Your Journey Too

Your Journey Too

A Poem by Healing Star

This is about how I write, by allowing energies to come and speak through me.


Sitting in my chair, hands on the Keyboard

Waiting for them to step in, the invitation Granted

I sit still and listen, I hear the hum Begin

My hands start to tingle, and I now feel Enchanted


Motion it is rising in Me

It won't be long now and I will See

There are gifts worth opening not under the Tree

For they are hidden and soon to be Freed


It is a time for searching, a time of Mystery

To settle in on a night not to travel you Know

So you decide to just sit, be still, just Be

To see what might come, to allow what might Show


Opening my Heart to anyone's Wishes

Opening my Mind to be free of my own Stuff

Following the Lead of whoever Comes

They are soft and gentle they are never Rough


I hear them whispering, they are so Subtle

I have to clear my mind to allow their Flow

I have to let them speak, I cannot Rebuttal

For they have come to share, they've come to Show


I am a little blind, I am a little Torn

As they come in, I try not to Stir

I try to catch their drift, try not to Warn

And then it all comes in and it's all a Blur


For once they are here, there is no Mistaking

They are here, and have come to be Heard

Yes once they come, it all starts Shaking

They come in, and it is clear their Word


Can you tell that now they have got Control

You can feel them in your Heart, to your Core

It's a rhythm that comes from my Soul

And once they start to roll, it will make you Soar


Oh how I love to let them sing through Me

It somehow was meant to be, to set us Free

For they are here with me, they're here with Me

And you can feel them now, and they will set you Free


You felt them move, felt them take Control

Once they have the voice, they roll, they Roll

They get a hold of me, and we join as One

And then it all changes and we have our Fun


Gifts they've given me, they never Stop

I sit down and wait, they return again to the Top

You can feel them as they are coming Through

They have a rhythm and through me it Brews


Oh what a ride, we have Begun

Such a lovely ride with these True Ones

The Journey to the Light upon their Wings

The Journey to the Light as my Heart Sings


Hey, Hey, I want to shout it out Forever More

Hey, Hey, I want to be the Light upon your Shore

Come and listen as they sing to You

Come and listen, You are on this Journey Too

© 2013 Healing Star

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I really like this. Great job.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Healing Star

5 Years Ago

I am sorry I missed commenting on your review. All reviews are precious to me, I appreciate your sh.. read more

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1 Review
Added on December 20, 2013
Last Updated on December 28, 2013
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Healing Star
Healing Star

South Jordan, UT

I am a man who has finally realized he needs to write down what matters to him, that I might learn from myself, what is important, what I value. To capture who I am now, for that is all we have is no.. more..

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A Poem by Healing Star