My Hometown

My Hometown

A Poem by Reina

A little freeverse about atlantic canada.

My home town is rich in nothing but culture, compared to other provinces ours is as you say a little tight on cash. Every road has at least three pot holes and the snow clean up is a little sparse every winter. I once heard it referred to as the new Detroit, and while it is far from the despair that is Detroit i can definitely see where they draw the parallels.

My home town his full of hills, there really aren't many flat streets, and on almost every one of these uneven streets are small children this time of year. Outside of school hours they run around the asphalt with sticks and balls playing hockey.

In my early twenties I owned an apartment 14 stories up, from the big front window you could see half of my home town. At night we looked like stars, little lights across the dark, small reminders that there was life out there. Every holiday someone always took the chance to set off fireworks across the lake.

My home town was far from perfect and many complained about it, often people in my generation moved out west in search of better pay and more jobs. I haven't left yet but i predict that even for a couple years i may have to go too, until the economy flips and jobs open back up here.

There are people making money here, off rich kids whose parents trust them far too much with credit cards and expensive toys, and impoverished people looking for an escape. Our city's economy is mostly made up of small businesses, drug dealers and a few staple corporation. I won't paint my home town with that rosey colour most people do when speaking of the place they grew up, because it is the imperfections that make it perfect.

In all honesty the best part about my hometown are the people, we have such a rainbow of people but for the most part people are nice. In the spring we have a day where all the local shops open up stalls along one of the big streets and everyone goes out to eat locally.

My home town, like many cities has a big farmers market every weekend, its busy and bustling with all sorts of stalls. The singing food bar, the german pastry table, the greek kitchen, the big stall full of flowers and jams and of course some of the bigger farms truck in tons of fresh vegetables and fruits. It is so much fun to go and just watch the people bustle about their business, pausing every so often to apologize for bumping into someone.

The older i get the bigger my world does, but still my favourite place is my hometown. If you've never visited I would more then recommend it.

© 2015 Reina

Author's Note

Written from my phone, sorry about my ramblings

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This is amazing! I hear all these stories about Canada being better than the States, but this proves it. In our hometown, the pollution is so bad we can't even see the stars. Great descriptioms , and awesome work. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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