Daddy Got Locked in the Basement

Daddy Got Locked in the Basement

A Screenplay by Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer

A humorous way to enjoy high school


Scene One


(Music for opening credits is "I need a Hero"; pictures flowing across the screen are of drawings of scenes/characters from the movie - the movie idea is to have the two main characters get sucked into a world that they've created, unknowingly. In being sucked into this world they will come into contact with things that they had in there daily lives that they were never able to touch before. Such as stories with odd characters they created in Astronomy class, movie characters from their History of Film movies they've watched and joked about, and even their own 'Unexplainables' that they created years prier, in their middle school days. The two main characters are high school teenagers about to learn of a different world and how much imagination can mean, when life is too complicated to live in.)




Scene Two


(It shows a school bus driving down the road, then the camera zooms in up through the window showing Lucy and Susie sitting in the front seat together. The bus stops and a young, handsome 'jock-type' steps onto the bus)


Lucy: Oh, Bryan! (Stands up directly in front of him, stopping him from moving towards the seats) Want to sit next to me? (Points to the completely empty seat next to hers)

Bryan: (Looks back desperately for another open seat, all are full) Uh, I think I see a spot in the back open. Yep! (Quickly pushes past her and rushes to the back, tripping over people's feet as he goes and squeezes in the far back seat with two others)

Lucy: (Sits back down) Maybe he'll sit next to me tomorrow?

Susie: Or not. Aren't you ever gonna get a clue and give up on him?

Lucy: He wants me, I can tell.

Susie: Yeah, and Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation!

Lucy: Uh, Susie?

Susie: It was John Quincy Adams, of course!


(Hundreds of paper balls suddenly flew forward and whacked into the back of their heads. Bryan and his friends began laughing.)


Susie: Those a******s!

Lucy: Every single day, I don't get it.

Susie: No, not every single day just when you decide to ride the bus with me does it happen. Usually they just ignore me. I swear one of these days I'll get up out of this seat and pound them each into the ground and make them regret the day that they messed with Susana Leann Marie Bentley! (Stands up, finger pointing straight up in the air)

Lucy: Whatever you say Susie. (Another paper ball came flying and whacked Susie in the back of the head)

Susie: That's it! (Turns to face the back of the bus)

Lucy: Sit down, (Grabs Susie's arm and pulls her into the seat) I'll handle this. (Stands up in the aisle and faces the back of the bus) I swear if someone throws one more paper ball in our direction that I am going to walk back there and beat the living- (The bus comes to a quick stop at the red light, sending Lucy flying to the floor; paper balls shoot from every direction, hitting her all over)




Scene Three


(You see a door with a sign above it that reads 'Nurse's Office' then you see the girls sitting on a cot and the nurse on her stool, putting a bandage on Lucy's nose)


Nurse: Same time next week? (Giggles, then smiles at the girls)

Susie: Only if Lucy continues to ride to and from school with me.

Lucy: Nah, the kids on my bus do things ten times worse.

(The nurse nods her head in agreement)

Susie: Well that explains why you always want to ride my bus.

Lucy: No, I ride your bus so I can see Bryan.

Susie: Not that he cares.

Lucy: But he will.

Susie: (Mumbles under her breathe then stands to leave) So, I guess we will see you later, thanks Ms. Kim.

Nurse: Do have a better day.

Susie: I highly doubt those exist for me.

Lucy: Oh, I will! I have Chemistry with Bryan today, it'll be wonderful!

Susie: (Rolls eyes as she walks towards the door) You really need a different guy to crush on Lucy. You are wasting your time on Bryan.

Lucy: (Follows her out the door) At least I have one!

Susie: I have better things to do... like worry about school work!

Lucy: Well - (Stops mid-sentence as she spots Bryan at the end of the hallway with one of his friends, about to walk out of the school building) BRYAN! (Waves, madly)


Bryan: (Eyes bludge) S**t.

Friend: Let's go man.

Bryan: (Starts to walk off, then stops) Wait a minute man...

Friend: What? Don't you want to get away from that freak?

