A Poem by Gianna Contillo

This poem is a recollection of traumatic life events that inhibited me from stepping into my own personal power.. Its an apology, a confession, and a declaration all in one-It's deep, and mysterious.


I was alone in the dark and down sunk my heart,

Like I was captured away

And funny how it was my choice to stay

Truth is…the pain was easier that way..



I made a promise to myself

I promised I would never wear this fear,

And no one would ever, ever hear

But now I know it is what you all need to hear.


And although I’ve hide this pain so long,

Ill admit it was wrong,

But I was just trying to be strong.


So I surrender,

I’m ending this shame,

I don’t even know pains name,

I made the choice,

And I’m going to use my voice


Watch me stand tall,

So high above the fall…


Because now I am strong…




I don’t want to be a victim,

I just want to be a hero,

I refuse to be quiet,

I want to be LOUD,

And make myself so dam proud. 


And ill be that change, ill make the difference,

Here and now,

Ill take on the task and I’ll move the mission fast.


Because now I am strong…



I don’t want to be a victim,

I just want to be a hero,

I refuse to be quiet,

I want to be LOUD,

And make myself so dam proud. 


So, guess what I’m ready…

To take back what they took,

And they wont even have to look,

Because I am so much more than just an image

In fact they actually don’t even need to care,

But just make sure they are ready to hear my voice loud and clear…


So to all the voiceless out there,

Have no fear,

Because I am committed to this choice,

And I WILL be using my voice. 

© 2014 Gianna Contillo

Author's Note

Gianna Contillo
This piece was actually meant to be lyrics to a song, but ended up being in more poetic form, it is also unedited. Releasing this particular piece feels like standing naked in the middle of the road, but also liberating all at the same time.

Its not perfect, it needs work,but it has depth, and that is my typical aim.

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I like this poem.. You have written your heart out..

Life is filled with ups and downs.. We all fall. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising each time we fall.. There is always a choice, we could keep cribbing, keep living in the past and suffer.. or we could put the past behind and start all over again..
You've chosen the latter option :)

"Watch me stand tall,
So high above the fall…

Because now I am strong…"

There are a few minor spelling mistakes which could be easily corrected.. All in all, it is a really good write..

Posted 6 Years Ago

I think this was a wonderful way for you to get out your voice, and you did it in a way to inspire others! Well done!!
This sentence I thought could just have a tweak:
And although I’ve hide this pain so long..And although I've hidden this pain so long

Posted 6 Years Ago

I guessed that it was a song as I was reading it, but you could always play along with it if you're ever unsure about putting it as a song. I've done that wit a few of my poems, I write them, then I experiment with writing them as song lyrics and see how it sounds or turns out. Anyways, the second stanza is definitely my favorite and I love how this has such an uplifting voice. The writer here has certainly learn to cope with and handle fear, but to not let it control or hold her back from moving forward in life. We all have to face our demons sometimes, we can't hide forever.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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