Simple Math

Simple Math

A Poem by Glenn Davis

I spin thoughts
In direct synchronization
With Earth's rotation
While the axis of my pen 
Stays at 23.4394 degrees
Or roughly 66 and a half
If you measure from the pad

Writing words like snowflakes
That compact into glaciers
leaving valleys in their wakes
As they migrate South across
The latitudinal lines of these pages
Then transforming into
The resonant frequency of reality
When I rock microphones on stages

So If light travels two hundred ninety nine million
seven hundred ninety two thousand
four hundred fifty eight meters every second
And sound only travels three hundred and forty point two nine

Then the difference between
What you see
And what I say is....

Three thousandths of a second
For every meter of distance between us
(plus or minus a little)
Depending on the atmospheric conditions in which I rhyme

Now forget what I just said and concentrate because 
this is the part I really wanted you to keep by your side
We will start with the equation E=mc2 if you don't mind

"E" is for energy
Which equals "m"
Thats for mass
Multiplied by "c"
(the speed of light) squared
Now lets move past...
Because we're done with this equation...
But here comes the math

If "c" stands for constant
And the speed of light is "c"
And only God is constant
Then it should be obvious to you
As it is obvious to me
That God must be light
Which makes a lot of sense
Because at this speed
There is no concept of time
So the only moment then is now
And thats the only moment thats divine

Sooo lets free your mind
From the confines of its prison
And take a look at Humanity
As if it were a prism
Just separating God
Into the many aspects of religion

And though rainbows are beautiful
When looked at as a whole
We tend to just pick our favorite hue
Then argue for control
But I'm trying to break the cycle
With the philosophy of "live and let live"
Therefore I kneel down before the altar
Of Roy G. Biv

© 2010 Glenn Davis

Author's Note

Glenn Davis
Just trying some fun new things to play around with in my writing, this piece kept me out of sleep for a while.

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way to much math for me!!! now i feel like stupid or something oh well math isnt my strongest suit

Posted 12 Years Ago

lol I just love the technical side of this! I have to say it is absolutely brilliant! I love it in every way read it twice

Posted 12 Years Ago

In an attempt to wrap my head around this, I found myself craving more coffee! Great writing Glenn, please keep it up!

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow, very unique and different poem. creative way to interperet math/science with religion; two supposed opposites put into relation. great job

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis

Columbia, MS

My name is Glenn Davis Jr. I am not clever enough to come up with a pen name I suppose...... Oh well. I was born and raised in South Louisiana, about an hour below New Orleans, pretty much in the midd.. more..