Bryan: Just wait man. (Bryan turns to wave back at Lucy)


Lucy: Holy cow... did he just wave back at me? Oh...oh...oh... he wants me! (Bounces up and down on her tippy toes)

Susie: Last week he smiled at you and the school cop found you in the dumpster.

Lucy: Love is expressed differently, in different relationships.

Susie: What relationship?

Lucy: The one him and I share. (Sighs)

Bryan: Hello Lucy.

Lucy: Why hello there Bryan.

Susie: Dumbass. (Walks off towards class)

Bryan: (Puts his arm around Lucy's shoulder) Bobby and I were just about to go spray paint on the wall outside, you know for art class? I figured you would like to join us, seeing as you are always doodling in your notebooks. I'd love to just spend some quality time with you.

Lucy: Oh, I am an excellent artist, I'd love to! After all, I'd do anything for you Bryan. (Bats her eyelashes at him)

Bryan: Uh, yeah, whatever. Come on.

(They walk out of the building and towards the courtyard where the seniors have their lunch - Bobby is spray painting and Bryan picks up a can, as Lucy sits on the sidewalk to watch - all you can see from her point of view is Bryan's butt)

Bryan: Done!

Lucy: It's beautiful. (Still staring at Bryan's butt)

Bryan: It still needs another touch... with a hint of red, don't you think? Here, hold this. (Hands the blue spray can to Lucy) We will be back to finish up, wait here for us okay?

Lucy: Yes, of course Bryan.

(They walk around the corner and Lucy stans up and begins to shake the spray can. She walks over to the wall to inspect it, but you can't see the words or image, just Lucy. She goes to spray and accidentally shoots the spray into her face instead of on the wall. She screams and falls onto her butt.)

Lucy: (Rubs her eyes) Damnit.

Principle: My, my, my...look at this!

Lucy: (Stops rubbing her eyes) Oh no...(She goes to stand and the Principle grips her shoulder)

Principle: (Stares at the wall) So, this is what you think of me? (Still can't see the image)

Lucy: No, no, see...

Principle: Do not lie to me! I caught you red handed!

Lucy: (Looks down at her hands) But... they're blue?

Principle: Now you're being a little smart a*s? Well, just keep up with it Ms. Baldwin and see where it takes you! (Drags her back the shirt collar into the school, then it shows the wall and on it is a picture of Mr. Waters in a dress and it reads 'Principle Waters is a Queer')




Scene Four


(Lucy walks into fourth period, Chemistry, and heads back towards her seat right next to Susie)


Susie: Thought you died.

Lucy: Felt like it... (She looks up and a cloud pops above her head, returning her to a flashback)


(Lucy is sitting in a chair in the principles office with Mr. Waters at his desk)

Principle: So nice to see you once again Ms. Baldwin, it's beginning to become a daily thing, isn't it?

Lucy: Uh...

Principle: I thought you would have learned your lesson from the last time you were caught skipping class, but you are full of surprises!

Lucy: But... it wasn't even me, I swear!

Principle: Ah, a smart a*s and a little liar, I see.

Lucy: But, I'm not lying! Bry-

Principle: Since you think it's so wonderful to spread lies, I'd like for you to take a moment to relax and come up with a truth for once and write THAT on the wall.

Lucy: But...

Principle: No buts, NOW!

(Lucy grabs the paint can off Mr. Waters desk and rushes out of his office)


(Returns from flashback)


Teacher #4: After lunch you will return and I'll have posted your partners for the end of the year lab project, it will be posted on the bullentin board. Once you find your partner, please take a spot in the back of the lab with your partner and began coming up with an idea of what lab you'll be testing from the lists placed on the tables and you will have the remainder of class time to discuss those ideas.

Susie: So...?

Lucy: Huh?

Susie: What did you end up writing?

Lucy: Oh... well he said to write a truth so I...


(The bell rings and the kids swarm out of the classroom and head towards the lunchroom - Susie and Lucy stop in front of the wall)


Susie: You wrote "Principle Waters is the King of this school?"

Lucy: Well, no... at first I just wrote "Principle Waters is a Queen", but he didn't except it.


