Media Essay

Media Essay

A Story by Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer

The media has become nothing more than a factor of fear, a controlling substance to make a human feel like there is nothing left on earth but violent behavior. There is a massive amount of people that will call my statement arrogant and ignorant, even far beyond the truth. The research of the facts are those that are quite harder to find, after all those that control us are those that tell us the ungodly lies. There are many intelligent people in the world that know the whole truth and that come out with their honesty every now and then. Before long we will begin to see more of them as they all learn to realize their mistakes, their untruthful habits.

    It’s not widely known that our country is trying to scare its own countrymen into believing that the rest of the world is after us. That their our terrorists ready to dominant us and thousands of criminals running free that for some reason our police just can’t seem to catch. The Zeitgeist Movement has come to prove that this is just a lie to convince our country that we do in deed need to jump into every war that appears in our life spans. This proves that our government only cares about total control and domination, which leads to our country being stuff in a frenzy because we all believe the fear, the lies. This then leads to belief that our nation is in complete danger on and off our lands.

    It doesn’t help that the media constantly talks about the murders, rapes, and drive bys that seem to always occur and yet are never controlled. I see those “I am missing” adds in the newspapers all the time and I wonder, “Where exactly are all these people and hasn’t anyone ever noticed at least one of the twelve thousand?”. People may get angry with the violent video games and movies, but at least those things are imaginary. I worry more about the amount of murderers, rapists, and serial killers that actually exists and have yet to be captured, those that run free even though they have caused much unneeded pain to many, many families. It makes it hard to not judge people because I can’t help but sit and think that any number of these individuals could be the worthless dick that takes my precious daughter from me and causes unimaginable things to.

    If our government is only after money, power, and control then I can imagine that they could care less about our death rates. I can imagine that the American officers are truly slacking off in their jobs and that our American soldiers are dying for reasons that aren’t needed. I feel our media is just another puppy of the United States government to control its on society so in turn it could one day control the entirety of the world. The Zeitgeist Movement is an eye opening to all that come upon it and all should allow the idea into their minds, its good to know all sides of a story. I know it’s hard to believe but the violence that is shown throughout are media is just there to stir up trouble, to make us fear all, and to feel that the government should be overpowering any other country just because. They are more concerned with the controlling of the world that they forget to bother with the real crime and allow us to believe that no one is to be trusted. In turn, no one should be trusted as long as our government is corrupt and allows unfavored criminals to run free; while killing the innocence of fake terrorists.

© 2012 Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer

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Ah! Nice essay:) I appreciate your stance and I think you have supported it very well. You make a strong debater! Keep writing!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer

9 Years Ago

Why thank you. I greatly appreciate that compliment.

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Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer
Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer


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