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Angler of the Year

Angler of the Year

A Poem by Nirmala

There is no fiction is this angler's tale! The incident was at the river Cauvery in India.


Angler of the Year



Out we went at the crack of dawn

The elephants at the river showed utter scorn

For the two in the coracle gliding along

I may look frail though dont get me wrong

When the chips are down I come out very strong



A shriek from the forest and a flutter in the water

A nip in the air all added to a shiver

Whats that a bobbing in the middle with a quiver

The current was so fast it couldn’t be a paper

Wonder why it didn’t go along with the river



We went in the coracle downstream to inspect

I saw an enormous fish the fishermen would respect

From the size of its mouth six feet or more I expect

It bobbed up and down at the very same place

While it gaped straight up into my astonished face



Fancy a fish upright with eyes so bright

It is a crazy act and an unbelievable sight

A nagging thought persisted - something was not right

I bent clear over and pulled with all my might

It wrenched right in half and yet came up not light



Half a fish over three feet long had me all a blaze

With pride that I had caught it from within a little space

Ill shame the tribe of anglers and leave them in a craze

That their hours of fishing had not left them even a little trace

Of a trophy oh so wonderful they could not stop to gaze



We heard a cheer at the river bank to our great delight

By a crowd who must have witnessed this all amazing sight

It took a while to realise there was - something not quite right

They finally quietened down explaining at length their fright

A crocodile and this fish had jumped high in an enormous fight



The crowd had gathered at the bank where it was deep and wide

And saw the spectacle of a fish fight a crocodile side by side

Leap high above the water starting a great big mighty tide

They splashed back in the river as the crowd loudly cried

When they saw the coracle approaching to that same fish’s side



While the crocodile had held the tail half, I had held the head

We had fought over the same fish the old man excitedly said

Their cries were silenced by the river and I was desire led

On winning the angler of the year and nearly lost my head

We proudly framed the jaw bone, the rest the village folk were fed



© 2010 Nirmala

Author's Note

This is a true event and hence one might notice that the story has been given priority over all else. From a short light joyous trip on the river to the intensity and expansion of the experience the poem reflects it all.

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This is one heck of a fish tale here!!
Bet this sight was truly amazing.
Hope someone took a video or photos.

Amazing!! I was rooting for the poor FISH!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 28, 2010
Last Updated on October 21, 2010



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A Poem by Nirmala

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A Poem by Nirmala