The Diamond Necklace

The Diamond Necklace

A Story by GlamGirl

A story about Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, and I.


  I picked it up and fingered it gently, running my fingers over each of the diamonds, taking in what they felt and looked like. “What do you have there?” asked my friend next to me. We were sitting in our seats right before an Adam Lambert concert was about to begin. It was taking place at the new theater right across the street from my house. I had just found a diamond necklace left on the floor near my chair. “Did you hear me Maddy? Are you going to tell me what is in your hand?” she repeated, tugging at my new Glam Nation shirt I had bought for $40 dollars. I brushed her hand away. “I’ll wait until after the show. I don’t want to miss anything.”

     She nodded in approval, and yet out a scream in the packed theater. Several other girls screamed back at her. My friend started laughing. “I’m so excited!” she screamed in my ear. It was almost impossible to hear anything because of the busy chatter of thousands of Adam Lambert fans. The lights went off in the theater, and everyone started screaming all over again. I’ll bet I was screaming the loudest though. The thick black velvet curtains on the stage didn’t move for quite a while. Finally, someone stepped out on stage with a microphone. It was Tommy Ratliff, Adam’s bass player.

    The crowd screamed again at the sight of Tommy. Tommy blushed, and started to talk, “Hey guys!” The screaming erupted again. “Um, we were just about to open the curtains, when I realized that I lost something very important to me. I brought my lucky charm, a diamond necklace, with me tonight. I’ve misplaced it. If everyone could search the area where they were sitting, that would be great. Thanks!” The crowd screamed again as he walked through the aisle to the back door. We were sitting in the very back, and Tommy was standing literally right behind us. I thought that I would die because he was standing so close to me.

        I turned around, and looked at him. He had a nervous glint in his eye, as he scanned the crowd for any lucky fan who might have found his necklace. “Tommy?” I said. He looked around for who might have said his name, and his eyes rested upon me. “Yeah?” he replied eagerly. I held out his necklace in the palm of my hand. He took the necklace out of my hand, and looped it around his neck. His eyes glittered, and he left without saying thank you. “Well, that was kind of rude.” I said to my friend. “What? What happened?” she said, obviously too busy looking under her seat for Tommy’s diamonds to notice what just happened. “Never mind… hey! The curtains are opening!” The concert started without a word about the diamonds.

     After the best two hours of my life, the concert had almost ended. Adam was just about to sing his last song, when Tommy came to the front of the stage. He grabbed the mike off of the stand, and said, “Hi again! I wanted to say thank you to one special person in this crowd. This person told the truth, and they deserve something for it. This young lady that I am talking about found my diamond necklace. She found my necklace even before I thought it was missing. She didn’t sneak it into her purse, or wear it to look cool. She gave it back to me.” he said.

     The crowd applauded and ‘aww’ed. In the back of the audience, my face was beet red. My friend leaned over and whispered, “I wonder who found his necklace. She sounds pretty nice. I wish she was my friend.” I nodded. Tommy continued talking onstage, “I asked the security to check the tapes and seat numbers to find out who this kind girl was. They had no problem finding her. When she did return the necklace, she didn’t scream and jump up. She quietly handed it to me. I’d like to apologize right now for not saying thank you. I’d also like this girl to come on stage for our last song tonight.” I held my friend’s hand. She looked at me strangely, and then glued her eyes back on Tommy.

     Tommy unfolded a piece of paper. He looked straight at me. “So, would Ellie Stone please come up onto the stage?” My embarrassed grin was slapped away from my face. That wasn’t me! I’m not Ellie Stone! What’s going on? An elderly lady in the balcony shrieked with excitement, and hurried down to the stage. My friend slouched in her seat. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” she grumbled. I wanted to say the same thing, but I was speechless.  The old lady was on the stage now, trying to make Tommy hold her hand. Tommy was keeping his hands clamped to his sides.

    “Security?” he yelled to the back of the theater, “This isn’t the girl who found my necklace. There has been a mistake. Am I allowed to go retrieve this girl personally from the audience and bring her onstage myself?” The security pressed some buttons on his walkie talkie, and there was a low buzzing sound. The security put his thumb up in the air. “Okay, thanks. I’m going to go and get that girl from the audience now if you’ll excuse me. Ma’am, you can leave the stage. Sorry about that confusion.” The old lady hobbled offstage with a foul look on her face.

     The lights turned on in the audience.  Oh my god, this was going to be embarrassing. I just hope that I don’t faint on stage from being up there with Monte, Camilla, Longineu, Tommy, and Adam all at the same time. Tommy was coming my way with cute smile on his face. My friend looked happier, now that Tommy was coming closer to her.  He stopped at my chair. I was on the end of the aisle in the last row that there was. My friend was in total shock as he took my by the hand and led me onto the stage.

    The crowd started applauding as I stepped up on stage. It was burning hot up there, which increased my chances of fainting. So there I was, standing there, with thousands of jealous Adam Lambert fans clapping in front of me. I wish I was dressed well. I was wearing my Glam Nation shirt that I bought three sizes too big so I could wear it to bed, and my new jean shorts that my mom had gotten me earlier in the week. I was sweaty, and my hair probably didn’t look too great either. He asked me my name, and I leaned over to whisper it into his ear. His hair was slicked down with sparkly hair gel, and he and Adam had matching earrings. “Madison Bean,” I whispered, “from New York City.” He held my right hand in the air. “Madison Bean from New York City!” he announced. Everyone clapped, and one man near the front turned to the crowd and yelled, “GO NEW YORK!” This caused pandemonium in the theater, and Tommy had to settle everyone down.

       He escorted me backstage, where the costume people were waiting. One person pinned a sparkly purple cape to my shoulders and propped a fuzzy, sparkly, purple crown on my head. The other person was putting purple sparkles on my eyelids and my cheeks. They spun me around, and pushed me onstage. I smashed right into Tommy, who was waiting. Tommy thought that I was trying to hug him, and he hugged me back. After that slightly awkward and star struck moment, he brought me onstage and told me where to stand next to Adam.

    I smiled at Adam nervously, while the crowd was screaming in excitement at my new outfit. He smiled back, and hugged me which made the crowd scream louder. I looked around for Tommy, but he was already had his bass all hooked up, and he was starting to play my favorite song, If I Had You. I got the whole crowd on their feet and dancing by the end of the song. It was a great feeling. Everyone was screaming at the end. The lights came back on, and the crowd exited to their left.             

   I was completely overwhelmed by everything, so I lay down in the middle of the stage. Monte, Camilla, Longineu, Tommy, and Adam crowded around me, thinking I was injured, or that I had fainted. I smiled up at them. “This was the best day of my life.” That was how that day ended. I was looking into the faces of five awesome, incredible people. Five awesome, incredible people and me.

© 2011 GlamGirl

Author's Note

Love this story!! My name is not Madison Bean, and I don't live in NYC. I had a prompt to write about a missing diamond necklace; this was the result. Please comment and review!

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Added on March 27, 2011
Last Updated on March 27, 2011
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