They Worried Bout Me

They Worried Bout Me

A Story by Healing Star

They were Always worried bout Me, but it was my Brother they should a - One left us at 51, One was the Spittin' Image his Son, and the other One and Me. There were so Many Shadows, so many Snakes they did not See, there was Always and we Always Be, My Brother and Me - Michael was the Arch Angel and that's why they chose that for Him - and then there was Steven of the Twelve he was 11 behind only Peter and that's why they Chose that for the One who left at 51 - and the One Spittin' Image was Terry who has a Smile for All around him, and Steve became Beaver Cuz he could not hold the weight - and He could not Wait to Return to Him, and then there was Me, and they Always thought He'd not be Free - but they were Wrong - they never got a chance to Hear my Song - cuz I buried it when I Knew they were Worried Bout Me - You Know Mama she cared more bout what they Thought - than How we Really were, that was too far, too Hard to Look at For Her - She cared more for what they All Thought, than How we Actually Were - But No Body - No, No Body ever Saw thru the Smile worn In True - She Always worried more bout what they Thought than ... How we Actually Were - and they Never got to Hear My Song - the few Poems she read - she stole and ripped them Up. It only Said - One Day I Long For - when All the People will Come Together and Say - I Pledge My Life to This God's Land - with No Religion to Hold 'em Back, and No Signs to Burry their Thoughts, and All the Dreams that they Sold and bought on the Stage of this World - I Dream of a Day - When All the People will Say - I Pledge Allegiance with MY Life to the Earth that Is My God's - and We'll Stand Together until they Hear our True Song - They were so Worried about Me - they Did not See My Brother's Heart - Bleeding and Beating on the Floor - they Left him there Behind His Closed Doors - that No One Could Push Through - Cuz He Nailed it Shut from within His Heart - and we did not Know if He would Ever return form that Prison He Built - But I saw Signs of His Heart Beating Warm - I heard him Smile and Joke about the Lions - and His brother went to get his Heart and back worked on - the Spittin' Image had finally been takin' down, where He never has been too Proud - and the One who had remained in Prison finally Stepped Out - and I was there to Stand by Him - and I'll Spend a few Nights with Him the Bothers Four at the Dear Camp our Papa made in the Woods - We'll come together and We'll Remember all those Nights we faked sleeping in the Bunks - so we'd hear Grandpa and the Uncles Stories as we had never Heard them Before - Yes, we'll come together this August - won't you swear to me you will show up - Rick, Terry - Mike and Me and we'll remember and talk about Beav - and all those Stories that he would create and Share with All of those Around Him. Yes, won't you commit to August today , I want to be with you in that Place where the Sign the First 5 hangs - Grandpa Bill, Uncle Bob and Jim - Bake Baker and yes, Him - my Dad Bud - Oh won't you commit to come IN August today - Mike - Rick - Terry and Me.

© 2021 Healing Star

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A wonderful story shared my friend. With old age. We remember the old days. Even the hard days become less painful. Thank you my fiend for sharing the interesting and worthwhile words.

Posted 2 Months Ago

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Healing Star

2 Months Ago

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2 Months Ago

I will be near. I have land in Holden, Michigan. I would enjoy the visit. Thank you for the invitati.. read more

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Healing Star
Healing Star

South Jordan, UT

I am a man who has finally realized he needs to write down what matters to him, that I might learn from myself, what is important, what I value. To capture who I am now, for that is all we have is no.. more..