(Returns to flashback - you see that Lucy has turned the r into an n and added a crown and royal staff to the picture of Principle Waters)


Principle: Oh no, this won't do. It won't do at all. (Turns to Lucy) Do you not have a brain cell in that tiny head of yours? Queers and Queens... don't you know they are the same thing?

Lucy: Uh...

(Principle slams bucket of water onto the ground and hands Lucy a toothbrush)

Lucy: What's this for?

Principle: Clean it off and try again.

Lucy: But...

Principle: Now!


(The song "It's the end of the world" by REM begins to play and Lucy begins to scrub off the picture; it shows her scrubbing for quite a while, then she's done and she's drenched in sweat; then it shows the principle step up beside her and scans her work)


Principle: (Places his arm around Lucy's slumped shoulders) Now that's more like it!


(The new words "Principle Waters is the King of this school" is written and there is a better drawing of the Principle, looking muscular and manly with a long King's coat on, still with a crown and staff before the scene goes back to Susie and Lucy, staring at the wall)


Lucy: My hand still hurts. I don't think it will ever be useful again.

Susie: Maybe next time you'll come to math and not follow Bryan like you're his little puppy dog...

Lucy: Pfft, I hate math!

Susie: Let's go eat.


(Lucy walks out of the line with a salad and Susie walks out with two pieces of pizza and double french fries, walking towards their corner table near the back door)


Lucy: I don't think I'll be able to raise my fork to eat this salad, I can barely hold onto the container.

Susie: I think you are taking this way too- (Susie trips on a sneaker and she and her plate of food go flying across the cafeteria)

Lucy: (Stops and looks down at Susie) Oh man, now we have to go back to the nurses. Already!

Susie: (Sits up and stares at the culprit) No we don't!


(It shows Susie stand and walk over to the boy that had stuck his foot out, grabs him by the shirt collar, and pulls him out of his seat)


Susie: You messed with the wrong girl today boy. (She releases him from her grip by tossing him to the floor as the room goes silent; he slides along the floor, and she follows him until he stops and leans down into his face) Stand up you p***y! Come on, get up and fight me!

Boy: Uh...

Susie: COME ON!

(She grabs him and forces him to stand but once he's up he just stands there; Susie slaps him across the face and laughs)

Principle: (Runs over and looks at the boy) Don't just stand there you moron! Hit her!

(This forces the rest of the viewers to chant, "Hit her, hit her, hit her")

Susie: Ah, come on!

Boy: (Stops rubbing the side of his face where he was hit) Uh... alright.

Crowd: Yay!

(Boy swings at Susie as she ducks then punches him in the gut, sending him flying across the floor again. He gets up quicker, more ready than the last time and runs at Susie, she stops him with a kick in the groans. He falls to his knees and tears well up in his eyes; Susie walks over and squats to be on his level)

Susie: Don't you ever trip me again b***h boy or your punishment will be far greater as I know Taekwondo.

Crowd: (Cheers) Susie! Susie! Susie! Susie!


Lucy: Susie, get up already!

(Susie shakes her head and looks up from the floor to see Lucy staring down at her, impatiently. The boy that had tripped her was still in his seat and him and his friends were staring, laughing; Susie stands quickly)

Susie: Let's go see Ms. Kim, I think I hurt my wrist. (Grabs a hold of Lucy and rushes out of the cafeteria)




Scene Five


(Susie and Lucy walk out of the nurses office)


Lucy: Thanks again!


(The bell rings)


Susie: Lunch is over and I didn't even get to eat anything!

Lucy: Wait, lunch is over? (Eyes bluge) Hurry up! (Grabs Susie and drags her down the hallway) We get to see our lab partners.


(Lucy runs all the way to the classroom and races over to the bullentin board and scans to find her name and next to her name is Kurt Winnabaker. She freezes in her spot; the bell rings and everyone begins to take their seats in the back of the lab with their partners, but Lucy doesn't move)


Susie: (Pokes Lucy in the arm) Come on, we have to go sit down.

Lucy: (Turns to Susie and shakes her head) Who did you get stuck with?

