Chapter 1- Election night

Chapter 1- Election night

A Chapter by gameoverman

Putin was the first of the world leaders to congratulate Trump on his election win. What did they talk about?! And What feelings bloomed within the Donald?

Donald J Trump had done it. He beat crooked Hilary for the title and could now rule over the United States of America. What was this thing he craved? There was a tight gnawing feeling in his chest. 
" Congratulations Donald!" Melania said as she leaned in to kiss her husband. Donald passively accepted it. 
"What can I say?" He would remember saying on the road that led him here, " Women love me!" However he didn't love them in return. No in his heart of hearts he yearned for someone else. someone......different. A strong one. A dominating one. One who was at the apex of manliness.

All the same however. His mouth opened for Melania's tongue and he savored her as the fruit one should. The trump tower's gold plated phone rang. He tossed melania aside, shoving her away, ignoring her crashing into the Chinese glass coffee table. "And it was beginning to get good!" He said as his mood darkened and his face soured like spoiled milk.
The phone was quite far away. That only served to sour his mood only further.
" I swear i shouldn't have fired the guy who is supposed to answer my phone!" Trump thought as he picked up the phone
" Hello, this is Donald J Trump, totally self made billionaire," his chest puffed up a little as he continued " And President of the United states I would totally love to talk to you, you seem like a nice guy, but you are getting in the way of my tremendous victory over Crooked Hillary so I will talk to you later."  

Before Trump cut the call, a thick Russian accented man on the other end spoke. 
" Oh, forgive me Mister Trump. I just came to congratulate you on your, what's the word?, Tremendous victory"
Those words made his black heart skip a beat. There was something so sensuous about the man and his words that made his heart go a little faster. 
There was no response on the other end 
"Thank you sir, It means a lot that you called me to congratulate me" Donald said as his sweat began to  seep into his spray tan. 

'In fact,' Putin said "Turn the channel to fox news, right now, I got a surprise for you."
he said as his voice got lower. 

" Melania, you w***e! Do some good and turn on the TV to Fox News!" 
Trump's self consciousness immediately kicked in as he dropped his voice to a whisper and said
" I am so sorry sir, I didn't for you to hear that" 
" No no, women are b*****s and you should treat them as such Donald. " 
Donald, in that instance, engraved that message into his very soul. 
"I am the smartest guy ever, I can remember that!" 

In the next room, he heard Bill O'Reilly say 
" In this week's news, a white man in New Orlean was gunned down by 'peaceful' terrorist group Black lives matter. And in other news President of Russia Vladimir Putin invited the president elect Donald Trump to the Grand Kremlin Palace; Putin has expressed that the diplomatic trip would ' begin a new age of dialogue between Moscow and Washington.'"

Donald Trump felt Numb. Had he heard wrong? was this his chance to meet person? 
Vlad said " I hope you do come on the 13th of April. I believe that we could strengthen.........diplomatic ties." 
" Oh that will be so good, I am the best at diplomatic ties I will be the best diplma-"
 " Donald..." Putin said cutting him of with a voice of iron.
 " I'm sorry sir, i'll be at the Kremlin on April 13th" 
"Good," Putin laughed over the phone, " I'll call you again soon."
With that Putin hung up and the emptiness that he filled took hold of him once more.

Donald looked at the calender. It was now November. That was 6 months away. Six months till he and Putin could be together. But he couldn't wait. His ardor strained against his blue suit pants. Tonight would sleep dreaming of Putin. And he found him self waiting for  April to come

© 2017 gameoverman

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Added on March 7, 2017
Last Updated on March 12, 2017
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