Behind Me

Behind Me

A Poem by Healing Star

I Today put This - All that's strange in this World - this Projected Illusion - Behind Me for Good.

I'm gonna Do what I Feel Is Right
You should Do what you Feel in Your Light
I'm Gonna put this All Behind Me
Not gonna Believe in the Lies that Blind Me
They've Spent eons Tellin' Us to Feel Small
But now I Feel I need to Answer the Call
They are Runnin' Scared, backs the Wall
Some folks Call 'Em the Cabal

But Whatever Ya Call 'Em they Don't Fight Fair
And here and Now I'd like to Clear the Air
They Project on Others the Sin they Commit
And Ask won't You come over here and Sit

And with whispers of Hate and Pointing Fingers
They Convince the masses there's no Smell as it Lingers
The Sheep, they Guide to Police the Masses
And they look down at Us sayin' Look at those Asses

Their Main Stream Media Mocking Birds All
They Project that they are High on the Wall
They want the People gathered in Tight City Boxes
And watch for Wolves and those Smart Foxes

And if Any try to start a Revolt
They'll Poison their Life or shoot with a Colt
And when Any are willing and Able to Stand
They'll Come down on them with an Iron Hand

But I'm Sayin' I have Seen Enough
Enough to Say, I Call your Bluff
I've Seen Enough to Know, I've Seen Too Much
And don't take the Handout, it's Only a Crutch

They want us Broken and Lost without Hope
But for Me and Mine we are Sayin' Nope
WE are Free In a Country that Blesses Our Souls
We won't Bow Down, Look WE Still Feel Whole

And as the Last Candle of Tyranny is Finally Blown Out
We'll Stand in the Sun burning the Last of Our Doubt
And on the Ashes Cast for your Grave
We'll Dance & Rejoice that Our Country and Freedom We Saved.
And I Say, Here Comes the Sun
Here Comes the New Sun
Sending it's Rays
To Establish in our Hearts A Brand New Day
~Healing Star ... I Caught You Seein' Who you Truly Are

© 2021 Healing Star

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Added on February 12, 2021
Last Updated on February 12, 2021


Healing Star
Healing Star

South Jordan, UT

I am a man who has finally realized he needs to write down what matters to him, that I might learn from myself, what is important, what I value. To capture who I am now, for that is all we have is no.. more..