Susie: That's not important, come on before we get into trouble.

Lucy: Guess who I got stuck with?

Susie: Uh... Christine Rugby?

Lucy: (Turns to look at Christine; a nerd with big glasses, big hair, and big buck teeth) Worse.

Susie: (Looks around the room then stares at the loner, gothic kid that sits in the back corner of the room scribbling in his notebook and never speaks to anyone; Susie points in his direction) That kid?

Lucy: (Stares at the same kid) Kurt Winnabaker.

Susie: That's his name?

Lucy: My life... is over.

Teacher #4: Alright, alright if you haven't found your partner, do so and take your seats in the back of the lab. That means you Lucy and Susie, I don't know why I have to continously repeat myself for you all. This is high school people, after this is real life and you'll have to follow directions a little better than this if you expect to go anywhere in life.

Lucy: (Sighs and heads towards the back of the room) Life as we all know it is over, over I tell you!

Susie: Nah... it will be alright. (Susie follows behind Lucy and watches her walk over to sit next to Kurt before finding her own seat)

Lucy: (Drops her head to the table and bangs it onto the edge) Over. Over. Over.

Kurt: You really shouldn't do that, you are losing brain cells each time you knock your head onto the table.

Lucy: (Stops and lifts her head to look at Kurt) Being your partner is bad enough Kurt, don't ruin my life by speaking to me.

Kurt: But- don't we have to- (Lucy sticks her hand in his face)

Lucy: Nothing should be said to me. (She turns to find Susie and mouth to her that life sucks when she noticed whom she sat next to....Bryan)

Teacher #4: Alright, now I will need everyone to-

Lucy: YOU! (Points towards Susie, as all eyes turn to stare at Lucy)

Susie: Look Lucy-

Lucy: Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. (Runs over and stands in front of Susie) Best friend my a-

Teacher #4: Lucy Lu Baldwin, take your seat!

Lucy: (Turns to the teacher) You! You put them together. You did this to me! After you promised that I'd be put with Bryan... you ruin my WHOLE life! (Turns to Susie) And YOU! You just let her put you with Bryan, you didn't even ask for a change! I hope you fall off of your stool.

Teacher #4: Lucy, do I need to phone Principle Waters?

Lucy: Uh... (Scratches the top of her head, looking at the floor; stops then grins and turns back to Susie)

Susie: Look-

Lucy: (Pushes Susie off her stool then turns to the teacher) Yeah, maybe you should make that phone call now. (Leaps onto the floor and starts fighting Susie) I hate you! I hate you! I hate you Susie and after all I have done for you, I can't believe you. You are as stupid and...and... as ugly as that thing we call a principle!

Principle: Ahem, that's very interesting to hear Lucy. (Lucy stops and sits straight up, Susie tries to wiggle free) So I am queer (Bryan chuckles under his breath), stupid, AND ugly, am I?

Lucy: (Turns and grins at the principle) Oh no! I didn't say principle, I said... uh... I said....

Principle: (Grabs Lucy by the shirt collar and picks her off of Susie, Susie gets up and dusts off her shirt) Let's go to my office, shall we? (As the principle drags her out, Lucy glares at the teacher)

Teacher #4: Don't glare at me young lady! You told me to call him! (Principle Waters drags Lucy out of the room and slams the door and the classroom bursts into laughter)




Scene Six


(The door opens and Lucy is thrown into the room; she goes to sit in the chair)


Principle: No.

Lucy: (Stops and turns around) No?

Principle: (Motions for her to come over to him. He puts a firm grip on her shoulders and turns her to face the bookcase. They step up on the brick flooring and he pulls down a book and the bookcase turns and they enter into a dark, dingy room. He points to the chair and table.) There. (Lucy stumbles over to it) Sit. (Lucy sits and in the background you hear clicking noises and then a tall shadow towers over her, he drops a large stack of papers down on the table, making dust fly. You see him look at his watch.) When you are done with these then you are welcome to return to your classroom.

Lucy: What am I doing with them, exactly?

Principle: Just grading some old papers. (Hands her a sheet of paper) Here is your answer key.

