I Got Sick

I Got Sick

A Poem by Healing Star

I Got Real Sick One Time
'Bout drove My woman
Right Outta Her Mind

Yah, I Got Real Sick One Time
Drove All My Loved Ones
Outta there Minds

It started out with 'bout 7 days in Bed
Starin' at the Ceilin' goin' Outta My Head
I thought about All of My Life
All My Children - what's goin' on in their Lives

You Know I Thought About Livin'
I Dreamt About Dyin'
Didn't No if I Should Laugh
Or just Keep Cryin'

Spent many Hours on the Phone
Just Tryin' not to Feel Alone
20 weeks I was off Work
Wonderin' if they all thought I's a Jerk

My Brother Said it's a Crazy Thing
He's makin' up for All those Years of Silence
So Many Times I Felt the Sting
What's In Me - is it Really Science

I Remember Talkin' to My Sister One Day
I said the People at Church are so Much Better
She said Gary Here's the Way
I See it - One day we'll all come Together

You See - your Comparing Your Insides
To there Outsides, to There Outsides
You gotta think About what your Doin'
And Realize there Ain't No One you're Foolin'

On that Day I learned she wasn't So Dumb
All those People they Helped -
She helped them to See they were the One
All through the Pain and All those Years
Buryin' her Loses - Steppin' beyond her Fears

She Said Gary - your comparin' your Insides
With There Outsides
Only what they Show the World
Not within them what Turns and Stirs and Whirls

You Know - One time I got Really Sick
I could not Walk - Felt soooo Thick
You Know your Liver it's a wonderful Thing
But when it gives Up - it Leaves a Sting

It'll take ya weeks, fore you can walk the Block
And Your Life - It Will Rock
So if you ever find Yourself lookin' at the Ceiling
Remember what she said bout how I was Feeling

Your Comparin' Your Insides
To Their Out

Thank you Bonnie for all that You Said
It came me some Comfort from My Own Head
And now Years Later I look back at It
And I'm Happy with All a My Bits

© 2021 Healing Star

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Added on February 15, 2021
Last Updated on February 15, 2021


Healing Star
Healing Star

South Jordan, UT

I am a man who has finally realized he needs to write down what matters to him, that I might learn from myself, what is important, what I value. To capture who I am now, for that is all we have is no.. more..