I Hope I Touched Your Heart

I Hope I Touched Your Heart

A Story by ganga ramesh

In this morning hour, even when most of the households and the industries are still painted black and covered with the cold blanket of the starry sky, I am not able to sleep.
A sense of longing spreads through my mind as i willfully gather myself to a sitting position with my arms balancing my neck. I am not very comfortable with anything going on in me and around me. Today is the day. He is leaving to his place, leaving me alone with a notch in my stomach, an aching notch.
I never wanted to feel this way about anybody in my life but still, I was made to do. That guy. He is something.
With such feelings all over me, I walk through my room not knowing if everything around me is just fake. I don't know if I have to tell this to anyone or maybe to him? What if he isn't having any feelings towards me? or maybe he has?

I cup my face wit my freezing hands a shiver going past me. OKAY. I have to do something, at least stop my feelings. Is it even possible? I don't know. 
The place all around me looked like a war field after a great war sans any dead bodies or blood but stillness and silence. I hated things like this. 
There is a sudden bell in the front door. It seems to shake the whole house apart. Who is it now? Maybe dad. Yeah, possibly. He must have been drunk in some bar and suddenly realized it is almost the next day. I shake my head in total disagreement and finally make my way into the darkness and reach for the door.

The next few moments must be the most precious moments in my life. I suddenly went cold and began to stop believing that world around me ever exists.


"You should be driving to the station right now, right?" I ask with half surprise and half contentment.
"Yeah probably" he says with a mute smile.
I shake my head. 
"Its freezing out there. You should probably get in" I say as i open the door fully and help him carry his luggage. 
"No one home?" he asks.
"Tammy wants to group study for her exams. she's gone to Tyra's for two weeks. i am all alone." I say as a matter-of-fact-way.
He is mute and in some thought. I can see that.
"What's wrong?" I ask as I put on the lights.
He does't reply.
"Did you say something?" he asks after two long stares and five minutes.
"Yes. Nothing. I just asked what's wrong"
He got up from the couch suddenly and walked towards me. I all together felt great pressure in me as he paced forward looking straight through me as if going to break me into a thousand shattered pieces. Well, I will be happy if that happens, though

© 2013 ganga ramesh

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Wow. Some wonderful lines in this glorious story. I really like the power of the imagery, the sincerity of the emltions and above all the cohesion. Anexcellent pen upon this...:)....

Posted 7 Years Ago

ganga ramesh

7 Years Ago

thank you, a lot! :D i am flattered to have got your appreciation :)
Sami Khalil

7 Years Ago

My pleasure. Any time...:)....
"I cup my face wit my freezing hands a shiver going past me."
May I suggest: "I cup my face with my freezing hands, a shiver going through me."
"The place all around me looked like a war field after a great war sans any dead bodies or blood but stillness and silence."
The place all around me (felt? Looked? That's up to you)like a war (field? Zone?) After a great war had taken place save for the bodies and blood."
"I say as a matter-of-fact way."
May I suggest: "I say in a matter-of-fact way."
This is good, I like the first paragraph the most, it's pretty.
I like the thoughts and the ideas swarming around this piece. I would like to read more and get to know the characters better.
Great job! ^^

Posted 9 Years Ago

ganga ramesh

9 Years Ago

yeah sure dear :)

9 Years Ago

Yay! :3 I look forward to it.
ganga ramesh

9 Years Ago

Thanks for your support.will surely update it soon :)

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Added on May 9, 2013
Last Updated on May 10, 2013
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ganga ramesh
ganga ramesh

coimbatore, tamil nadu, India

Something I love most about living is the connection I have with myself and with nature. and Naturally, Romance is something as natural as the sky and the moon and thw water and man himself!! I love t.. more..

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