Lucy: Old?

Principle: Don't question me, get to work! (Lucy jumps as his voice is rather loud) This is your punishment Ms. Baldwin and you have no excuses to get out of it! Now do as you're told or you'll see what's behind bookcase number two and I am sure Sampson would love to meet you. (Chuckles, then you watch his shadow walk off and hear the bookcase revolve back around)

Lucy: Well...s**t! (Picks up the red pen and begins grading her first paper)


(Collective Soul's song, "Heavy" plays as she works from paper to paper to paper)


(1 hour later pops up on the bottom of the screen and you watch her grade her last paper, place the pen down, then she drops her head to the table; song fades out)


Principle: Done?

Lucy: (Lucy jumps up out of her chair with a loud scream; she turns to see the principle then catches her breath) Holy s**t, you scared the-

Principle: Language dear Lucy, language.

Lucy: Uh... yeah, speaking of language, I do think I need to be getting back to class. It looks like english is going to be the only class I sit throughI don't think Ms. Utley would enjoy me skipping out on english just to grade some papers. (Jabs elbow at Principle Waters) Heh, am I right?

Principle: I don't expect you back in my office for the remainder of the school year, do you understand me?

Lucy: Uh... yes sir.

Principle: You may leave. (He looks down the examine the papers and Lucy quickly leaves the cold, dusty room behind)




Scene Seven


(You see Lucy race out of the principle's office, not watching where she was going and she runs SMACK into Kurt)


Lucy: Jesus! You almost knocked me over Kurt! Don't you watch where you are walking?

Kurt: Uh... actually you ran into me, but that's not where I was going with this.

Lucy: Going away prehaps?

Kurt: (Laughs with a snort) Ah, funny. No, I was just looking for you so I could-

Lucy: Now you're stalking me? Kurt, Kurt, Kurt... (She pats him on the head) I already have a boyfriend, please understand this. And to be quite honest, he could break you.

Kurt: Uh...

Lucy: Now if you don't mind I need to go to go back to class, where YOU should be instead of searching all over the school for me. (She takes off running down the hall, screaming) Farewell Kurt Winnabaker!

Kurt: Farewell Lucy Baldwin. (Kurt sighs and grips his notebook closer to his chest)




Scene Eight


(Lucy comes skidding into Chemistry class, her face covered in sweat; Lucy doesn't look over at Ms. Woodward whom was reading a book and she takes her seat next to Susie and doesn't say a word)


Susie: (Turns to Lucy) Lucy?

Lucy: (Keeps staring up at the front of the room, not making eye contact with Susie) I'm only sitting next to you because there is no where else to sit and APPARENTLY Ms. Woodward asks you all to return to your seats.

Susie: Uh, well okay. I was just going to ask if-

Lucy: (Throws hand in Susie's face, but keeps her eyes in front of her) If you don't mind I'd like it if you stopped talking to me, I'm trying to learn.

Susie: Lucy, you can't be serious? Ms. Woodward is reading a book for goodness sakes! She just told us right before you walked in that we could do what we pleased.

Lucy: Is that why- (Lucy stopped, she didn't want to talk)

Susie: Kurt went looking for you? Yes.

Lucy: I said that's enough talking out of you!

Susie: Well fine. I was only going to ask you if you had memorized your speech.

Lucy: (Eyes grow large and she quickly turns to Susie) Speech?

Susie: Yeah, the MacBeth speech for english class. You know... next period?

Lucy: (Began hyperventilating) What? We have to recite it today?? (Grabs her small bag off the floor and begins to rummage through it)

Susie: She told us last week, on Friday. We had the whole weekend.

Lucy: What? Friday? Whole weekend??

Susie: Oh... that's right, that's when they found you in the trash can. I guess you were too busy running your boyfriends errands to notice. (Susie turns to look over at Bryan and his buddies, looking at a playboy magazine, laughing and high fiving each other)

Lucy: Shove it! Give me your paper! (Rips Susie's copy of the poem out of her hands) I misplaced mine.

Susie: How about I recite it to you and you attempt at memorizing it that way?

