for him and he knew no better but he loved her notes he took it to heart like what she said she meant but too be honest he was whipped by said lover he was one the leash that beheld him and had no chioce but too do and say everything she said and when he would doo his jackass s**t she would walk away from him breackin said heart he held in the palms that he gave her he would kill for her he didnt wanna lose her she changed around said friends she wore around her neck like the bracelet of thiefs they were star crossed lovers and had ties to one another two oppisites together she hung with preps he had rockers and goths and soo he didnt care soo one of her friends said sumthin pretty s****y like who are you again makin him feel kinda bad and worthless and brian stuck up for roy and said are you a b***h or does it come natrual? makin her feel like a dumb b***h she was the lovers laughed together and roy loved brian for that he liked high fived him and said thank you and even caroline was like haha nice and the stuck up b***h walked away  soo he waited till the end of the day and every tuesday brain roy and noland go to panda express  to get food cause it was a tradition for them and they both loved chiniese food and they were walkin and smoked on the way and talked and he patted roy on the back and said nice guy you got yourself a girl now and roy said yeah now i feel like i have a meaning  now !!! and said with a smile aha they got too panda express and they start to talk all of them did soo roy makes a joke and noland buts in with im jelous man caroline is hott dude im like really jelous and roy said that thanx and as a jokin way he said yeah im just using her for sex witch they had sex once witch was the best it was his first soo he had ties to her soo noland just kinda nods his head and brian says what does it matter and laughs and he picks up his tray of food and throws it at noland and says take that b***h haha and roy does the same and noland is pissed but he is a p***y and dosent doo s**t lols but b***h soo brian and roy make a quick escape and leves said food lyin apon the ground and they see a car with these cheap rims and there spinners wal-mart spinner rims soo as a joke brain and roy spin the rims and the chant and sing WAL-MART SPINNER RIMS WAL-MART SPINNER RIMS WALMART SPINNER RIMS YOU POOR THROW SUM WALMMART SPINNER RIMS and the lady that owned the car came out and seen them doin a dances and touchein her car and she says touch my car again and ill touch your a*s and ROY cant help but too say EWWW!!!! why haha soo they go home untill the next day rises and roy gets to school and looks for his beloved and he sees that shes not there soo hes sad and soo the dy goes on and  roy sees her and runs and says hey and she ignores him and hes kinda like what the f**k? soo he thinks she just needs time alone and he talks to brian and asks him what to do and hes like why is she like that roy could not provide an answer for that question soo roy is pissed and wants an explanation soo he waits till lunch and walks around too find her and again shes with her stuck up friends and she ignores roy again and cant help but get pissed and pissed buy the second and just is like whatever give her time and shell come too me and thats what he thought he hung out in the middle of the courtyard cause thats where his friends were soo to just piss him off more she stood with hung necklace 20 feet away soo she sees me and like a b***h she treated me like she  screamed at top lungs Roy!!! GET OVER HERE YOU B*****D soo he thinks ok time for a talk yay! :D you know to find out whats up soo in front of his friends and everyone she says i know what you said ABOUT ME YOU F****R!!!! YOU SAID YOU ONLY USE ME FOR SEX F**K YOU THIS RELATIONSHIP IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to seal the deal of end romance She slaps roy in the face The heart he held in his chest is now dead she walks away and broken and ripped away the heart she had that belonged to roy walked away with her that day and died soo tryin to keep him composure cause he dosent wanna breck down in front of friends and others he walked away and kept too himsself ........................


                       hey you out there out on the road always doin what your told can you help me?

