Pray I Won't Run Again

Pray I Won't Run Again

A Poem by Healing Star

We All from time to time,
find Ourselves in a Place - where we find ourselves desperately Needing Something to Just Feel Better.
When we Find ourselves looking back - at who we Use to Be - and Longing to Return - and Nothing - absolutely Nothing - No Thing can Make Us Feel Better . Because we know No Matter what on Our Outside can Cure what we've Lost on our Inside. And we been Here Long enough to Know there Is No Turning Back. I Pray, I Pray, and I Pray - that this time I've found my Way - and this time, As My Light approaches - I'll stop Listening to All the Coaches - and As My True Reality Finds Me - I Pray, I Pray that I Won't Run ... this Time (as I did a Million times Before) May the One I've Always Been - Stay ... I Pray, I Pray, I Pray .... I won't Find Myself in that Dreary Place - so Far from My Saving Grace - that I won't Wake there - Not Ever Again - and I Pray the Same for YOU my Friend. I Pray as My Light Approaches - to Find Me here Again - I Pray I won't Run - No not this Time. Because Leaving this Sacred Place I've woken to - Will be my most Heinous Crime. But it's So Damn Crazy what's possible of a Lonely Mind. Lord - help Me - to Not Run - again.

© 2021 Healing Star

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Courage in the face of adversity is an admirable trait and one we should all aspire to. I'm in my sixth decade and inwardly feel as if I'm still a kid, still learning, exploring and finding wonder and beauty all around me. I'd rather die than surrender my right to be inspired and excited by my own existence. Blades of grass and flowers are still fascinating to me, tiny miracles often plucked or trodden upon. I'm a transcendentalist at heart; a student in the school of observation where everything represents a higher truth, if we only take the time to understand and appreciate it. It's not enough to simply, "Keep the Faith" however. That's something worth sharing. I enjoyed the read.

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Added on March 1, 2021
Last Updated on March 1, 2021


Healing Star
Healing Star

South Jordan, UT

I am a man who has finally realized he needs to write down what matters to him, that I might learn from myself, what is important, what I value. To capture who I am now, for that is all we have is no.. more..