Lucy: No thank you! I am only speaking to you so I can use you for your poem. (Mumbles words on the paper)

Susie: Fine. I'll just say it to myself. "She would have died here after..."



(They go back in forth with the lines from the Macbeth speech in Act 5, Scene 5; the two girls get louder and louder)


Susie: The way to dusty death-


Susie: (Pauses and looks over at Lucy in bewilderment, yet amusement) Beef?

Lucy: Beef?

Susie: You said beef.

Lucy: I did?

Susie: Yes, you did.

Lucy: Beef?

Susie: Beef.


(The bell rings and Susie grabs her bag and begins walking towards the door; Lucy throws her one-strapped bag over her shoulder and grips the paper tightly, reading the words as fast as she can as they walk to their next class; they reach the door and go in to take their seats)


Susie: So do you got it down?

Lucy: (Doesn't look up from the paper, but takes a seat right in front of Susie and mumbles lines under her breath, then sighs and turns to hand the paper back to Susie) Uh...yeah... I am going to get an A!

Susie: Good. (Takes paper and folds it up and places it into her back pocket) Let's hear it then...

Lucy: Out, no She, yeah that's it. She should have died yesterday, no here, yeah she could...or, yeah...

Susie: You make me look really smart, ya know?

Lucy: Should have been dead, but I wouldn't...uh...there, where...she died here!

Susie: Out, out beef candle! (Susie begins to laugh)

Lucy: Out, wait that's not the next part. Ah, stop you're confusing me!

Susie: Yeah, yeah, don't sweat it, you'll do fine.

Lucy: Easy for you to say, jerk wad.

Teacher #6: (Stands up from her desk and smiles to the class) I hope you all took the weekend to work very hard on memorizing MacBeth's famous speech because today is the day! Yes, indeed it is and we are here to rejoice in listening to all of your classmates share his beautiful and powerful words. Any volunteers? No? Ah, let's see then...

Lucy: Please not me, please not me...

Teacher #7: Lucy, how about you? Yes, you can go first.

Lucy: Oh no, I really think you should allow Susie to go first. She was just bragging to me last period about how excited she was to recite it for everyone.

Teacher #7: Is this true Susie?

Susie: Oh, yes ma'am!

Teacher #7: Great! I love your enthusiam. You shall go right after Lucy.

Lucy: (Mumbles under her breath) S**t. (Turns around to face Susie) I hate you.

Susie: Break a leg!

Lucy: Break your face. (Stands up smiling) Why, thank you... (Walks up to the front of the room and smiles out towards her classmates) She could have died yesterday, but she died today and then I... (Stares at her classmates whom are staring at her like she's a complete moron; then turns to see Ms. Utley, smiling up at her) She should...would be here, but all our yesterdays and todays aren't what they used to be, because out, out bee-brief candle! No more is heard, because he prances on the stage and this signifys nothing, because it's told by this idiot... (Stops, then runs back to her seat and throws her head onto her desk, covering her face)

Teacher #7: Miss Baldwin, I am very disappointed in you, really. You are my best graded student and it seems you have not done a lick of work when it came to memorizing such a small and simple assignment. (Pauses then looks at Susie) Ms. Bentley? (Susie stops looking at Lucy who is silently crying to look at her teacher)

Susie: Yes?

Teacher #7: Ready?

Susie: (Nods and then steps to the front of the room) She should have died hereafter; There would have been a time for such a word : To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time : And all our yesterdays, have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle, Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury Signifying nothing.

Teacher #7: (Stands in applause and the rest of the class claps along) Wonderful, wonderful work! Ah, now who shall go after? Thomas? Yes, go ahead. (Thomas proceeds to the front as Susie walks back to her seat)

Susie: (Sits down in her chair and leans forward, in a whisper) I'm sorry...


(Unknown song plays as you watch Thomas recite the speech, perfect. Then the next person, the next, so on and so forth, all perfect with applause. Lucy looks out of her arms towards the door and sees Kurt looking inside, instead of looking away she forces out a smile then goes to wipe her eyes and he's gone.)