                          hey you out there beyond the wall brecking bubbles in the hall can you help me?

soo he has no heart he kinda just dyed


and he thinks to himself he only told his bestfriends that joke they took it seriously and ran like a little b***h too go tell her


roy knew it wasent  brain cause brian isnt fucked up like that

and roy and brian are best friends


only person is noland butt he dosent care now


slippin back into an anti-social faze he talkz to no one i mean he says words but none make sence

soo he sat aganst a wall and remembering it all apon what he had and lost with in a week he thought he was in love now hes dead wondring why he is alive he seen one of carolines friends and she tryed to talk to him but no words came out sept what and why are you here she apologized apon what happend and says sorry but i can tell you noland told caroline that you were using her.....instantly revied with anger he spat where is that m**********r soo brain sticks up for noland and says lemme tak to him and than you can talk too him sayin this with a tounge half way down his throat WITCH JUST MADE ROY MORE PISSED cuase he knew what he had and lost it cause of a little f****r soo just kinda seein noland with brian with roy was enough reason to punch his face in with bloddy fists and make the air escape from his lungs but noland denined of such accussisions and roy the forgivin type for gave noland for said supposed words and soo they moved on and soo he gets caroline too come up too him and says sorry for what happend not knowing how to act around her cause she wasent his to have she gave him a note and walked away with a kiss on the cheek gave him more reason this gave him a reason to live again soo he read the note sayin that she loved him and she was sorry again roy forgivable type he forgave her and asked her back put it was an off and on relationship everybody asked why he feel for her and brian stuck up for him and said you donno thats his first love he said in roys deffence so roy seen that carolines had cuts on her wrist as they were kissing one day and he confornted her what is this he asked and she said ohh thats my cat it scrached me taking roy for a dumb person he said sevral times perfectly in a row of cuts and she said yeah he said yeah rite depressed that her life was that horrible that she had to cut herself to make it intresting? he thought you have me and i have you what else do we need? he thought? but he coulnt help but ask her are you ok? she said yeah my oxys are kicking in she said with a waitning need to f**k and kiss he said you want this?and she said uhh-huh roy was kool with caroline takin pills cause he smoked and hoped she didnt care when she bitched about it all the time not payin anymind to her bitchen he said go to class your teacher already seen her witch suxxed cause he wanted sexx to :D haha but yeah soo she apparently got pissed cause roy turned her down and went in class pissed >=O and had notihn to say but oh well sorry babe and she kinda walks past him and says nothin soo hes like what ever to not breack his heart again she took the p***y way out and had her friend call roy to tell him hey is this roy .roy cant help but say yeah who is this? and she says yeah caroline dosent wanna go out with you anymore bye!!......pissed a bit roy cant help but say oh well and this is the thrid time she did this and hes just used to it soo after a month of this drama bullshit roy cant help but let the love he had rott in his mind soo he figured to write a love note too her as she did for him many of times be-4 and he poured ...his heart and soul into this note that would make the common person bring a tear to there eye and the next day he arrived and seen her and waited for her and seen her in a gruop and said f**k it hungover and nott giving a f**k he walked up and handed the note and walked off and she wrote one in return she knew where roys class was and ragged roy outta class not tellin brian he did this at all cause he would dissagree with said factor  and she got him outt and he greeted her with a hey babe and she hugged him and said i love you too he felt that love he did and was happy and she gave him a kiss and a note and walked away with a tear in her eye confused by this he stood in the hall and read the note that said "roy i love you i do but this cant go on ive been living a lie ive been cheating on you with jacob and i love you i do but i cant keep hurting you cause i see that you truely love me but i want him and not you but i love you good bye and so long Caroline:....................

"but my feelings for you last forever .........one last kiss before i go dry your tears it is time to let you go one last kiss... papa roach forever is perfect for this romance


sooo heart broken again roy kinda just goes into class head held down and only show his friend chris the note cuase the others with laugh or say that suxx im sorry bro chriss says that if it wasent meant to be than it wasent

witch is trew the more roy thought about it

sooo finally seeing brian he tells him what he has done and he says i am sorry man i mean yeah im sorry man

and roy says its kool man :D


sooo walkin to his class with brian and noland they see jacob and instantly hes pissed he has his face against the wall  and looks around him too see caroline ....filled with jelousy and rage he just kinda walks away.....


