Life on the Front!

Life on the Front!

A Story by Cameron davis

This is a story i started while in mythology class. Needless to say I was bored. Please leave a review with your opinion and be honest about what you think.


        The air was stiff and cold the only sound was that of silent whispers and

the ocean slowly pushing itself against the shore as if it is massaging it. I've been on Guadalcanal for about two years now and the effects of air raids, shellings, and sparodic machine gun fire have got my hands to start shaking now so i start to rub my hands together to relax them and as i do i start to think about my wife and new born son now that my tour of duty is coming to an end. I've got ten days left in this godforsaken piece of s**t they call a f*****g island. Who in they're right mind would want to live here the Jap's here are crazy the other day my squad was ordered to clear out a Jap bunker and when we opened the bunker door i saw the goey oze of flesh died through the crimson puddle on the floor the smell of sulfur and s**t litters the air and as i look around I see holes in the wall from grenade shrapnel and as soon as we see that Pvt. Jackson asked me why they are doing that and i tell him that the Jap's are starting to kill themselves to avoid U.S. capture and torture. The war in the Pacific is going to be a challenge to win.I have a feeling that a lot of my brethern are going to die before this s**t gets any better. This is Japanese soil and they're not going to leave without a fight to the death. Our commanders have told us if we get captured to do what is asked of us by our captors and dont revolt against them. Because if we revolt the Jap's will shoot us and hang our bodies out as a warning message to the other prisoners in the camps.


Sorry sir i was lost in thought I was thinking about my wife and son please forgive me SIR.

Don't worry son im not going to reprimend you for thinking about home just try to pay enough attention to be able to hear the other officers cause one of the other officers might reprimend you.

Thank you. Sir!

Sergeant Allen?

Yes sir.

At 0950 hours report to the beach because were being shipped to Melbourne to take a breather from the fighting, and to be able to get some hot chow, and let everyone take showers and replacements are being assigned to our unit. They have also decided to hold the medal presentation ceremony at the Melbourne cricket grounds so be ready because I put you in for a Silver Star and it was approved so congratulations Sgt.

Permission to speak freely? Sir.

Permission granted Sergeant.

First thing Sir I feel honored you put me in for the medal but sir may i please ask why?

Because you proved your self on the assualt at the air field you fought with honor and pride and you surely had some guts to do what you did during the assualt.

Sir one request?

What is it Sgt. Allen?

Would you put the silver star in for the men who died to let me get it because i do not think i deserve it i think the ones who died in the process of me getting it should be the ones who should be awarded it not me.

Sgt. I respect that but military high command will not allow it because they do not see it they way regular soldiers like you and me see it.

I understand Sir then if people ask me about it then I'll tell them that it's not mine it's the men who died in the process of me getting this.

Alright Sgt. do that i think that shows a lot of character on your part.

Thank you Sir.

I got to the beach at 0935 hours and waited to get on the boats that would take my unit to the navy cruisers that will take us to Melbourne, Australia.

Hey Allen!

Ohh hey jackson what do you need?

Allen how does it feel knowing we are getting off this f*****g island.

Pretty F*****g good jackson. Pretty f*****g good man.

When we get back home maybe we can meet up and i can take you on a tour of new york and let you get out of your little town of sopchoppy, FL.

That sounds like a plan Jackson I'm going to take you up on that offer when we get home man.

Alright then when we get back home i will take you on a tour of new york so you can see what big city life is like.

Cool jackson I can not wait.

When we get to melbourne allen you want to go explore the town with me and go have a couple of drinks with some of the aussie soldiers on leave there.

Hell yeah jackson sounds like a plan.

We boarded the ships around 1000 hours and headed toward melbourne. We arrived in melbourne around 1430 hours and took us by truck to the melbourne cricket grounds. We arrived at the grounds which greeted us with a cool soothing breeze. We were directed to our sleeping area that was designated for us and settled in and got comfortable.

Pfc. Miller said hey look!

I looked up and saw a bunch of the guys running off and going AWOL (away with out leave).

Pvt. Jackson said hell guys are running off and the MPs (Military Police) are not going to do anything well i guess they gave up if that is the case i got to take part in this.

Allen, Miller what about you are you guys going to take part also.

Miller and me simultaneously said F*****g hell yeah were going to take part.

Jackson, Miller, and me all ran toward the exit of the stadium and onto the streets along with all the other soldiers and went on to a pub and sat down to drink.

We all ordered some rum and whiskey to drink. Miller made a toast.

To the Marine Corp Semper Fi, We all repeated "To the Marine Corp Semper Fi". And downed a shot of the rum.

After about twenty shots of rum and whiskey an Aussie soldier walked up to Miller and asked so where's the Army at we were expecting someone worth while to fight alongside Miller retorted well at least we know how to make the enemy run in fear from our presence they run toward you laughing there asses off.

The Aussie soldier said ahh the American has a sense of humor.

Miller said better than having a false sense of Pride.

The Aussie soldier bent down and put his ear next to Miller and said what was that now Miller remarked i said its better than having a false sense of Pride!

The aussie soldier punched miller in the face and miller got up and grabbed him by the arm and sweeped his legs and put him on the ground and twisted his arm and put his foot on his throat and said do it again and i will not be as nice.

Miller let go of the Aussie's arm and sat back down the soldier got up and kicked Miller out of his chair.Miller got up turned around and tackled the aussie who was punching miller's side at this point miller punched the aussie in the face and then punched him in the jaw fracturing it. The aussie kicked miller off of him and proceeded to charge at miller who at this point was ready for the aussie. He quickly side stepped the aussie and kneed him in the gut as he got beside him the aussie now the wind knocked out of him was in trouble miller proceeded to grab his arm and twist it behind him and then punch him in the back of the head the aussie tried a back kick to which hit miller in the knee. The aussie took advantage of this and punched miller in the face then miller tackled the aussie and punched him three times in the face and was about to punch him again until someone yelled out Oh S**t the MP'S are here run. To which we got the hell out of there.

We ran down the road. Ducking behind news stands and trash cans, benchs and cars lining the road way. When all of a sudden jackson stumbled and fell and when he looked up he saw an aussie woman staring at him and smiling. He said want to join us the parties only starting to which she simply smiled and boarded a trolley that was heading to the south. Jackson chased the trolley and jumped on board. He got on but stumbled and fell at the feet of the aussie woman. She commented purposing already yank to which he replied purposing that you let me accompany you to dinner to which she smilied and laughed and commented alrighty yank you've got yourself a deal. To which he stood up and said Pvt. Jackson United States Marine Corps at your service M'lady. She said nice to meet you Pvt. Jackson. So do i get to know your name miss? She Replied my names Mabelle. He commented Mabelle i like that name its very beautiful just like the angel sitting in front of me. She commented smooth line yank pick me up tomorrow at 8:00 and being sober will be a huge bonus.

Jackson stumbled out of the trolley and we ran over to him to help him up. Miller laughed and said jackson that was awesome dude that made my night that made my f****n night. Jackson got up and took a bow as if he had just won a major award. 

© 2012 Cameron davis

Author's Note

Cameron davis
Ignore the few grammer mistakes and the setup of the fight scene going to change that soon. Leave Reviews please and tell me what you think honesty would be appreaciated.

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Added on November 8, 2012
Last Updated on November 8, 2012
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Cameron davis
Cameron davis

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