Scene Nine


(Song fades as the bell rings and Lucy gets up quickly and rushes out to class and runs outside where the buses wait; she is looking everywhere when Susie catches up to her, out of breath)


Susie: What's gotten into you?

Lucy: Nothing... (She continues to look up and down the sidewalk)

Susie: Look, I apologized, didn't I? About Bryan, the speech...

Lucy: It's okay. (Moves further along the sidewalk, still looking around)

Susie: Won't you at least look at me?

Lucy: (Shakes her head) I've got to find someone. (She suddenly stops and gasps when she sees Kurt and rushes over) Kurt?

Kurt: (Turns and smiles) Uh...yeah?

Lucy: I-I just need to know what our project is on.

Kurt: Oh.

Lucy: So, what are we going to be working on?

Kurt: The same thing everyone else is doing.

Lucy: Oh, okay, but what's that?

Kurt: (Points) Bus. Ask your friend.

Susie: (Walks up beside Lucy) What was that?

Lucy: I just wanted to know about the chemistry project.

Susie: Oh... yeah Ms. Woodward decided to make us all do the same thing... some kind of chemical test done to speed up plant growth or something. Bryan said he'd do all the work, which is stupid I am really good in science.

Lucy: Uh... yeah, of course you are.

Susie: So... coming home with me?

Lucy: I was thinking about riding my own bus today.

Susie: Oh... (Lucy begins to walk away) Wait! (Lucy turns around) You can't! I mean- we have that really tough math test tomorrow and I was hoping you'd come over and help me study for it, you know I suck at math.

Lucy: Well... alright, I suppose.

Susie: (Smiles then links her arm into Lucy's arm) Let's go!






© 2012 Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer

Author's Note

Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer
Not really sure of a genre type; **Incomplete but would still love any reviews on the scenes that I do have up; thank you**

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I think it's great so far and I can't wait to read the rest. I love the dialogue between your characters because it's entertaining and believable. Actually, it's all entertaining. :) I'm sorry I can't give a better review, but I'm really tired, lol. I do look forward to the rest, though. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Although I don't usually get much out of screenplays, I believe this has an interesting story line... If you ever put this into story form, Let me know. I will do my best to read the continuation as soon as you get it to me... Excellent work

Posted 11 Years Ago

First of runs as fluidly as a "Juno" mixed with a bit o Degrassi. The quick humor of the Out beef candle and the back and forth exchange afterward brings serious funny. You also have some slapstick like the spraycan spraying backwards which gets your teen laughs and the red handed but its blue adds the follow up.
EVen the very quick "break a leg, break your face" gets a good laugh. If Diablo Cody and John Hughes collaborated on a piece this would be it, with some AC Slater mixed in.
Some parts lean on the corny BUT it adds to the quick wit.
EVen the opening gets a laugh with the 1000 paper balls careening towards the front of the bus. This can be sold and marketed to a showtime series that dips a bit into the campy but is held together with rapid fire laughs.
The christine Rugby scene (even the name) brings me to an almost Scrubs moment or a Edgar wright whip to the girl in question.
Its light and airy but carried some naughty.
More peope whould definitely read this..

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I really really like this and odly enough I relate to Lucy. :P

Posted 11 Years Ago

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love this! great work :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Although I don't usually get much out of screenplays, I believe this has an interesting story line... If you ever put this into story form, Let me know. I will do my best to read the continuation as soon as you get it to me... Excellent work

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This is hilarious and so real! It's really good so far, carry on writing it though, it's great. I agree, it is very entertaining and you really have captured that characters nicely. I love the part when spray painting parts, very funny. Your script is very detailed as well. Great write(:

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I think it's great so far and I can't wait to read the rest. I love the dialogue between your characters because it's entertaining and believable. Actually, it's all entertaining. :) I'm sorry I can't give a better review, but I'm really tired, lol. I do look forward to the rest, though. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Bwhahaha. Yeah, I know. I don't have it typed on my computer, so I began typing it here (just like my other screenplay)... but I have a 2 month old so it's hard. :P

Posted 11 Years Ago

You need to complete at least a scene.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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