A Poem by Gaurav Walia

Don't judge him when he's ripping people apart; opening their bodies and watching them die. He has his reasons.


I see this life,

Like a cursed night,

Weapons in my hands,

And prey in sight…


The darkness in my mind,

Is nothing compared to the darkness in my heart,

Rocks are my hands,

And spilling blood is my favorite art…


You see and scream,

When you look into my dead eyes,

You frighteningly s**t your pants,

And you see me rise…


Like an uninvited shadow,

I am coming from hell,

To the devil-my king,

There are still souls to sell…


I have come to stick my blade in your belly,

Pull your intestines out,

I am a ferocious man you silly…


Now I pull that blade to your chest,

Twist it like a cast of shadows,

If you move an inch,

In your pain you’ll wallow…


You shouldn't have opened the door,

You opened it to a rook,

You may see me ordinary,

But I am dangerous than Mr. Babadook…


Let me take you on a journey,

Journey of blood and gore,

It started with my childhood,

When my daddy slept with a w***e…


She persistently annoyed me,

Like a finger in my wound,

She had me going in pain,

And a day when my heart boomed…


A day came in my life,

When she gave me a knife,

Asked me to stab it in my heart,

With anger in my heart I did what I was asked and stabbed it in the heart…


Not in mine,

I ripped her open in a go,

She was still breathing,

I wanted it to be slow…


Once I was done,

I just sat there and watched her die,

And when my daddy came home,

I started to cry…


So this was my story,

The agony and hatred,

It drove me crazy,

Just like the rest of the world…


I chose to bring it out,

And summoned the satan to take me in,

If I am not like others,

I think that’s my only sin!!!

© 2015 Gaurav Walia

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Awesomely written. Liked a lot :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Gaurav Walia

6 Years Ago

thanks Divya.. i appreciate it!

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1 Review
Added on February 18, 2015
Last Updated on February 18, 2015
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Gaurav Walia
Gaurav Walia

Delhi, India

I might be just another guy putting his thoughts on a page but not mincing my words, I only tell the unvarnished truth, gulping down the fear, I dive into the expanse of love, hatred, fantasy, blood, .. more..


A Poem by Gaurav Walia