with nothing to say he stays home and knows hes goin crazy slowly but faster by the minutehe has an idea he will have her heart forever and end those who ripped lovers apart.....and sooo  he goees to the store to pucheses a 6 gallons of gasoline ,some rope,a Glass jar,a dollar squirt gun,A baseball bat,a knife the sharpest they have,and stickey notes in the shape on hearts haha he laughed love is fake he said to himself haha laughing madliy but it wasent funny he wanted to laugh at that momment

and soo he has all this in his backpack and goes to school and talks to brianna and she says yeah apperenly caroline still loves you and roy said i dont  care but she said just if you can read apperently they were soo close they kept a notebook of what they write down and stuff and show to nobody but she said read this part it says"i had a dream and roy asked me to marry him by the lake under a tree and i was soo happy it felt so right now i want him back please brianna show him this page soo he can see how i feel and tell him too meet me there at 8pm to night okay love you caroline..ps telll roy i love him too":D


soo roy coulnt help but say alright ill meet her but before that he had plains for jacob haha he tured away and there way sum part of counsioness that told brianna stop me before i do sumthin i regret please as he pleaded and asked but thought too her slef he was joking but a tear rolled down his face and said please....now she knew he wasent jokin and said alright meet meafter school and we will talk he said ok thanks your a really good friend bri he said :D


with a smile as he walked away he said...........hmmm hahhahaha wow she is dumber than i though he said to him self laughing hahaha dumb b***h because he knew that he was gunna end said betrayer and he coulnddt wait soo school ended and he ignored brian and walked off he knew jacob had skating things too doo after school cause he was a f****t and followed a trend cause yeah soo he follow jacob home and he stayed far enough to where  he could watch him and  see where he goes he didnt see roy approach him soo roy takes the baseball bat from his backpack  and approaches jacob slowly and rushes him and with all the strengeth he smacked jacob in the back of the head with the basball bat and knocked him unconsions with is what he wanted with the sound echo he did not want this but at this point didnt care and had nothin to live for but he broke jacobs skateboard in two like he seen in russian machine a skate video but any way he brings jacob to a a tree in the forest where nobody can hear him scream and putss him there and sees a chair in the trash enough for him to do what he wanted haha he laughed and he got the rope and put the chair under the tree and made the rope and tree into the gallows for dear jacob ha soo he wraps the rope on the highest limb of that tree and putss it around his neck and ties hands and feet so he couldnt struggle and pours gassoline all the gas  around the tree and fills up the top water gun with the rest of gas he had and he squirts jacob in the face witch wakes him up and looks around and feels pain in the back of his head and his vision is blury at first and foucuses and screams and roy squirts him again dont strugle itlls only hurt worse listen to what i have to say ok so jacob shuts up and lets him talk and roy smiles good thats a good little piggy he takes the knife and cuts him on the face a bit and licks the blood off his cheeck  and smiles sorry i like to taste the blood of who im gunna kill with a smile he said and laughs jacob asks the common question evey one asks "why are you doin this i didnt hurt you in anyway?" and roy says oh but you did you took my heart away when you leaned with her and buy lean i mean been with her you f****r roy says loudly and jacob screams help HELP!!!!!!!!!! anybody help he screams and roy says shut up well it doesnt really matter ill scream with you mockingly he screams HELP!!! HELP!!!!! hahaha as he laughs afterwards he says imma give you a little history fact  the gallows made for those who do wrong to others such as pirates you did wrong to me and this is how the gallows treat you and roy says it could have been easy for you your neck could snap and youll feel no pain but i made sure that wont happen hahaha jacob breacks into tears puh-puh-please....dont do this...tryin to find words to say to change roys mind but had none and roy says your gunna die tonite beleve that jacob says nooooo and sobs and crys i want you too know the name of the guy that killed you ok my name is Roy Mance now say it!!! jacob face filled with tears and snot tryis to muster out words and roy cuts him again and says What did i just tell you f****t!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob trys to make you words ra-hoy rah ra...roy leans closer and says what f****t!?! whats my name as he takes out a lighter a zippo brand and says again? as he lights it Jacob finally makes out his name Roy Mance!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Roy says Roy F****n Mance B***H!