The lost touch

The lost touch

A Chapter by Rebecca George

The world is different from my point of view .it consists of beautiful things . people like me doesn't belong in that world as I am different from all of you guys out in that world .you can call me coward ?but this is my reality. I like to hide away from everything
I never introduced u , myself Ankita Sharma ,an 18yrs old girl, daughter of Lakshmi Sharma and nadhan Sharma .I am staying with my mother and  doesnt  have any pictureabout my dad even his looks also I don't know .
My story starts the Day I was born .MY mother thought i was really special but all her expectation sank like a ship when she saw me .Maybe I was the ugly baby she has ever seen .I was diagnosed with treacher Collins syndrome .That's why I looked like a monster
All the people were terrified to look at my face .Still I don't know why my mother never left me even after seeing my face but instead she take my baby hands and kiss my forehead 
She loved me for what I am .
The childhood should be the happiest memory for any kid but for me it was a disaster .All the schools denied to give me admission .even if I get admission too, showing my face to children made them cry because of my horrible looks.some parents complained this matter to headmaster .Teachers put up suggestion for my mother to put me in a special school .then she decided to give me homeschooling where I learnt and studied . slowly I was turning into an introvert where I completely lost touch with everyone .the colony kids called me monster .some aunties and uncles are shunned to see my face.they talk behind my back ,,"how her mother afford to see such horrible face everyday "?,"she should be at home ,why she doesn't cover her face ,some talking about karma, others complete shut the door after seeing my face .All this people showed me different experience  of childhood.I always looked myself at the mirror everyday .no wonder why they call me a monster . My own reflection started terrifying me .It caused a lot of agony and pain .the burdens I have to carry in my shoulder and it keeps on wounding my heart 
I completely shut myself in that Room .I don't want to go outside where people were embarrassed to see my face .
The doors were closed for me where I will never go out nor anybody will come in .But the only person who stand with me during that timesmy mother .she told me that people are crazy and she always called me beautiful  princess .the people shouldn't look at person's face but what she /he inside that matters .I stopped going out sometimes I just peep at the window to see what's happening.thats how I started living the life of girl under the shadow.

© 2020 Rebecca George

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A very touching account of what it must feel like to be an outsider. That is tough. The mother is a wise woman. Looks don't last anyway. They fade, it truly is what is on the inside that counts. Mothers will always love their
children. Leading such an insular life is tragic. Whether this is fiction or not, you have conveyed this story well. I thank you for the read Rebecca.


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Added on July 7, 2020
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Rebecca George
Rebecca George

Kozhencherry, Kerala, India

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