How Freedom Works

How Freedom Works

A Poem by Kenneth The Poet

life is a train wreck
on the track anchored
by the flaming ball

and pretending to know
more than you really do
is really pointless,
because even knowing
what you do doesn't
make any life any
less pointless

the lovers of the
amphibian will tell
you that the red pill
saved them

the seeds were planted,
or so they say

and you wonder,
you ponder

how do you have
the impulse?

how do you know
wholly that there
is reality beyond you?

how do I know that
you're as unsure as
the rest of us?

but then they drove
themselves to the 
clown pill and now
Kek became The Joker

so they have embraced
the absurd, co-opted
Camus and Sartre and
Nietzsche and Stirner
for their own ends,
to make their own
meaning as that's
how freedom works

and now you wonder,
truly wonder,
if the left created
the concept of memeing
in the first place

listen to any Bill Hicks
performance to see
the point as clear
as crystal meth

either its poison
or reality unfiltered

and either way,
it's still a window
and the question
now, what 
window is best?

and what window
needs to be
shattered by
bricks called pills
or pills called bricks?

sharp objects abound
all around us after all

forward thrust on purpose

to maim, to neuter,
to opiate, to perpetuate

plod and slog
like the soldiers in Platoon,
like the Marines in Full Metal Jacket

plod and slog in the parade
of the pointless through all perpetuity

maybe we should throw on the
theremin soundtrack and
drink the Kool-Aid tainted
with chloral hydrate
and sodium cyanide

insert typical line about
suicide here because
that's what the prompt
tells you to do

the end, m**********r

yippie-ki-yays not included
and sold separately

© 2019 Kenneth The Poet

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Added on June 21, 2019
Last Updated on June 21, 2019


Kenneth The Poet
Kenneth The Poet

Bismarck, ND

Kenneth The Poet is an optimist wrapped in the candy shell of moroseness and cynicism. He lives between the two parallels marked 46 and 49, all while living in the state marked 39. He pretends that he.. more..