It's A Shame

It's A Shame

A Poem by Natalie Sherwood

Why is it so trivialized when a person commits suicide? One sees it on one's local news, and one doesn't care. Do not read if you are triggered by suicide.


You all sit down and flip on the six o’clock news

And it’s not what you expect.

You must have wanted something about

Water-skiing budgies or

Some stupid record broken

In your local chapter of

Mind-numbing, lawn-tending, all-’Murican suburbia.

But it’s not what you expect.

Police have found the body of a girl,

The perfectly coiffed reporter says in her “solemn voice.”

In the forest.

Fourteen year old Jennifer Wolfe went missing Saturday night,

Today police discovered her body in the woods just east of town.

Doctors confirm that she has committed suicide.

Her parents were unavailable for comment.

And you say,

“It’s a shame.”

And a game show comes on

And you watch it

And you forget

Jennifer Wolfe, or whatever-her-name-was,-the-poor-dear, because you didn’t catch her name.

Because you’re just like the rest of them.

And maybe that’s her reason, the

Fourteen year old girl

Who went missing Saturday night,

Went missing Saturday night,

(You can’t for the life of you remember her name)

Because nobody cared.

Nobody listened, or helped, and that’s how she

Fell through the cracks.

That’s the reason, her reason

For joining the

Disturbing number of

Teenage news reports

Who have been found dead recently,

No matter where,

Or how,

They’re there.

You’ve just chosen to forget about them.

And you disgust me.

© 2013 Natalie Sherwood

Author's Note

Natalie Sherwood
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Added on July 6, 2013
Last Updated on July 6, 2013


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