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and throws the lighter and the tree catches on fire and goes up in flames and roy kicks out the chair and watches jacob struggles for air as hes beginin to die from the fire and the Gallows and roy grabs the chair and get popcorn from his bag and takes the chair he kicked outta jacobs feet and sitss down and eats popcorn as his foe dies and melts before his eyes he just has the casual look on his face as nuthin fazes him and he watches jacob struggle for 5 mins dieing slowly and his face melting and he says as he gets up and walks to the melting diein body yah shouldnt have fucked with me guy as he throw the popcorn in the face of jacob and walks away with his backpack and a smile on his face and says to himself one down one to go ha as he walks to the lake to meet caroline as it said in the note book said and as he is walking there he takes the knife and hides it in the sleeve of his shirt and he waits and as he is walking he sees caroline waiting there for him and he puts on a fake smile and says hey how are you? she said fine as she greeted roy with a hug and a kiss and he said ok....so what did you wanna talk to me about she said well im gettin married jacob asked me to marry him and i said yes he asked me today and i want you to be there as roy just kinda laughs and says THIS IS WHAT YOU BROUGHT ME OUT HERE FOR!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!? I DONT WANNA HEAR THIS ACTING LIKE JACOB WAS STILL ALIVE! HAHA WELL  YOU KNEW THAT THIS WAS GUNNA PISS ME OFF YOU JUST LOVE F****N WITH MY HEART STRINGS DONT YOU!!!!!!!!!?? she pleaded no this isnt what i brought you here for i brought you here to say i wanna spend the rest of my life with you and i have money to go anywhere we want  and i love and i wanna see kids we have and i wanna end it with you (spun with in his mind he had no idea what to do his mind struck)he said i donno what to say she says you dont have to say nothin as standing there......she kisses him and says i love you and wanna end my life with you babe as think kiss lead to a hug ..............roy closed his eyes and said babe you will end your life with me as he takes the knife he had stashed in his right sleeve......he stabs her in the stomach and says i love you as he gives her one last kiss and wishes her goodnite all the words she could muster was i love you but why? as she coughed up blood and slowly let her eyes drift into the back of her head and setts her down and crys and says im sorry but i wil have your heart for ever i promise and sooo................................... he takes the knife he had and a big thick glass jar and takes it out of his backpack and fills it with water as he crys for his fallin lover he starts to cut ........out her rib cage to get too her heart cause thats the only thing he disered was too have her heart forever in his hands forever finnaly he gets to her heart and cuts whats keepin it in her chest and with his hand................he takes it from the still beating chest of his only love and putts it n the jar that he had and he says to he with an empty hole in her chest babe see now i have your heart forever now ill be with you soon as he putts the blade in her cold dead hand and bbrings it too his neck and gives his love a kiss on the lips and quickly grazed it acrosed his neck and felt the blood gushing form his neck and as he drifted into a white light his life-less soul was gone.........................now roy wasent one too believe that you would go to heaven or hell or any of that bullshit cause that was all lies he thought that when you died you drift into neprocropefaa witch can only be described as everything you desiered as he went into that state he seen his love with open arms that said now we can be toghter forever my love :D


as cops were finally called to the scene were roy and caroline lyed dead they only seen a girl with a hole in her cheast and a guy that had a jar with a heart witch now the jar was bleeding red from from the taken heart of the lover hand in hand they lyed and the cops can only scrath there heads and wonder was the forest hanging connected but than they said that these bodys were dead be-4 this brianna was called to the scene to identified the bodys but only ended up in tears and explained the story to cops from the begining


         END ROMANCE

                END STORY





                IS THERE ANYBODY HOME? 

                        COME ON ...NOW I HEAR YOUR FEELING DOWN?

                                     WELL I CAN EASE YOUR PAIN GET YOU ON YOUR FEET AGAIN


         JUST THE BASIC FACTS ......

                 CAN YOU SHOW ME WHERE IT HURTS?





                               OK.....JUST A LITTLE PIN PRICK YOULL FEEL NO MORE (AHHHHH)

                                  BUT YOU MAY FEEL A LITTLE SICKKK




                 COME ON ITS TIME TO GO!!!!!


                             I HAVE BECOME COMFORTABLY NUMB..............









© 2008 candy cotton

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candy cotton

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Added on December 17, 2008


candy cotton
candy cotton

killah, FL, United Kingdom

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